Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pies. Service. False Alarms. Exchanges

1.Funniest Thing Done: One of the Elders has been telling people how to pronounce my name, and they were at the house of the members who we had dinner with the other night and told them to say my name "Sister Rights". During dinner, they asked me how my dad's potato farm was doing.  I thought that they were kidding, and trying to crack a joke and then I realized they were serious... I tried to tell them that we didn't live on a farm, but they would not buy it.  They were convinced Dad was a Potato Farmer.  I told them no, and they got so mad at the Elder.  Sister M told us that she was going to punch him at church.  (Which she did!) The M Family wants to get him back, and so they are planning something. Not sure what it is, but it is going to happen!
2.Biggest Blessing or Miracle: So there was a family that we would help when we would go to the Methodist Church on Saturdays, and they were super cute.  After getting to know them a little, we learned that the Mom's grandma wrote, I am a Child of God! And they wanted to come to church.  They came a couple times when I was in the 2nd Ward, but then they dropped off the face of the Earth.  In our Meeting on Sunday with the Elders and our Ward Mission Leader, this family was brought up randomly.  Mind you, they have never been to the 3rd ward, and NO ONE here knows who they are except me.  Well we finish the meeting, and we walk into Sacrament Meeting.  Lo and Behold, Who was there?! The Dad! Miguel! What are the odds that the one week we are talking about him, HE COMES TO THE EXACT WARD I AM SERVING IN! We talked with him, and he told us the 2 kids were taken by CPS, and his wife is in Twenty-Nine Palms.  He told us, only good things can happen from God.  and he talked about how he knows that he needs to be baptized.  THIS IS SUCH A MIRACLE, because we have been praying for someone to teach, and he just walked into the church! He currently is living with his friend, and in our area! Please Pray for Miguel and his family.  They have had a hard life, and we know that the Gospel will be the answer to his prayers. 
3.Exciting Events: I went on Exchanges with Sister V again.  It was really really fun.  We were able to see people that I have not yet met, and we also got to feed a GIANT African Turtle.  It was so cute! It can't eat fruit, and I wanted to give it an apple so bad, but the member told me I would kill it. And then I would have to eat it...
4.Favorite Game: How many pies can we get this week? We got two last week, and they were super good! One was a minced meat pie, and the other was Lemon Merangue.  Quite Delicious if you ask me! We now have a challenge with the Elders to see who can get more than the other companionship.
5.Favorite Food: Pineapple.  It is so good, and even better when you cut it open yourself.  That minced meat pie was pretty good as well.  Sister T told me she was going to make me English...
6.Most Challenging Thing: Doing Service for people, and then in the middle of the service they tell you that there is no way they are going to convert them.  I think that it shows that people just want to use us.  Haha, which is fine but at the same time I wish that they would have a desire to learn from us.  
7.Simple Pleasures: Rain. But we didn't have any.  and SUN. I love Sun. If I get Skin Cancer, don't worry I will just die happy.
8.Goals: Get 2 New Investigators. See all the Miracles around me.
9.Biggest Smile: When we were able to go see Sister F in Mount Baldy, and we got to help her.  I love service.
10.Biggest Accomplishment: Not getting lost this week! 
11.Favorite Scripture Story Studied: The Hymn "When Faith Endures" It is amazing!!!!
12.Favorite Quote: "I was going to just shoot him! I was so mad, and he was going to become cactus fertilizer...." I was so scared!
I gotta go, but I love all of you so much!!!!

Editor's note - I have no idea what this picture is.  Sorry
Love, Sister Rietz

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