Wednesday, July 29, 2015

This is the Lord's Work

I love being a missionary.  I love the stress, the happiness, and even the mornings when you wake up feeling like you recieved zero hours of sleep.  Another missoinary mentioned that I looked like I had been hit by a train, and it made me think about one wonderful morning when Dad asked me if I was going to school like that, and then ever so kindly reminded me that I looked like "Death warmed over".  Haha, but I read this awesome quote (see quote in bold teal below)and I know that none of the things that are happening now are that big of a deal..... well the work is a big deal, but the exhaustion and the stress and all of the other round bumps that we hit are just small, and not something that we should get caught up in.  
"When we LOVE the Lord, 
OBEDIENCE ceases to be a burden.  
It becomes a DELIGHT." - Joseph B. Wirthlin
Alright now onto the new and exciting things.  There is a new transfer, and new and exciting things happening here in Southern California.  Let me just put some rumors aside right now. 
Yes I am an "Old" missionary now.  My Mission Mom went home today, and is probably with her family right now.  No one is going to know who the crazy but loving and inspiring Sister M is... Until they meet me! I am not letting her memory die! Haha!
I am training a new missionary this Transfer.  There are 29 missionaries coming in.  They actually just got to the mission office 6 minutes ago... Haha, so Sister T and I are going back to the car that I drive to get my overnight bag.
Oh yeah, did I mention that Sister T and I are companions again!? Haha, well just till tomorrow but still! We are staying with the Redhill Sisters in Rancho, but then we were talking with the AP's and we were telling them we didn't know what to do tonight, and they said we could go work in UPLAND!!!!!!!!!! GAH! I am so happy! Hahaha, so I am back in Upland with Sister T! #dreamteamreunited She is training as well, so we will get to see each other in a couple weeks again at the 4 week meeting.  I could not love this transfer doctrine call anymore.  When Elder B called to tell me who my temporary companion was, he told me that I was going to like it very much... And then he paused. I am pretty sure it was just for like 20 seconds but it felt like forever.  And then he said you will be with.... (more pausing) SIster T! I may or may not have jumped in a circle and screamed/yelled in happiness. She is one of those Sisters that I know she was a saving grace, and a Best Friend in one.  How lucky to have her as my companion for 24/7 for 12 weeks.  Well make it 12 weeks and 2 days! Upland Better Watch Out! We are coming for you!
Sorry this email is so crazy! I am just running out of time! This last week we saw so many amazing things happen.  We were able to see Oneida this week with her Boys! They are so awesome.  When we were teaching them the Plan of Salvation the Spirit was so strong and they were all getting it.  I have never met a 5, 7 and 9 year old that has never heard the Gospel but has these experiences where you know the Lord has been preparing them. I can't wait for Oneida and Greg (9) to get baptized on August 22! It is going to be awesome! We went over last night and told them Sister G was getting transferred.  When we were there Brad told me that he had a lose tooth, I jokingly told him to pull it out.  Not 30 seconds later I feel him tap my back and blood coming out of his mouth.  Haha, he got the tooth out.  I guess that we really do have an influence on those boys!  They are too cool for school! Haha!g\
We also saw Brenda and had two amazing lessons with her! She is just so awesome! We taught Gospel of Jesus Christ and Plan of Salvation.  She is getting it all, and I just love her enthusiasm for the Gospel.  She is such an example to all of us.  She is still on track to get baptized on August 8th! And so that is super great! She came to Church, which is such a blessing because if she missed last Sunday then we would have had to push her baptism back.
You all are amazing people.  I was reading a talk this last week called Quick to Observe. You all should read it.  It really changed my perspective on a lot of things.  Good Ole' Sister C had me read it a couple weeks ago after exchanges, but I think that it was time for a refresher.  It is super good! Read it!
As a representative of Jesus Christ, I testify to you all that there is a living Prophet on the Earth.  He is there to lead and guide us, just as the Prophets of Old.  Why would the people have a prophet and there be no need for us to have one.  I testify that He is called of God.  I know this is the Lord's work.  His hand is in it more than I think we sometimes realize.  Times may be tough, but as a less-active was telling us: "He is always there, even when I make HUGE mistakes.  He is willing to let me back in, and He will still love all of us. I love the Savior." When she said that, she just started bawling, and I realized that she was finally getting the things that we had been teaching her.  It was such a miracle, and she told us that we are the one's that have helped her see God's Love in her life.  I know missionaries make differences in people's lives, but members make just as big of a difference, if not more.  I am so grateful for my ward members here.  They are all so great, and such a great example to me that the Lord will never let us do this alone.  He will give us companions, and others to help us.  I know that the same Priesthood Power that Christ had is here on the Earth today.  I know that same Priesthood is held by the Elders, my Dad, my Brother, and so many other Righteous Men in the Church.  It allows us to be blessed everyday of our lives.  I can't imagine the world without it.  Actually let me take that back, I can. But it would be miserable and sad.  I know that our Faith is sometimes all we have, but that Faith allows the Atonement and His Grace to work in our lives.  Our Faith will never leave, unless we let it.
"When we LOVE the Lord, 
OBEDIENCE ceases to be a burden.  
It becomes a DELIGHT." - Joseph B. Wirthlin
Have a great week! 
Love, Sister Rietz

Apple Valley Sisters

 District in the Valley of Apples.  (this is our Boy Band name, and we are going to be famous one day)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tripanionship take two. Trusting the Lord. Filipino Humor

1.Funniest Thing Done: Well there are a lot of really funny moments being a missionary, but when you have a companion from the Philippines (Sister E2) things are just a little bit more hilarious! There are so many things that we all say that are hilarious and just great... But then you add in her adorable accent, and suddenly you are just laughing your head off.  Some of my favorite things that she has said, "What Ever Major Loooooossseeerrr!" 'Sister can I haveeeeee.. Please?! I am just poor Filipino..." "and I was like what the heck." "oooouuuu Sister G you got a love letter" "What will we tell President when we all have colds from the rain?" "Stupid Americans." "We have refrigerator, microwave, and toilet in the Philippines. We aren't stupid." So I just realized that these were not funny to you all, but they are really funny when you hear her say them.  She gets on these weird rants about things.  I am learning that I need to have lots of space on my camera to capture her saying all her great little phrases.  I will try to get as many videos this coming week.
Also, this last week there was a really big fire in the Cajon Pass.(Look it up on the Internet... IT IS CRAZY)   Sister E2 and I were out in the Ranchos area (we left Sister G with a member, because she was sick), and we saw all the smoke.  So we decided to drive as close to it as we could.  We didn't get that close, cause our area was still not that close. Sister E2 was so excited because she loves fire.  She just kept saying, "We are going to go see firemen work!!! WHOOO!" We never saw the fire, but we got some sweet videos of the smoke.
2.Biggest Blessing or Miracle: We have been trying to get more people to teach, but that hasn't been the best this last week. But we did get a referral for a guy that lives 3 houses down from us.  It is super great that we can walk there, but he is always either pulling out of his driveway when we are walking up, or he isn't home.  We are really excited because the first time that we talked with him, he was so happy to see us.  It took us awhile to get the referral, but we were able to contact him as soon as we could.  He has so many questions! I love it! Another Miracle: Oneida's Son Greg who is 9 told us that he wants to get baptized the same day as his mom. That was such a surprise, and shock to us, because she said that he would probably not really want to do it. That religion wasn't his thing. But when we were talking with him, he talked about how He loved church, and couldn't wait for Sunday. They also are all reading the Book of Mormon every night. Last week we promised that the Lord would bless them if she made the point and effort to read every single night. She told us that her mom is telling her reading the Book of Mormon every night is not that important, and Oneida told her mom: "Too many blessings are coming from the Lord, I have to read." Her mom is a less-active and is the kind of person that gets offended and then quits coming to church. I love that Oneida is able to realize the blessings of reading the Book of Mormon.
3.Exciting Events: We are now in a tripanionship! There was a Sister that President called me and asked if I would be willing to have another sister with us.  I was kinda worried, and then I realized that the Lord was just showing that he really trusted me, after all the other things that I was stressed about.  I am so grateful for the reassurance from Heavenly Father, and from President H.  I know that it is only for last week and this coming week, but it has been really good so far, and I am sure that this week there will be lots of videos, and pictures taken where we all look ridiculous... haha, classic missionary poses, awkward door approaches, and maybe a smile/normal face from time to time. eh... who am I kidding, that isn't going to happen.
4.Favorite Game: Puddle Jumping! or getting the Corolla stuck in the mud... I love to puddle jump.  It is so fun.  Yesterday we were out and about aaannnddd there were a lot of streets that were flooded.  Since half of our area is dirt roads and then when the rains come, and the floods come then the roads go away, and it all becomes mud.  I am making a petition to get us a truck.  There is no way that if the rain continues, then we will only be able to work in a couple areas of our wards.
5.Favorite Food: Filipino Food! except sometimes I don't know what Sis E2 is making me.  I have had some weird food just in the last couple days.  I have had fish soup, with some lemon and rice and onion.  It was surprisingly good... Although it was smelling weird.
6.Most Challenging Thing:  Knowing that one of your best friends is leaving the mission and that she won't be at the mission office at transfers, to give me a big hug, and ask how I am doing.  I love Sister M. Saying goodbye to her is really the hardest thing.  I am not going to be able to call her by her first name it will always be Sister M to me.  I was promised that I would make a lot of good friends on my mission, but I never realized how good of friends they would be.  It gives a whole new meaning to having friends that share the same standards and goals in life as you.  She was one of my hardest working companions, and she was the only companion that lasted more than 3 transfers.  She was such an example to me, and the things that she taught me will not only stick with me on the mission, but for ETERNITY! I would go back in a heart beat to the day that I met her.  She was the one sister that when I saw, I was hoping would be my companion.  She had this long flowy hair, and she was wearing a white shirt with black birds on it, with a royal blue skirt.  She was the one that taught me to not wear dark blue, and black.  She taught me how to contact people, and share my testimony of the restored gospel with others.  She was the one who never gave up on me, and I am so grateful for that.  From the Beginning to the End, Sister M is one of my BEST FRIENDS <3, and someone that I know I knew in the Pre Earth Life.  Family, I can't wait to see you, but I would go back to 14 months ago to when I met Sister M, and start it all over again.  I LOVE YOU SISTER M!
7.Simple Pleasures: Rain! It helped with the fires, and it made our area the new Disneyland.  I think that I am going to start charging people to come here to good ole' Rancho, and Granite Hills. I LOVE THE RAIN!
8.Goals: Get 3 new Investigators this week! Prep for TRANSFERS!!!
9.Biggest Smile: We have a member that is dying of cancer that I have told you all about. Well she wants her daughter to be raised in the church, after she passes away. So we have been working with the Bishop and Relief Society President to find her an LDS family. Well Bishop just found a family that will take her! WHOO! The family has 5 kids, and they love Brie already! She is so excited too, because they have a horse, and dogs. They are filling out the paperwork for joint guardianship so that if she dies the daughter will have legal guardians to take care of her!! We were so relieved when we heard about it! It seriously has been giving us stress this past few weeks! When we got into the car after hearing this we just yelled "Thank you Heavenly Father!" It is so amazing to see how Heavenly Father uses us to help others! It is such an amazing blessing for everyone involved when you listen to the prompting and when you act on the opportunities that are presented to you!! 

10.Biggest Accomplishment: Not really getting all that stuck in the mud! Haha, we only were 30 minutes late to dinner, and the roads were all washed out.  But other then that, it was great!!!
11.Favorite Scripture Story Studied: The Tree of Life.  It is kinda how weird how much we can compare it to our lives.  You all should study it, and ask yourself how it can apply to you.
12.Favorite Quote: "Did you know that there is no Hell? They tell us there is one to scare us, and then we get scared. So we can LIE!" -Sister E2  (One of our first days with her she told us that it was ok to lie because there isn't a hell! We just doubled over laughing!)

Also, got this cool email to everyone in the Mission from President:

Dear Elders and Sisters:
Sister H and I love you and are proud of you. Our mission has focused on reading the Book of Mormon each day and drawing closer to Christ. We know the Book of Mormon will give us comfort, build our faith, and draw us closer to our Savior. That is so important for each one of us. We have heard so many testimonies of the blessings that have come from the Book of Mormon. Thank you for your faith and effort. Faith and diligence invite miracles. They also lift our spirits and give us peace.
We have also focused on Preach My Gospel and setting companionship baptism goals. We know this will give us focus and purpose. We have seen blessings come from these things.
Last week's key indicators were all higher. In fact, much higher than previous weeks. We hear about and see good things happening. This is the Lord's work. As we join with Him, we see His hand and blessings in our lives and in our work.
California Rancho Cucamonga Mission Last Five Weeks Key Indicators Report
Last week we had
7 Baptisms
81 Baptismal Dates
86 At Sacrament Meeting
123 Member Presents
82 New Investigators
Each one of these numbers represent one of our Heavenly Father's children. Someone He loves and someone you have helped draw closer to Christ. These are the best numbers we have had in a number of weeks. Our averages are moving up. That is a blessing from the Lord. Of course we can and want to do better, but we are progressing and the Lord is blessing us. We know that focusing on the fundamentals: Book of Mormon, Preach My Gospel, the Missionary Handbook, and seeking to baptize by setting companionship goals will give us purpose and direction. We will grow in testimony, and we will be able to share the Spirit with others. If we can connect them to the Spirit, we will see more miracles and we will feel joy. Please read Jacob 5:75--it is true.
Sister H and I love you. We are proud of you. Have another great week. Sister H would like you to also read 1 Nephi 17:3. She testifies that principles with promises are very real. I agree with her.
President and Sister H

So cool right?!
I love being a missionary.  So grateful for all of you, and the testimony building experiences that you all have had.  Continue being amazing.  I know the Lord blesses all of us! He only wants to bless us, but we have to do our part first!!! I am so grateful for Family Home Evening, and all the times our family was together.  Those are the times that I know helped my testimony a lot.
Love, Sister Rietz
Sis E2 and I got really board reading the Ensigns while Sis. G slept.  

It is raining outside, A LOT!

We found some toilets on the side of the road, and sat on them.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Obedience brings blessings...then floods

This last week was CRAZY! Seriously, we have been raising our level of obedience, and blessing came flowing in. And then our Kitchen Flooded. TWICE. We got kicked out of 4 homes. We are now singing at a Missionary Homecoming. We are in a Talent Show. We got Stuck in the Mud. 
1.Funniest Thing Done: We got home the other night, and something was different about our apartment.  There was not anything different besides the fact that there was a HUGE hole where our dishwasher used to be.  Our landlord came and got it, and left us the note telling us to not use any HOT water.  So we thought that we would be smart and heat up some coldish water, and then we could wash the dishes that we needed.  We put it in pans, heated it up on the stove, then were about to wash our dishes, we realized that we were both stepping in water, and it was spreading more and more. So we did some detective work, and realized that the plug/knob was not turned all the way off. So we turned it off, and finished dinner really quickly, and then we realized that water was still coming out and flooded the under sink area and went onto the floor again. We then stopped and cleaned up as much as we could. Since we only had one small hand towel we asked the elders if they had any extra towels that we could borrow. They said yes and gave them to us. They did mention to us as we got the towels from them that they were dirty. Gross. So we cleaned up the rest and went to bed. The next morning we realized we still have all of the water that we were heating up in the pots. (we had turned off the stove when the kitchen started flooding the first time). We put it down the drain thinking nothing of it. And then the floods cameagain. We missed ward council completely and were a few minutes late to church because of it. To wrap up the first adventure: we have no dishwasher, can't use the sink, and all of our dishes are dirty. If the dishwasher doesn't come back tonight we might have to become very inventive to clean our dishes. I am thinking that the shower/bathtub might be the next best place...
Then: We got stuck in mud for a minute. or a couple... Almost had to call the elders to come pull us out. So glad we were able to grab traction and get out because we would of never heard the end of it.  We have come to the conclusion that our little Corolla and mud do not mix well.  So glad that I didn't have to get out and push... That would have been the worst. 
2.Biggest Blessing or Miracle:We met with our investigator Oneida and talked about baptism. We asked her to be baptized on August 22 and she said that she would if her boys were here.  (they were in the system) We promised that if she worked towards this baptism date she would get her boys back sooner than she thinks. The elders then had dinner at her house that night (which we didn't find out about till later) and promised her the same thing! Then we get a text the next day from Oneida saying that she has her boys back! We were so ecstatic!! Seriously, it was such a miracle and we all knew it!!! Blessings come from those promising blessings which we promise to others. So amazing to know that Heavenly Father is just waiting for us to open our mouths so that people can act and receive those blessings! She also texted us on Sunday morning to bring a Book of Mormon for each of her boys!!  
3.Exciting Events:  After we saw Oneida on Thursday we went and tried a potential/former investigator who had met with some sister missionaries a year ago, moved to the Bay area and then moved back two weeks ago. We met with her and she expressed how much she missed church and meeting with the missionaries. We got onto the subject of baptism and asked her to be baptized on August 8. She said yes! So amazing! We set two baptism dates in just a few hours! We were so happy! This was definitely a moment where we saw Heavenly Father opening the windows of Heaven, and pouring down the blessings.
4.Favorite Game: Not really sure.... Sorry.
5.Favorite Food: BBQ Sandwiches.  They were so good! Homemade Bread, and home grown animals...
6.Most Challenging Thing:  This last week we went to go see a less active and to go say hi.  She was in the shower but her daughter invites us in to wait for her mom to get dressed. After ten minutes of waiting the less active tells her daughter to ask us to leave and come back later. When we did come back a few days later she was completely out of it and got mad at us and the member we had brought with us. She said that we embarrassed her by reading scriptures that she didn't understand and bringing someone to see her.  She could not understand what we were talking about she said that we crossed the line.  We felt so bad for the lady that we brought with us.  She was so excited, and we just hope that this experience didn't dampen her missionary desire. This Less Active is usually very nice and had asked us to bring people in the past but, it was the worst. Easily the worst lesson we ever had.
Then: We have been helping a drunk lady get sober and she was walking around without any pants.... or underwear.... Yeah fun memory right. NOT! We were like, “ You need pants on!” She was so out of it, that she didn't know that she was flashing the world. Sorry to put that picture in everyone's head.  We are just really stuck as to what to do to help her.  She says so many times that she wants to change, but then when it comes down to actually changing, she won't do it.  I hate that she is always saying one thing to us, and then telling something different to her Visiting Teacher, and then something even more different to her Husband.  So frustrating.  One day she will get over this.  I just hope that she doesn't get hurt.  Alcohol does terrible things to people.  DON'T DRINK! Please, it is the worst.  It does terrible things to people.  It messes with people, and they do STUPID, STUPID things.
7.Simple Pleasures: I MILKED A GOAT!!! The members we had dinner with had a goat, and when we asked if there was anything we could do, they told us to milk the goat.  It was awesome!  I also got to go be with Sister C for a day, she was my STL, and I went on Exchanges with her.  It was so great!
8.Goals: Meet with all of our Investigators this week!
9.Biggest Smile: When we set a Baptismal date with Oneida, and then one with Brenda a couple hours later.  It was awesome!
10.Biggest Accomplishment: Getting 2 new Investigators, Setting 2 Baptismal Dates, and Flooding our House 2 times.  Apparently all good things come in 2's. 
11.Favorite Scripture Story Studied: Captain Moroni.  He is such an amazing example.  He led an army when he was just a little lad himself.  He must have been really really respected if people were willing to listen to him.  
12.Favorite Quote: "Sorry the only mail we have it a bill for you... Wait, it really is a bill! I am so sorry sister!"-Elder Dreher

Well have a great week! Be safe! Remember who you are! Don't Procrastinate the day of your Repentance! I love all of you so much! I am so grateful for towels, the Atonement, and pickles.  Not sure in that order though! 
XOXOXO, Sister Rietz
With my MTC buddy, Sister C

Hanging with the goats

Mystery solved. (From Amber's mama - I couldn't figure out how to rotate this picture.  My apologies to your neck.)

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wedding bells, sidewalk chalk, squash4friends

1.Funniest Thing Done: This last week we were at a Squash Farm.  While there we were instructed to move this group of potted tomato plants to a trailer with brown dirt in the back.  The man asked Sister G and I to get in the trailer.  So we did. Then, while back there some of the Elders asked us if we knew what we were standing in. I said, "I think I know what dirt looks like." one of the Elders then proceeded to tell us that it was not dirt, but sifted manure.  I was so grossed out, and then realized that we were in it the last 10 minutes, so what harm could 10 more minutes do? Now my shoes, and socks smell like manure.  Smells like home. Not really. But kind of.  
Another funny thing that happened: I was asked to make 2 cakes for some Elders Birthdays.  I was so happy to do it, unfortunately one of the cakes tasted like grass! No Bueno... We tried to make it "Healthier", but it was an EPIC FAIL! haha, I guess there is just no way to have a healthy cake.  They pretended it was the best thing in the world.  Luckily only one of the cakes turned out like grass. The other one was SO good! ahahaha, They appreciated the effort!  We made sure to get princess cups and Elsa/Anna plates for them so they didn't have to eat like barbarians! We also got party hats because no birthday is complete without a party hat! Yeah, they are little Princesses at heart.
2.Biggest Blessing or Miracle: This last week we saw so many amazing things happen! We were able to see our Investigator Larry get married to a member, Rene.  It was so awesome.  We were able to help decorate the relief society room, and you would never have been able to tell it was a relief society room.  I loved watching them when they were in front of everyone, and they are now able to live the Law of Chastity! WHOOO! That was such a great thing, because according to the ward, this wedding has been on and off for YEARS! They finally did it! We were all worried because the wedding was supposed to start at 5, and they weren't there. But at 5:16 they were in the room, and ready to get married.  
3.Exciting Events: Well I love the 4th of July! What a great day to be able to celebrate our country.  I love being an American, and living in such an amazing place.  I loved watching the fireworks, and just sitting and talking with Sister G.  AND I got a firework Popsicle. BOOHYA! When we were out there, the people next to us, were just blasting their Hispanic Music, so we watched red, white, and blue fireworks with Hispanic Music as the tone.  So great! 
4.Favorite Game: What are you drawing? In other words, what is that squiggly line supposed to be? We did some sidewalk chalk with a less active member's kids. We just went outside and drew some pictures with them! They loved it! The two kids (one boy-6, one girl-3) are just so adorable. They kept asking me to do police outlines of their bodies... So now there are lots of little outlines of bodies on their driveway. When we were doing it, I couldn't help but think that this was not an uncommon thing here in grand ole' Apple Valley. I love those kids! 
5.Favorite Food: Bran Muffins. Blueberry Oatmeal. Fireworks Popsicle's. (ultimate FAVORITE)
6.Most Challenging Thing: One of the most challenging things is being obedient.  There are so many ways that missionaries can slack off, and no one but you, the Lord, and your companion will know. But that being said, it is also one of the best things to always be.  I have learned that on those moments, if you rationalize, DON'T DO IT! We had multiple opportunities to watch the fireworks up close, but that meant that we would not be in on curfew. Some members even told us no one would know, but after Sister G and I thought about it, we were like HECK NO! We might get in a wreck, or one of the fireworks might shoot at us.
7.Simple Pleasures: FIREWORKS! We had such an awesome view from our back patio.  Another simple pleasure, cockroach killer! hahaha, that stuff is AMAZING! I love that you can pretty much buy everything at the .99 store. SO GREAT! .99 Store is definitely a simple pleasure as well!
8.Goals: Set a Baptismal Date with Oneida.  She is going to court this week to get her kids back, so pray that all goes well!!! We think that if things go well at court, that she will set a date with us.
9.Biggest Smile: When President H made a surprise visit to our ward, and he called us multiple times.  I saw that we had missed calls, but we couldn't answer them cause we were in church.  When we walked out of Relief Society, he told us: "You passed the test of not answering or texting me back. The only time you do that is when you are in church. Other then that, you call me back ASAP." I passed a test from President! 
Another Smile happened when we were sidewalk chalking, and we just made lots of drawings, and then the kids just wanted to go crazy on the camera and take pictures of EVERYTHING! "take a picure of that leaf. The ant. That Dog. Your Car..." The list goes on, and on.
10.Biggest Accomplishment: Passing the Test from President. Standing in Holy Places (aka manure...) Realizing that Heavenly Father really helps us in times of need.
11.Favorite Scripture Story Studied: John 20. I was studying that this morning, and just thinking about how amazing the Resurrection will be.  I am so amazed that Heavenly Father has a plan for each one of us, and that He is always aware of things to come.  I love knowing that there is a plan for each one of us, and that He will never leave us alone.  I love in John 20, where Mary is so sad, and Christ asks her, "Woman why weepest thou?" and then she turns and says that "They have taken her Lord", and then she realizes who it is.  I am really intrigued how I will be when I see Christ again. What will my reaction be? Food for Thought.
12.Favorite Quote: "I am in the Belly of the WHALE!"- Sister Rietz
Let me explain that quote.  This last week there was just a lot of things that were falling through. Ok, everything fell through. I was feeling really upset, and then I said at least we aren't in the whale's belly.  I just randomly said that, and then realized that in that moment we were in our Belly of the Whale moment.  We were able to use that all week when things were less than desirable, and it really lightened the mood in the air.  That was just a little funny thing that I know say anytime something doesn't go as planned.

Well it is 5:45, and we have to go! I love being a missionary! It is the greatest thing ever! I know the Plan of Salvation is real! That is why we are here on Earth.  It is all part of His plan.  I love you all so much! Keep strong! Things will look up! Enjoy your time with all the boys at the house! 

Alli: the tent is pretty common here. I wonder if her's will be orange, yellow, green, or white. I have seen all of them.  Who would have thought that they make tents for houses!? Crazy Californians! 

Love, Sister Rietz  

Ranchos District Birthday Party

Squash for friends

The sidewalk chalking masters