Thursday, July 9, 2015

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1.Funniest Thing Done: This last week we were at a Squash Farm.  While there we were instructed to move this group of potted tomato plants to a trailer with brown dirt in the back.  The man asked Sister G and I to get in the trailer.  So we did. Then, while back there some of the Elders asked us if we knew what we were standing in. I said, "I think I know what dirt looks like." one of the Elders then proceeded to tell us that it was not dirt, but sifted manure.  I was so grossed out, and then realized that we were in it the last 10 minutes, so what harm could 10 more minutes do? Now my shoes, and socks smell like manure.  Smells like home. Not really. But kind of.  
Another funny thing that happened: I was asked to make 2 cakes for some Elders Birthdays.  I was so happy to do it, unfortunately one of the cakes tasted like grass! No Bueno... We tried to make it "Healthier", but it was an EPIC FAIL! haha, I guess there is just no way to have a healthy cake.  They pretended it was the best thing in the world.  Luckily only one of the cakes turned out like grass. The other one was SO good! ahahaha, They appreciated the effort!  We made sure to get princess cups and Elsa/Anna plates for them so they didn't have to eat like barbarians! We also got party hats because no birthday is complete without a party hat! Yeah, they are little Princesses at heart.
2.Biggest Blessing or Miracle: This last week we saw so many amazing things happen! We were able to see our Investigator Larry get married to a member, Rene.  It was so awesome.  We were able to help decorate the relief society room, and you would never have been able to tell it was a relief society room.  I loved watching them when they were in front of everyone, and they are now able to live the Law of Chastity! WHOOO! That was such a great thing, because according to the ward, this wedding has been on and off for YEARS! They finally did it! We were all worried because the wedding was supposed to start at 5, and they weren't there. But at 5:16 they were in the room, and ready to get married.  
3.Exciting Events: Well I love the 4th of July! What a great day to be able to celebrate our country.  I love being an American, and living in such an amazing place.  I loved watching the fireworks, and just sitting and talking with Sister G.  AND I got a firework Popsicle. BOOHYA! When we were out there, the people next to us, were just blasting their Hispanic Music, so we watched red, white, and blue fireworks with Hispanic Music as the tone.  So great! 
4.Favorite Game: What are you drawing? In other words, what is that squiggly line supposed to be? We did some sidewalk chalk with a less active member's kids. We just went outside and drew some pictures with them! They loved it! The two kids (one boy-6, one girl-3) are just so adorable. They kept asking me to do police outlines of their bodies... So now there are lots of little outlines of bodies on their driveway. When we were doing it, I couldn't help but think that this was not an uncommon thing here in grand ole' Apple Valley. I love those kids! 
5.Favorite Food: Bran Muffins. Blueberry Oatmeal. Fireworks Popsicle's. (ultimate FAVORITE)
6.Most Challenging Thing: One of the most challenging things is being obedient.  There are so many ways that missionaries can slack off, and no one but you, the Lord, and your companion will know. But that being said, it is also one of the best things to always be.  I have learned that on those moments, if you rationalize, DON'T DO IT! We had multiple opportunities to watch the fireworks up close, but that meant that we would not be in on curfew. Some members even told us no one would know, but after Sister G and I thought about it, we were like HECK NO! We might get in a wreck, or one of the fireworks might shoot at us.
7.Simple Pleasures: FIREWORKS! We had such an awesome view from our back patio.  Another simple pleasure, cockroach killer! hahaha, that stuff is AMAZING! I love that you can pretty much buy everything at the .99 store. SO GREAT! .99 Store is definitely a simple pleasure as well!
8.Goals: Set a Baptismal Date with Oneida.  She is going to court this week to get her kids back, so pray that all goes well!!! We think that if things go well at court, that she will set a date with us.
9.Biggest Smile: When President H made a surprise visit to our ward, and he called us multiple times.  I saw that we had missed calls, but we couldn't answer them cause we were in church.  When we walked out of Relief Society, he told us: "You passed the test of not answering or texting me back. The only time you do that is when you are in church. Other then that, you call me back ASAP." I passed a test from President! 
Another Smile happened when we were sidewalk chalking, and we just made lots of drawings, and then the kids just wanted to go crazy on the camera and take pictures of EVERYTHING! "take a picure of that leaf. The ant. That Dog. Your Car..." The list goes on, and on.
10.Biggest Accomplishment: Passing the Test from President. Standing in Holy Places (aka manure...) Realizing that Heavenly Father really helps us in times of need.
11.Favorite Scripture Story Studied: John 20. I was studying that this morning, and just thinking about how amazing the Resurrection will be.  I am so amazed that Heavenly Father has a plan for each one of us, and that He is always aware of things to come.  I love knowing that there is a plan for each one of us, and that He will never leave us alone.  I love in John 20, where Mary is so sad, and Christ asks her, "Woman why weepest thou?" and then she turns and says that "They have taken her Lord", and then she realizes who it is.  I am really intrigued how I will be when I see Christ again. What will my reaction be? Food for Thought.
12.Favorite Quote: "I am in the Belly of the WHALE!"- Sister Rietz
Let me explain that quote.  This last week there was just a lot of things that were falling through. Ok, everything fell through. I was feeling really upset, and then I said at least we aren't in the whale's belly.  I just randomly said that, and then realized that in that moment we were in our Belly of the Whale moment.  We were able to use that all week when things were less than desirable, and it really lightened the mood in the air.  That was just a little funny thing that I know say anytime something doesn't go as planned.

Well it is 5:45, and we have to go! I love being a missionary! It is the greatest thing ever! I know the Plan of Salvation is real! That is why we are here on Earth.  It is all part of His plan.  I love you all so much! Keep strong! Things will look up! Enjoy your time with all the boys at the house! 

Alli: the tent is pretty common here. I wonder if her's will be orange, yellow, green, or white. I have seen all of them.  Who would have thought that they make tents for houses!? Crazy Californians! 

Love, Sister Rietz  

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