Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tripanionship take two. Trusting the Lord. Filipino Humor

1.Funniest Thing Done: Well there are a lot of really funny moments being a missionary, but when you have a companion from the Philippines (Sister E2) things are just a little bit more hilarious! There are so many things that we all say that are hilarious and just great... But then you add in her adorable accent, and suddenly you are just laughing your head off.  Some of my favorite things that she has said, "What Ever Major Loooooossseeerrr!" 'Sister can I haveeeeee.. Please?! I am just poor Filipino..." "and I was like what the heck." "oooouuuu Sister G you got a love letter" "What will we tell President when we all have colds from the rain?" "Stupid Americans." "We have refrigerator, microwave, and toilet in the Philippines. We aren't stupid." So I just realized that these were not funny to you all, but they are really funny when you hear her say them.  She gets on these weird rants about things.  I am learning that I need to have lots of space on my camera to capture her saying all her great little phrases.  I will try to get as many videos this coming week.
Also, this last week there was a really big fire in the Cajon Pass.(Look it up on the Internet... IT IS CRAZY)   Sister E2 and I were out in the Ranchos area (we left Sister G with a member, because she was sick), and we saw all the smoke.  So we decided to drive as close to it as we could.  We didn't get that close, cause our area was still not that close. Sister E2 was so excited because she loves fire.  She just kept saying, "We are going to go see firemen work!!! WHOOO!" We never saw the fire, but we got some sweet videos of the smoke.
2.Biggest Blessing or Miracle: We have been trying to get more people to teach, but that hasn't been the best this last week. But we did get a referral for a guy that lives 3 houses down from us.  It is super great that we can walk there, but he is always either pulling out of his driveway when we are walking up, or he isn't home.  We are really excited because the first time that we talked with him, he was so happy to see us.  It took us awhile to get the referral, but we were able to contact him as soon as we could.  He has so many questions! I love it! Another Miracle: Oneida's Son Greg who is 9 told us that he wants to get baptized the same day as his mom. That was such a surprise, and shock to us, because she said that he would probably not really want to do it. That religion wasn't his thing. But when we were talking with him, he talked about how He loved church, and couldn't wait for Sunday. They also are all reading the Book of Mormon every night. Last week we promised that the Lord would bless them if she made the point and effort to read every single night. She told us that her mom is telling her reading the Book of Mormon every night is not that important, and Oneida told her mom: "Too many blessings are coming from the Lord, I have to read." Her mom is a less-active and is the kind of person that gets offended and then quits coming to church. I love that Oneida is able to realize the blessings of reading the Book of Mormon.
3.Exciting Events: We are now in a tripanionship! There was a Sister that President called me and asked if I would be willing to have another sister with us.  I was kinda worried, and then I realized that the Lord was just showing that he really trusted me, after all the other things that I was stressed about.  I am so grateful for the reassurance from Heavenly Father, and from President H.  I know that it is only for last week and this coming week, but it has been really good so far, and I am sure that this week there will be lots of videos, and pictures taken where we all look ridiculous... haha, classic missionary poses, awkward door approaches, and maybe a smile/normal face from time to time. eh... who am I kidding, that isn't going to happen.
4.Favorite Game: Puddle Jumping! or getting the Corolla stuck in the mud... I love to puddle jump.  It is so fun.  Yesterday we were out and about aaannnddd there were a lot of streets that were flooded.  Since half of our area is dirt roads and then when the rains come, and the floods come then the roads go away, and it all becomes mud.  I am making a petition to get us a truck.  There is no way that if the rain continues, then we will only be able to work in a couple areas of our wards.
5.Favorite Food: Filipino Food! except sometimes I don't know what Sis E2 is making me.  I have had some weird food just in the last couple days.  I have had fish soup, with some lemon and rice and onion.  It was surprisingly good... Although it was smelling weird.
6.Most Challenging Thing:  Knowing that one of your best friends is leaving the mission and that she won't be at the mission office at transfers, to give me a big hug, and ask how I am doing.  I love Sister M. Saying goodbye to her is really the hardest thing.  I am not going to be able to call her by her first name it will always be Sister M to me.  I was promised that I would make a lot of good friends on my mission, but I never realized how good of friends they would be.  It gives a whole new meaning to having friends that share the same standards and goals in life as you.  She was one of my hardest working companions, and she was the only companion that lasted more than 3 transfers.  She was such an example to me, and the things that she taught me will not only stick with me on the mission, but for ETERNITY! I would go back in a heart beat to the day that I met her.  She was the one sister that when I saw, I was hoping would be my companion.  She had this long flowy hair, and she was wearing a white shirt with black birds on it, with a royal blue skirt.  She was the one that taught me to not wear dark blue, and black.  She taught me how to contact people, and share my testimony of the restored gospel with others.  She was the one who never gave up on me, and I am so grateful for that.  From the Beginning to the End, Sister M is one of my BEST FRIENDS <3, and someone that I know I knew in the Pre Earth Life.  Family, I can't wait to see you, but I would go back to 14 months ago to when I met Sister M, and start it all over again.  I LOVE YOU SISTER M!
7.Simple Pleasures: Rain! It helped with the fires, and it made our area the new Disneyland.  I think that I am going to start charging people to come here to good ole' Rancho, and Granite Hills. I LOVE THE RAIN!
8.Goals: Get 3 new Investigators this week! Prep for TRANSFERS!!!
9.Biggest Smile: We have a member that is dying of cancer that I have told you all about. Well she wants her daughter to be raised in the church, after she passes away. So we have been working with the Bishop and Relief Society President to find her an LDS family. Well Bishop just found a family that will take her! WHOO! The family has 5 kids, and they love Brie already! She is so excited too, because they have a horse, and dogs. They are filling out the paperwork for joint guardianship so that if she dies the daughter will have legal guardians to take care of her!! We were so relieved when we heard about it! It seriously has been giving us stress this past few weeks! When we got into the car after hearing this we just yelled "Thank you Heavenly Father!" It is so amazing to see how Heavenly Father uses us to help others! It is such an amazing blessing for everyone involved when you listen to the prompting and when you act on the opportunities that are presented to you!! 

10.Biggest Accomplishment: Not really getting all that stuck in the mud! Haha, we only were 30 minutes late to dinner, and the roads were all washed out.  But other then that, it was great!!!
11.Favorite Scripture Story Studied: The Tree of Life.  It is kinda how weird how much we can compare it to our lives.  You all should study it, and ask yourself how it can apply to you.
12.Favorite Quote: "Did you know that there is no Hell? They tell us there is one to scare us, and then we get scared. So we can LIE!" -Sister E2  (One of our first days with her she told us that it was ok to lie because there isn't a hell! We just doubled over laughing!)

Also, got this cool email to everyone in the Mission from President:

Dear Elders and Sisters:
Sister H and I love you and are proud of you. Our mission has focused on reading the Book of Mormon each day and drawing closer to Christ. We know the Book of Mormon will give us comfort, build our faith, and draw us closer to our Savior. That is so important for each one of us. We have heard so many testimonies of the blessings that have come from the Book of Mormon. Thank you for your faith and effort. Faith and diligence invite miracles. They also lift our spirits and give us peace.
We have also focused on Preach My Gospel and setting companionship baptism goals. We know this will give us focus and purpose. We have seen blessings come from these things.
Last week's key indicators were all higher. In fact, much higher than previous weeks. We hear about and see good things happening. This is the Lord's work. As we join with Him, we see His hand and blessings in our lives and in our work.
California Rancho Cucamonga Mission Last Five Weeks Key Indicators Report
Last week we had
7 Baptisms
81 Baptismal Dates
86 At Sacrament Meeting
123 Member Presents
82 New Investigators
Each one of these numbers represent one of our Heavenly Father's children. Someone He loves and someone you have helped draw closer to Christ. These are the best numbers we have had in a number of weeks. Our averages are moving up. That is a blessing from the Lord. Of course we can and want to do better, but we are progressing and the Lord is blessing us. We know that focusing on the fundamentals: Book of Mormon, Preach My Gospel, the Missionary Handbook, and seeking to baptize by setting companionship goals will give us purpose and direction. We will grow in testimony, and we will be able to share the Spirit with others. If we can connect them to the Spirit, we will see more miracles and we will feel joy. Please read Jacob 5:75--it is true.
Sister H and I love you. We are proud of you. Have another great week. Sister H would like you to also read 1 Nephi 17:3. She testifies that principles with promises are very real. I agree with her.
President and Sister H

So cool right?!
I love being a missionary.  So grateful for all of you, and the testimony building experiences that you all have had.  Continue being amazing.  I know the Lord blesses all of us! He only wants to bless us, but we have to do our part first!!! I am so grateful for Family Home Evening, and all the times our family was together.  Those are the times that I know helped my testimony a lot.
Love, Sister Rietz
Sis E2 and I got really board reading the Ensigns while Sis. G slept.  

It is raining outside, A LOT!

We found some toilets on the side of the road, and sat on them.

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