Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Obedience Brings Forth Blessings

1.Funniest Thing Done: We went and did service for a woman in our ward that got in a car wreck, and broke her neck.  While we were at her house, the Elders were removing stumps and branches etc. and we were inside helping her with everyday/weekly/monthly things that needed to get done.  We helped her clean out her pantry, organize her bedroom so it is easier for her to get around, and then we made her bed and put new sheets on it.  She was so grateful, and I realized that she had such a new view on service and the ward literally being there for her.  It really reminded me of the new Mormon Message titled "Lift." GO LOOK IT UP! Anyways, now to the humorous part. Oh, one more thing this woman is maybe 4' 11''. Weighs 105lbs, is 70 years old but has the mouth and the spunk of a 13 year old girl. Now to the funny part: We were all eating dinner with her, and the Elders were having a side conversation, and poor sweet Sister F just wanted in on the conversation as well.  She wanted to know what they were talking about, and they were not going to tell her.  They said that it would scare her.  She told them nothing scared her, and that if they didn't tell her what they were talking about she just might have to cause a big fuss in the middle of sacrament, and then the whole ward would know.  So the Elders continued talking in what seemed like code, and Sister F said, "I have Bishops number around here somewhere... I can cause this fuss to start a lot sooner than Sunday Elders." and then the Elders spilled it all.  Mom: I am not sure you want to read this... They were talking about how some Elders witnessed a drive by shooting, and then the guy that was shot asked them to pray with him.  So they did, and then they gave him a blessing, and then the cops showed up. That was not the funny part, I don't have that terrible of a humor people.
2.Biggest Blessing or Miracle: So this last week, we went on a hike! It was AWESOME! So what do we do when the Library is closed for the holiday, and we have 3 more hours to our P-day? WE GO ON ANOTHER HIKE! Well, we had to get permission from our Mission President, and he was really worried that someone was going to get hurt, or that we would die or something crazy like that... Anyways, so I had to talk with our Mission President and give him all the details, and he said we had to be back at 4:30.  Well we gave ourselves enough time, or so we thought, and we had a jolly good time.  There were lots of people, and I am not sure they were very happy that 6 sisters were trying to not only hike, but they were giving out cards left and right.  So we are .4 miles away from the top, and it was 3:15.  We still had to get back down, and we knew that it was going to take sometime.  We all really wanted to make it to the top, but knew that it would make it so we were late to our agreement with President.  I knew that if we were late it would be my fault, because I had organized the hike, and I had promised President that we would be done hiking at 4:30.  We decided being obedient was more important that making it to the top. I guess this is when Obedience with Exactness comes into play... We were blessed when we got down because we DIDN'T get a parking ticket and other people did. Almost all the cars had them, EXCEPT OURS! We came to the conclusion, that if we had gone to the top, our cars would have been ticketed... We didn't buy a day pass...oops.  But all is well!!
3.Exciting Events: We had so many miracles! I don't even know where to start! On Friday I went with one of the Spanish Sisters to a dinner appointment, because Hermana W is really allergic to corn and their meal was all corn based, so I went in her stead.  So the meal was really good.  No idea what it was called, but you put lettuce in it, and we all had chicken legs, and there was totally a foot in the mom's bowl... anyways, there was also this really hot chili sauce you put in it but it was so GOOD! So during the meal, we were talking about the Gospel, and the family is not members.  The Daughter is an investigator that I actually taught while on exchanges last transfer when our companions were sick, and Hermana Z and I teamed up.  Anyways, we were talking about families are forever, and I was teaching in English, and Hma. Z was translating for the mom...  I had no idea what the woman asked but I knew that she needed to know God Loved HER.  SOOO, I opened my mouth, and I told her somethings that I honestly don't know what it was, and then I looked back at the Mom, and she had tears just swelling up in her eyes, and then bam. Tears were in everyone's eyes, and I had no idea what was wrong... When we got out of the lesson, Hma. Z told me I said exactly what the Mom needed to hear.  She said she couldn't believe that I knew exactly what to say.  I told her I didn't, and she called me a Liar, and then said, "Hermana you listened to the Spirit, and it was beautiful." So that was pretty cool! And then, on Saturday our phone rang and I answered, and this man with a super thick Arabic accent tells me that he wants us to come teach his daughter, cause he wants her baptized! WHAT!!! This never happens people! It seemed too good to be true, and it was... So we got to his house, and turns out his granddaughter is 4.... So in 4 years she will be baptized. It was still a miracle, because he is not a member, and he wants us to come over every week.
5.Favorite Food: The meal I ate in the Spanish Ward.
6.Most Challenging Thing: Isaiah Chapters in 2 Nephi.
7.Simple Pleasures: Hiking, and seeing the Nature all around.  It was so peaceful!
8.Goals: Be Positive. Be Straight Forward with Everyone, and Just be Honest with Them.
9.Biggest Smile: Falling on the hike, and seeing this guy look at me like, "You Idiot!" haha, I couldn't help it. The path was small, and he was not the smallest person, and I tried to run up the mountain side, and ate dirt... Yeah, people laughed and I laughed!!! So it was good!
10.Biggest Accomplishment: We almost hiked 7 miles yesterday, but obedience was more important.
11.Favorite Scripture Story Studied: 2 Nephi 16... Yeah, it is confusing, but SO GOOD!
12.Favorite Quote: "For the first time in a whole week, I was able to go 2 hours without thinking about girls during EFY."- Tanner S in his sacrament talk...

Whelp, I love all of you! Have a fantabulous week! I got that package Mom. THANKS SO MUCH!!! 
XOXOXO, SIster Rietz
one in shorts is from yesterday. One in pants, last week.

Our hike last week

We had some adventures....

....I hope you are having adventures

The obedient Sister Missionaries

Monday, May 18, 2015

One year out...

1.Funniest Thing Done: Well we were in ward council, and the Relief Society was talking about her husbands cat, and how much she hated it. And then out of nowhere this super sweet 80 year old man blurts out, "well just kill the cat. That is all you have to do." Then he didn't laugh or change his facial expression at all.  It was pretty funny because no one expected him to say that.  At the end of the meeting, he turned to the Relief Society President and told her that he would take care of the cat, or he was going to take her husbands man card.  There were so many funny moments in Ward Council.  Anytime there was a disagreement or someone was saying something kind of serious, someone would drop the "just kill the cat" line, and then everyone would start laughing.  That was probably one of the most hilarious, but long meetings of my life.  It was two hours long.
2.Biggest Blessing or Miracle: When we were at the Doctors, I was able to talk with Sister H and get a new perspective on the area, things that we could do to help the ward, and to also find new people to teach.  It was so awesome.  Another Miracle that happened this last week, was we were reading from Stand a Little Taller, from President Hinckley and the scripture that was for my birthday was exactly what I needed that day.  I knew that Heavenly Father led us to that scripture for me. BUT it doesn't stop there!!! We brought it with us to some lessons, and we would ask people their birthday and then we would look it up and read them their scripture.  So many people were just baffled that it was what the book said.  One lady thought we were making it up, so she read it herself and started freaking out saying, "He really just answered my prayer.  He was listening to me. He was listening to my freakout of a prayer." That was such a miracle, because we had ZERO idea how we could help her, and now we have a direction as to how we can help her testimony grow.  I love the Spirit. haha.
3.Exciting Events: We had President Interviews, and guess who is going to be RIDING A BIKE AGAIN really soon?? ME! I was telling President last week that I would love to bike again, and in interviews we talked about it some more how in a car you can't really contact that many people, because no one wants a car pulling up beside them asking if they want to learn about Jesus Christ. Then BAM we got a call from the Zone Leaders about if they could theoretically get us a bike rack would we use it? I told them, ELDERS IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION!!! OF COURSE! Our area is too far to bike to, so we will be driving to our area and then biking where ever we want! The Upland 3rd Area just got a couple points for fun/adventure.
4.Favorite Game: Umm. We are on a mission. That is a game in itself...
5.Favorite Food: We had homemade tortillas, and they were AMAZING! The woman made them into enchilladas, and they were so good! I am still thinking about them... Yeah, judge me. I like my grains.
6.Most Challenging Thing: I am now supposed to be cutting dairy out of my diet.  That is really hard, but it is doable, and I am sure that it is only gonna make it that much more of a healthier of a diet.  Also, it is challenging to be in the same area that I was called to work in last transfer.  Sometimes when we are in the boundaries or near the boundaries of the other ward, I want to just go knock on members doors and pretend something is wrong with our car, and we just so happen to be stranded in their area.
7.Simple Pleasures: We were able to have Sister H come with us to the Doctor, and then she came out with us in our area.  She was such an awesome Member Present, and she was able to make a connection about being a mom, and never giving up on your children with the woman that we were visiting.  Sister H (member) loved Sister H (mission pres. wife), and Sister H (mp wife) has been asking how Sister H (member) is doing.  What an amazing thing to have the opportunity to have Sister H come with us.
8.Goals:Be Positive. Even when times are tough in the area, or if my stomach really really really hates me.... 
9.Biggest Smile: When Sister S and I are just laughing about dumb things, or when we people watch in our car.  There was a man that watched her back me out, and then he said, "I need a camera for this.  Watching you back her, makes my day." Umm you are so welcome that we make your day when she backs me out of our parking spot.
10.Biggest Accomplishment: I only had to do 13 U-TURNS!!! That is such a great accomplishment, because the week before I did a lot more than that... A LOT MORE!!! 
11.Favorite Scripture Story Studied: John 15:1-8.  It is about Christ being our Vine.  How important is it that we don't let our vine get cut even just a little by Satan? It is so important that we stay strong, and keep increasing our testimonies so that Satan has a harder time attacking us.
12.Favorite Quote: "Wow, that is a big bun..."-elder j "yes, that thought crossed my mind."-elder b. The reason this was so funny, is because the sister that was getting a blessing, was wearing her hair on top of her head... and the Elders didn't know where to put their hands on her head. It was so great! 

I hope that you all have a great week! I know that there are so many miracles if we just look for them! I know Heavenly Father is always aware of us! I know that he is totally aware of all the things that we are going through.  I promise you if you pray and ask you will receive an answer! I hope that you all look for the miracles in your life!!! 
Good Luck to Sister M's Little brother as he goes out on his mission on Wednesday!

Love, Sister Rietz

Someone parked in our spot so we decided to leave them a nice loving note, telling them to never do it again.

Sister N got all 4 dots on her visa waiting stuff, so she should be in Brazil in less than 4 weeks!!!! (note from the mama.  I have no idea why this picture is turned this way.  Sorry)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

1.Funniest things done: Well we got chewed out this morning by a nice mentally challenged man.  He thought that we were trying to steal his washing machine, and so it was interesting trying to explain to him that we were just using a different one and he did not want to hear that.  So then he told us to leave, or he was going to call the Cops.  That is when it got interesting. He yelled at us, "I am trying to do my laundry! Leave me alone!" hahaha, and of course we left him alone. Then he yelled at everyone that came in, except the Elders.  I have no idea why they were spared the yelling. But then we all left while it was in the dryer.  When we came back he was still there.  He not only yelled at us, but he also yelled at this nice woman that asked him to move for a minute.  You meet the most lovely people while doing your laundry in the morning at our apartments.
2.Biggest Blessing: A GPS from the Spanish Sisters.  They were more than willing to let us borrow it, and it has been a LIFE SAVER! Although, I have done more U-turns this week, than I have my entire life.  I am gonna get a cool map, and we are gonna map up the Upland 3rd Ward.
3.Latest project: LEARN THE AREA. Enough Said. We also have a goal of finding 2 new investigators, so please pray that it can happen!
4.Most exciting events: We were able to SKYPE on Sunday with the familia! It was so great, and I can testify to everyone that our laughs are still all the same, and have not changed at all.  Although Trev, Kristin, and Carter all look so much older! Crazy how just 5 months can change the way someone looks.
5. Favorite Game: Who is Who? We are trying to learn names really quickly, and so far I have pretty much none down... So that was fun at church, and the Members were telling us who was feeding us, and so when the door opens at their houses, we will be able to put a name with a face into our memory.
6.Favorite Foods: We had Satin, which is imitation meat.  That is not my favorite, but it was still pretty good. I would not recommend eating it, unless you absolutely have to!
7.Most challenging thing: Never knowing if the Elders are giving actual people to go see, or if they are just setting us up for failure.  This is what I get for pranking them, and convincing them I was going home.  So far they have sent us to go see someone with schizophrenia, and that was such an adventure... But Tom is really cool and there are a couple Less-Actives that live there, so we considered it a blessing in disguise.
8. Simple Pleasures: Rain.  Overlooking Upland with all the lights. Technology and Seeing Carter running around their apartment. Getting the knowledge that Sister N has all 4 dots needed to get her VISA!!! WOOT-WOOT!!!

9.Goals: Learn the Area.  Use a Map more and prove to the Brother in Laws that I don't need a $150 GPS, and that a $3 map is my new BFF!
10.Biggest smile: When Sister T told us that she talked with mom, and that "your mum is a lovely lady, you are lucky to have her as a mum." and I just knew that she was 100% correct!!!
11.Biggest accomplishment: We went and got frozen yogurt with the one an only Sister V. she is this crazy psycho sister that was constantly getting chocked in the car, and we got to meet up and eat frozen yogurt with her and her new companion. It was an accomplishment, because we ate super healthy at the frozen yogurt place! One point for us on the healthy scale!!!
12: Favorite Quote: "We don't care if they have a problem with the Word of Wisdom, JUST GET THEM TO CHURCH!"- Bishop
I love you all so much, and am so grateful for all the mothers that have been in my life, but I am most grateful for my mom.  She is a wonder woman.  If you have met her, consider yourself lucky! If you haven't, let me know, and I will get you in contact with her.  She is the best woman in the world, and I am not even biased or anything! Have a great week! Till Next Week! 
In the car with Sis. S

Waiting for the sunrise on a cloudy day

No sister missionaries were injured in the staging of this or the following picture. 

Missionary style Mother's Day greeting

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New Area. New Beginnings. Driving a Car

1.Funniest things done: We played a joke on all the missionaries that we are serving around.  We convinced them that I was getting sent home.  The best was when an Elder found out, and he thought that it was serious, and we convinced him for 10 mins that it was really happening.  He was so confused cause there was a sister that went home awhile ago because she was sick, and he couldn't figure out that it was happening again.  It was pretty funny, but also not that funny cause there is an elder that wrecked on his bike, and got a concussion and is now going home. (not because of the concussion, but because his 2 years are finished).  Everyone in the zone told me to watch my back cause he is going to get me back, but pranks are not always allowed so we shall see.  I will keep all of you updated.
2.Biggest Blessing: Staying in Upland.  It is a weird feeling, because I am getting transferred to the ward right by the 2nd ward, but I am really grateful because I will still be able to see members at Stake things.  I also am so grateful for wardmates.  They are the best! This last week there was a nasty flu going around, and for once in the last 6 months I was not the only sick person.  Everyone got it, and there was a time when an elder and a sister were both getting sick in the bathroom at the same time.  Talk about ward mate bonding time.  Today the Elders called and sang God be with You till We Meet Again.  They are so hilarious, and we decided they are going to start a band when they go home.
3.Latest project: Learning about a new ward! I am actually really excited! It should be really good! We have no investigators, so please join Sister S and myself in praying for people to teach.  This area is what they call a dead area, and we have the goal to build it up this transfer.
4.Most exciting events: I got a new companion, and now we are in the richer part of Upland.  I am not sure how I feel about that, but I do know that this is where I am supossed to be and the Gospel is true no matter where you are at right? Sister N is staying in Upland 2nd, and I know that she will do a good job! That ward was/is so great! I gotta stop being so attached to wards.  It makes it seem like I am saying goodbye to my family all over again, but that is a plus about serving in good ole sunny California: I can come visit a lot!
5. Favorite Game: Guessing transfers.  That is always the favorite game on week 6.  Imagine it like being March Madness Brackets.  We pair people up in wards, and then we see who was closest.  I was WAY off this last time.  Going to the Upland 3rd Ward was an eye opener.
6.Favorite Foods: Campria Salad? haha, okay I don't know how to spell it... but it's tomato and then cheese, and then basil.  SO GOOD!!!! I loved it.  and now I wanna make it all the time! or Homemade Pizza, that was way good!
7.Most challenging thing: Going into an area with a new companion, and neither one of you have ever served there before.  BUT, the Lord wants us there, and we already have a game plan of what is going to happen.  So, I am not too worried, but I am worried.
8. Simple Pleasures: Getting FREE ice cream while at the Chaffey College setting up the "talk with missionaries" booth.  Seeing Sister M and Sister T! They both were at transfer meeting!!! Sister M and I are now serving around each other! She is in the other really really really rich ward and they got whitewashed in as well, so it's going to be a party for all of us!

9.Goals: Be confident Whitewashing.  Not crash the Car. Have more Faith and Trust in the Lord.
10.Biggest smile: When we were sitting in Sacrament Meeting and Sister H started doing an Ode to Me, and then mid story she switched topics and started talking about how much she loved her husband.  It was great! And really funny! Everyone was like what the heck!?
11.Biggest accomplishment: I guess when the members were telling my goodbye and everyone was sad to see me leave.  I guess that means I left a good impression on them? ahaha, okay that was selfish, I know training was really really hard but it was the stretching and the growth that I needed to be the missionary that I am now.
12: Favorite Quote: "Hey Sister Rietz-y deep down you like my mustache."-remain un-named... It was an awkward, but hilarious conversation with them.

Well I got to get going, but I love you all! I love the Gospel, and I do not love driving a car.  I hope everyone has a good mothers day! I know I will, cause 1. my mission daughter is around me, and 2. I GET TO SEE MY FAMILY!!! WOOT-WOOT!!!

My new comp, Sister S

LOVE, Sister Rietz
Last week in the ward