Monday, September 29, 2014

Meet the Mormons!


1.Funniest things done: We went to go teach a potential investigator, who is now an investigator, and he had this BEAUTIFUL Pond in his backyard.  We were talking, looking, at all the fish, and he told me that he wants to put Salmon in it, and go fishing.  I told him that would be awesome, and that he should fish some salmon.  He thinks just cause I am from Idaho, that I only fish for food... I am starting to realize people think Idaho is undeveloped, and that we still drive buggies, and have teams of horses, and not cars... Riddle me that one, cause it is NOT like that anywhere in the USA, except in Amish Areas...
2.Biggest Blessing: Hearing the talks about the Temple at the General Women's Broadcast, and having Kathy sitting right behind us.  There were tears shed from both my eyeballs, so you know that it was a lot of tears...  ALSO.  Mom and Dad, don't be mad at me... I lost two things this week that are really important.  1. My personal debit card. and 2. my missionary debit card.  Yes.  The Story is below.
3.Latest project: Getting our apartment all clean, and not an unorganized mess that it has been for the last couple days.  We also are getting it ready for a new companion, because the chances of Sister M staying here for her 7th transfer is VERY slim.
4.Most exciting events: Transfer Calls on Saturday, and then on Sunday we are having a Birthday Party with 2 of our favorite families in the ward for Elder O, Sister M, and myself, because our birthdays are all coming up next week. AND GENERAL CONFERENCE on Saturday and Sunday!!! Woot-Woot!!! I bet they talk about being prepared, temples, missionary work, and families.  But of course, betting is bad, so there will be no reward when I am correct.
5.Favorite game: Nose-goes to who has to say the Prayer when we have meetings with the Elders.  My finger on the nose skills are getting Olympic Gold Medal Worthy. Challenge me.  I dare you.
6.Favorite Foods: Banana Milk.  So good in the Morning. AND Strawberry Muffins. MMMM!
7.Most challenging thing: Knowing that there are things that I need to get done, but that this time in my life I really just need to focus on my Mission.
8. Simple Pleasures: Hearing the Elders give a blessing to a Less-Active, and knowing that it was all the things that she needed that moment in her life.  It really makes me grateful for the Priesthood Holders that I work with, and that I have in my life.
10.Biggest smile: Beth and I saying hello after not seeing each other for 4 weeks.  She was so happy to see us, and we were so happy to see her! We worked with her, and counting money.  She was so happy when she was able to count back my change of $0.32 for the treasures that I was "buying" from her.
11.Biggest accomplishment: Having a lesson with Trent. (the pond guy.) We biked 3 miles in 40mph gusts of wind in 12 mins.  Members told us that we should do this triathlon with them, and we want to, but we wouldn't be able to finish the race, cause we can't get in water... YEAH... That would be awkward.
12. Worst Food: Cheese-It Chicken... Not Good.  Don't try it.  You have been warned.
13. Amount of Miles Biked: umm... I forgot to look. Sorry, but it was a lot.
14: Favorite Quote: Member at Church tells us: "You see that Elder over there, you need to grab him.  Take him on a date.  Look at the birds, the little kids running around. Feel the wind on your face.  Tell him about your faith." Us: "UMMM...  hahah, yeah we can't do that." Her: "I am 79 years old.  I still got it." Us: "hahaha, yeah no sorry that won't happen." Her: "Girls! I know when I see a perfect match, fight to the death for him!" Us: "Haha, yeah no.  Sorry Leah..."  She is a recent-convert from South America, and she doesn't really understand all the rules for missionaries.  It does give us good laughs though.

The new movie that has been a huge deal here, is Meet the Mormons.  We were all worried that this movie was gonna come out, and that the missionaries would have ZERO idea what it was about.  I mean, how awkward would that be, you are talking with a Non-member, and they are talking about this movie, and you just have to nod your head, and pretend you have an idea of what they are talking about.  Yeah, and then we hear that we will be seeing the movie.  But, it will be BEFORE it is released.  We are watching it on the 2nd, and everyone else can see it on the 10th.  We are really excited to be able to tell others about it, and let them know what normal Members are like.  For some reason, most of the people think that Mormons are only those that wear tags, and that they have to wear tags and church clothing at all times.  Yeah, that is not the case.  But this video is really going to bless the members, and those that watch it.  TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO GO SEE IT!!! Also, here is a link to watch the trailer.
Hopefully it works...

Well, like I said, we saw Beth.  She was so excited to see us, and I was really happy to see her too! She really has taught me so much, and she has such a sweet spirit about her.  She knows when someone is down, and how to make them happy.  We took a picture together and it is one of my favorites, because first she is laughing really hard, and she is squeezing me like crazy, and I feel like I am going to die from too much love from her.  and Second. You would also see my awesomeness of wearing a little boys v neck shirt from Walmart.  It looks like a nice shirt, but then I take off the cardigan, and the truth is revealed.  I love cardigans.

 We also meet with Sara and Martha.  They are awesome.  They are what you would call dry-mormons.  They are from Central America.  Moved to New York, and then when 9/11 happened they moved.  The one that is standing up, Sara, was supposed to be on the 110th floor the morning of 9/11, but something kept her on the 5th floor.  She says that she knows she was saved.  I would say that is a miracle.  She loves New York, but says that she will never be able to see it the same that she always has.  It was really sad to hear her talking about her co-workers that passed away, but she knows that she will see them again.  She has been really sick, and just started coming back to church.  I love them both so much.  Martha, has a lot of health problems, and can't really do anything.  She likes to make faces at Sara, when her back is turned.  I really love them so much.  

So yes, I lost my debit cards... Both of my sources of money for food, and other things.  I was freaking out.  I was praying hard, and the cards were nowhere to be found.  I have no idea how I lost them, but they were both GONE! Then, this morning... I was worried cause I needed to get somethings like shampoo, and a toothbrush.  Well, Sister C was over washing her clothes, and she walks in with my missionary debit card.  IT WAS IN THE DRYER! I think it was in my pocket, and then I forgot about it, and washed my clothes, and forgot about it... So then I was worried, but not as worried cause my bank card was still MIA...  I looked in the dryer for the card, and it wasn't there. I prayed one more time, and felt prompted to look in the dryer again.  I didn't want to.  I had already looked there, and there was nothing there. Well, Low and behold, I looked in the dryer again, and it was there!!! I was stunned...  I had looked there before, and it was not there, and then I look again, and there it is.  The Lord blesses us AFTER the trial of our Faith.

We also saw one of my favorite less-actives, Sister P.  She is really sick and has cancer, and is really going through so much.  She weighs about 85ish lbs, and every week she is super sick looking.  Well the other day, she opened the door, and she looked so much better!! I am enclosing 2 pictures of her, so you can see for yourself how much better she looks! Her friend Mona was there, and lives in a city down by the Ocean, but she wants missionaries to come see her there, so we are pretty excited for her!!

Sis P and me (before)

Sister P, me and her friend. (After)

Rock Strong Sara and Marvelous Martha

A very funny man who dropped us, but is funny none the less.  He makes things out of wood.

We wore these things for an FHE thing that our ward did while singing Book of Mormon Stories
I love this Gospel.  I love tender mercies from the Lord.  I love the Prophet.  I love Hesperia.  I love the sun, and I especially love the days when there no wind.  I am so grateful for the people that I am meeting out here, and for all things that I am realizing I am blessed with back home.  I love all of you so much, and love all your emails, notes, and letters that I get.  They really are great.  I love the fact that I can email all of you, and see how all my friends are doing out on their missions as well.  I know that the words that we hear from the Prophet this weekend is truly what the Lord wants us to hear.  I know the Book of Mormon is true.  I know that Joseph Smith was foreordained to be a prophet.  I love all of you.  oh.. I already said it. But it's nice to say it twice.  Golly darn it, I am so PUNNY! You all are amazing, and know that I love all of you, and pray for you all the time.  I will strive to be safe this week, and still be my crazy awkward self that I always am.

I might be running behind next week, cause there is a 99.7% chance that Sis. M is getting transferred, and that I will have to go down the hill, and get a new companion.  
I wish that I had tons to say, but all the things that I wanted to say, I put in the list of things above.  

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Contests: Rifle, Watermelon Eating, and Jump Rope

1.Funniest things done: We had a watermelon eating contest with some other sisters.  They were super good, and they destroyed us.  They ate it so fast, and I just laughed, cause I actually enjoyed my watermelon.
2.Biggest Blessing: Tracting, and someone actually called us back, and he wants to learn more, and he said he is really interested.
4.Most exciting events: Women's Broadcast this week! This past week, we got a really good CD from some other sisters, so we have been jamming out to that.  We also made our bed frames into bunk beds.  Don't worry, we don't sleep on them, they are NOT safe at all.  We are still sleeping on the porch, where it is SAFE!!! WOOT-Woot!!!
5.Favorite game: People Watching.  We don't get to do it a lot, but sometimes when we see people talk , we act like we are part of their conversation.  It would be awkward if they knew what we were doing.  Good thing they don't.
6.Favorite Foods: We had hamburgers.  They were really good, and the lady had apple cider that they had pressed themselves! Just like what we do in the Fall!
7.Most challenging thing: Leaving 33 cards on doors, and knowing that none of them will ever call us back.  Or so we think!
8. Simple Pleasures: Pomegranate Trees.  They are here in the Desert.  They don't smell either.
10.Biggest smile: When a Jehovah Witness took our card!!! She actually took Mormon Literature! Heavenly Father probably smiled more than Sis. M and I.
11.Biggest accomplishment: Wearing Deodorant, and NOT having to reapply it. Yes, that is an accomplishment.
12. Worst Food: Chicken Mo-lay. (I think that is how you spell it...) It wasn't chicken.  It was turkey.  I hate turkey.  End of bad meal.
13. Amount of Miles Biked: LOTS! we are almost at 600 miles on Moon's Odometer, that has been deleted once.
14: Favorite Quote: "Did I tell you a young man is running for Prom Princess?"  This is what a less-active was freaking out about. She would not let it rest.  I am sure that when we go back, we will hear all about how he won.  Yeah, that is something that was monumental for Hesperia.  Oh well.  Times are changing it appears.

Alright.  So this week we went tracting.  While we were out, we saw this man outside, and we started talking with him.  He said that he didn't want to talk about what we were selling.  We weren't selling anything, so we told him we just wanted to talk.  So we started talking with him.  He was really nice, took our card, and told us to have a nice day.  We left with no thought about it.  Then the next day, we got a call from Trent, and he said that he was really interested, and wanted to learn more.  We kinda freaked out.  Okay, we really FREAKED OUT!  Yeah, that was exciting.

Then the next thing while tracting.  We knock on one door, and this lady opens the door.  This is how the conversation went along... Her: " WHAT YOU WANT!" (that was said in black lady's voice) Me trying to sound happy, cause missionaries are ALWAYS happy: "Hi how are you!?" Her: "I SAY WHAT YOU WANT?!"  Me: "Well we are missionaries, and we were wondering if you have ever done your genealogy b...." *cuts me off* Her: "I don't want to know about you.  I know about you Mormons. I have a RIFLE!!! GET OUT!"  We left.  I wanted to ask her if she knew how to use it, but I decided that it would be better to live then have her show me that she does know how to use it.  Yeah, that is an example of how I have grown as a person I guess.

But I am still a little kid at heart.   We were biking to dinner, and we saw these two girls jump roping.  I decided that I wanted to challenge them to jump roping.  They accepted our challenge.  Sister M thought I was kidding.  I wasn't.  I really wanted to jump rope, and we were close to 10 mins early for dinner, so we jump roped with them.  I dominated the single rope, and then they killed me in double dutch, yeah, I got shown up by these two 8 year old girls.... Moral of the story, don't challenge people to jump rope, unless you know that you can beat them.  We left, and I told them we were gonna come back, and I was gonna beat them in jump rope.  We have dinner at their house on Tuesday, so I am going to try and redeem myself.  I will let you know how it goes.  I would love a jump rope, and will be searching for one at the dollar store.

We are still biking everywhere, and this past week, it was some days cooler, but it would only last until 11 or so.  Sister M was sick the other day, but she was convinced that she would be alright, so we left the apartment.  Well, she looked super sick, and luckily all of our appointments but one cancelled.  So we went to that one appointment, and came home.  She took a nap, and I updated the Area Book, and the progress record.  She didn't sleep that long, but it did seem to do her good.  I think that we should not sleep outside much longer, so I am sure that once transfers come, we will start sleep inside.  That will be sad, but that will be also good at that same time.

We also had a watermelon eating contest with the Santa-Fe Sisters.  They gave us a formal invitation, and we just laughed cause Sister M (one of the Santa-Fe Sisters) just shoved the watermelon into her face, which caused the water to fall from the melon, and thus resulting in less substance that she would have to eat.  Sister M actually won, and Sister J and I just sat and laughed, and watched them attack their pieces, and then she and I enjoyed them without shoving them down our throats.

Some exciting news that we received today: The Missionary Department, is going to let us watch the movie that is coming out.  Meet the Mormons.  We are excited, and we will watch it instead of having a Zone Conference.  I am super excited, because we will actually see it before it comes out, which is really soon I believe too!
Sad news: A lady in our ward was killed in a car accident, and her family is not doing well because of the news.  Her children actually are all adopted, and so they feel like the one person who loved them is gone.  It is hard because she actually attended one of the other wards cause she interpreted sign language for the deaf, so she was never in our ward.  So it is hard to know what ward needs to do what.  Her funeral is on Monday, and the missionaries from both wards have been asked to help.  Please keep Sister L's family in your prayers.  

I love you all so much! Thank you for the letters! They bring tears of joy to my eyes.  But for reals.  I love them all so much! It lets me know that you all are going about your lives just wonderfully.
Have a great week!!! The Church is true people!!!!!!!!

Well, I must go.  Sorry this email is boring!!!

Sis. J and I actually enjoying our watermelon

Pomegranate Trees.  They are real.  No smell though.  I might just go smell them all up close though, to make sure that they really don't have a smell (Note from Amber's mama - we burn pomegranate candles at our house, hence we "know" what they should smell like)

Me. rocking at Jump Rope.

Monday, September 15, 2014

This week in review

1.Funniest things done: Sister M and I have been trying to remember the lyrics to "apostate" songs, and movies that we love, but are not watching for 18 months... ex: High School Musical, Big Time Rush, Taylor Swift, etc.
2.Biggest Blessing: Still being able to sleep outside because the weather has been really nice at night, and so we haven't moved our beds in from the deck.
3.Latest project: Finding People to Teach the Gospel to.  If you have referrals, give them to the missionaries... THEY WILL LOVE YOU!
4.Most exciting events: Our ward mission leader called us for the first time since I have been here.  He called to see how the work was going, and actually really trying to do his calling.  We told him to call the Elders, and he did.  They were just as shocked as we were at his phone call.
5.Favorite game: Getting songs stuck in each others heads, and not remembering the rest of the lyrics.
6.Favorite Foods: Tacos.  With homemade salsa, and cilantro. yummm...
7.Most challenging thing: Biking in 110 degree weather, and drinking all our water, cause we thought that we would be able to get water from the next lesson that we had, but then they were not home...  But no worries, the Lord looks after his missionaries, we got water.
8. Simple Pleasures: Looking at my scripture case, and seeing my family on there, and knowing that I can be with them for time and all eternity!!
9.Goals: Find 2 new Investigators this week.  Not get bit by bugs this week.  (Yes, Sister O, I mean Lisa....  we didn't wear bug spray once, and I got 15 bug bites...)
10.Biggest smile: The Elders were helping us do weekly planning, and they pulled out caramels from a man in our ward, and they were sooo gross looking.  He just was like, oh yeah, these are for you.  Hope you like them.  They were so gross.
11.Biggest accomplishment: Not laughing very much at the children in the primary program.  It was yesterday, and only one kid fell, one kid just stood there and said nothing, and another girl thought that the microphone was food...
12. Worst Food: Another Chicken casserole, filled with cans of cream of soups.  If I die from a heart-attack, you know why: Cream of Soup Casseroles.
13. Amount of Miles Biked: Wednesday-Sunday: 38.2 miles.  On friday, we biked 17.3 miles, and it was 110 outside.  So glad that we were able to get water from people.
14: Favorite Quote: Todd, the husband of one of our less-actives: " I like your church, it is the only one that doesn't tell me I am going to burn in Hell.  Will I ever join it, no.  But you sweet girls will let me into the back door in heaven. Right?!" Haha, we just laughed really hard and said "we don't know Todd, maybe that will happen."

Well, I decided to change things, and put the week in review first.  That way, there is no reason to scroll to the bottom, to see the things that happened this week.
Well... I just emailed on Wednesday, and it is weird to think that it is P-day again.  There is so much going on, BYU-I started school, and it is so weird to think how fast that year went by.  I was surprised when I had some emails from people that were talking about being back at school. That would be weird to be back, but nevertheless, GOOD LUCK to YOU ALL!  We had 18 lessons this week, which was better then the 11 that we had the week before.  I know that we are not supposed to really compare numbers, and be focused on numbers, but that is how I judge how successful our week was.  We were able to meet with a couple investigators, and we are teaching Sue about the Church, and how there is a God that loves her.  She is the granddaughter of one of our less-actives, and she is showing interest in the gospel.  We are excited to teach her, but it is hard because her grandpa HATES organized religion, so he will call her out of the room, which makes it hard to bring her back out, but that will just be a battle that we will have to deal with.  We showed her the video about Hope of God's Light.  Holy Cow! It is so good! Every time I watch it, I see proof for so many things that show the love  our Heavenly Father has for us.  He really knows each of us personally, and knows that we are going to be able to get through the trials that we have.  I know that Heavenly Father gives us trials that will challenge us, and make us want to give up, but when we perservere and get through it, the blessings are amazing!!!
One of the Less-Actives that we visit is battling cancer, and she is on a waiting list to be able to get into the Doctors, and start her treatments.  We are all praying that a slot opens up, and that she will be able to get in there sooner.  She is really sick, and doesn't weigh very much.  She is one of the younger older less-actives that we visit, and she always tells us what is going on in the world, and how there are so many terrible things happening around us, but that we are missionaries so that we are saved.  Her husband is the author of the quote of the week.  They are so funny, and he always says things, and then Sister P gets all embarrassed at his crude humor jokes.  
We officially dropped David, but we know that it is what needed to happen.  It was hard, but like I said in my last email,"This week I really learned that the Lord really knows the things that can help our investigators, and if it takes not meeting with us anymore at this time, that we will have to use that trust that we have in the Lord, and know that we really are not to be meeting with them at this time."  I know that this is so true.  The ward is really fellowshipping him now that we are no longer meeting him.  He is so cool, and loves to see people at church, so we really hope that it continues after Sister M and I are both gone.
I have been reading in the Doctrine and Covenants, and there are constantly people being chastised, and called out in the books.  I am SO grateful that I was not a member back then, because I would hate to be having my name in the D&C for all the world to see.  That would be such a bummer.
The rains are coming soon, at least that is what people say...  I don't know if I believe them though, cause we are still waiting for the Earthquake, and the Hurricane that our less-active told us were going to come... Well... I must go.  I also have forgot my camera, and so I have no pictures to send home.  I actually don't think that I took any besides the ones at the temple. That I already sent home.  I love you all so much! You all are wonderful.  I hope you have a great day, and that you are all doing good.  I love your emails, and sorry that I have been really bad about writing you all back.  There will be letters sent today, because for Zone Activity we are playing board games, and we all know how much I "LOVE" those games.  Have a wonderful, fantabulous week!   I know that this is Christ's Church on the earth today, and we are his people, and that it is not only the missionaries responsibilities to help bring those to the Gospel, but also the members.  We must all work together.  In the wise words of High School Musical's Troy Bolton: we gotta all work together.  "WE GOTTA WORK, WORK, WORK THIS OUT WE CAN ALL BE TOGETHER, WE CAN WORK THIS OUTTTTT"
Love you all.
Have a great week!
Love, Sister Rietz

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I love to see the Temple, I went inside today...

Hello.  This email is coming on a Wednesday, because this week our p day got changed to Wednesday, and we were able to go to the temple.  I love the temple.  There are so many things in this world that allow me to know that Heavenly Father loves me, and the Temple is one of those things.  This last week was kinda rough, and the trip to the temple could not have come at a more crucial time.  We left at 6:30 this morning to tackle the roads, and deal with the morning traffic going down the hill.  The temple is in Redlands, and so we had to get down there before the session started, so we got there a little early, and so we took pictures at the temple before we went in.  Sister S took us, and I really loved the time that we were able to spend with her, and that we were able to get to know her even more.  She has such a strong testimony, and knows how much the Gospel can help her get through trials.
Back to what happened this week:
We had 5 investigators drop us, we dropped 3 of them, and 1 is moving.  We also had 4 baptismal dates set up, and all 4 are no longer investigators.  That was hard to understand why these people that we had been working with all of a sudden no longer wanted to meet with us.   This week I really learned that the Lord really knows the things that can help our investigators, and if it takes not meeting with us anymore at this time, that we will have to use that trust that we have in the Lord, and know that we really are not to be meeting with them at this time.  One of the hardest ones that we are no longer meeting with is, David.  That was really hard for me, because he has made SO much progress, but he is not willing to pay tithing, even if he has a job.  That was really hard for us, because we have gone over tithing so many times, and he has agreed to pay it, and then we were going over the Baptismal Interview Questions with him, and he said no he wouldn't pay it.  We talked about it for a while, and he said that he would never pay it, even if he had all the money that he needed.  Sister M, and I both felt like we needed to drop him.  That was one thing that really made me feel good at the temple.  That confirmation that what we did was correct.

We found a golden investigator on Wednesday the 3rd.  She told us that she knew she would be a member, but that she had a lot of questions, and she wanted them to be answered.  Her brother is a member in Tustin, (Ryan, maybe you know him. Except I don't know his name...) and she wants him to baptize her.  She told us that he could come up anytime, and do the "dunking".  We talked about her questions, and we set a baptismal date for the 27th of September.  Well, Satan is working hard, and the next morning Mary called us to tell us that she is no longer wanting to meet.  She said that when she was reading 3 Nephi 11 that she had an anxiety attack, and that she didn't want that to continue to happen every time she read.  So she told us never to come back.  That was really hard to hear, especially because when we were meeting with her, the Spirit was so strong, and we really felt like our prayers had been answered.  But, the Lord knows when the Gospel is best for those around us.  I really have been struggling with that, and know that the Lord will allow Mary to have the Gospel when it is best needed for her.  

This week we have been meeting with members in the ward, trying to get the ward mission plan into action.  That has been a struggle, but also a blessing at the same time.  It has allowed me to get to know the members in their homes, and not just at church.
On Sunday we went to Sister S's family for dinner.  We actually had breakfast for dinner.  I loved the waffles with the fresh fruit.  It made me miss the blackberries and raspberries that I am sure you are eating in abundance back home.  Eat berries for me, cause I miss them, and really want them here in California.

Last night we went to Addiction Recovery, and started talking with one of the girls that came with her Grandma.  She is just moved here from back east, and is really struggling with knowing if there is a God there.  We talked with her tons about how we know there is a God, and we are now planning on teaching her.  She told us about how she has been searching for a religion, and how she is really interested in our church.  Her name is Sue, and she really has had a hard life, and I know that the gospel can bless her life, like it has for all of ours.  
1.Funniest things done:  My shoes are really worn on the bottom, and a member told me I needed to resole them.  Then he was looking at my watch, and it broke pretty badly, and his face was utter embarrassment, and then he goes, "eh you probably got this off Amazon."  (I almost died laughing, cause I did get it from Amazon, and I will get another one from there too.)  My watch is now sewn onto my wristband.  Good thing that the thread is green, and my watch is green.  It works just perfectly.
2.Biggest Blessing: The opportunity to go to the temple.  When I get off my mission, let's all come to the temple here, and do a session.  It is GORGEOUS!
3.Latest project: Finding People that have been prepared to hear the Gospel.  Becoming an unconditional missionary.
4.Most exciting events: The Elders in our District are having a Baptism this Saturday, and last Saturday another set of Elders had a baptism, and they accidentally hit her head, and she might have a concussion.
5.Favorite game: I really have no favorite games at this moment.
6.Favorite Foods: Sweet Potato Quinoa 
7.Most challenging thing: Accepting the fact that I am not a perfect missionary, and that there is a reason in Heavenly Father's plan that investigators no longer want to meet with us.
8. Simple Pleasures: Rain.  We got a small rain storm, and it was overcast ALL day Monday.  Those people who said that it never rains, I am starting to doubt what they told us about the weather.
9.Goals: Keep a Positive Attitude.  Become an unconditional missionary.
10.Biggest smile: Walking into dinner on Monday, and the M. family little kids running up, wanting to play soccer before dinner.  They owned us.
11.Biggest accomplishment: Lasting 8 days before we could email again.  Also, not freaking out, when a cop pulled up next to us, and it was pitch black, and he started to interrogate us,  until he realized that we were missionaries, and that we were just going home for the night.  It was crazy, with all the lights, and him using his stern cop voice.  He was looking for some people that were on bikes, so he stopped us to figure out who we were.
12. Worst Food: We had this casserole that had cans of cream of something soup.  It was like eating a heart attack.  No thank you, on seconds!!!
13. Amount of Miles Biked: 47.2 Miles.
14: Favorite Quote: David is telling us about a fight that he got in with his brother in law.  "...and then he came at me, and started scratching my face.  I wanna be a model so I put my hands up, and said excuse me, can I have my looks."  Sister M and I started to laugh so hard! Holy Cow, there are so many funny moments that I will miss that happen with him.
Another favorite Quote: Elder Holland in March 2000 Ensign said: "With any major decision there are cautions and considerations to make, but once there has been illumination, beware the temptation to retreat from a good thing. If it was right when you prayed about it and trusted it and lived for it, it is right now. Don’t give up when the pressure mounts. Certainly don’t give in to that being who is bent on the destruction of your happiness.Face your doubts. Master your fears. “Cast not away therefore your confidence.” Stay the course and see the beauty of life unfold for you."

That would have to be my ending advice for you all.  Beware the Temptation.  Don't Give Up.  Face your Doubts.  Stay the Course.
Hope you all have a wonderful week!!!
We found this sweet belt when we were helping a member clean her house.  She wouldn't give it to Sister M

In front of the beautiful Redlands Temple

Sister M and Me

Me, Sister S and Sister M at the temple

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Family. Friends. Loved ones....LET IT GO!

Well this week was soooo LONG!!! I thought that it was never gonna end, but there was a happy ending to this week.  I was able to meet Anna and Elsa from FROZEN! Yes, they were in the same room as me, and I was freaking out a little bit.  It wasn't the real ones from the movie, but it was actors, and they had the most perfect voices, and they sang the best songs as well.  They were at a birthday party for our Recent Converts daughters 3rd Birthday.  We were only there to "help out" but they did sing while they were there, so obviously I HAD to get a picture of them.  We also have been having a lot of meetings with the Elders, and that has been to say the least a drag...  But we are finally getting somewhere with our ward, and our work is helping Hasten the Work out here in the Good Ole' Desert.
This past week in our Zone, it was rough.  There was one set of Elders that had it worse than anyone yet so far, and I am so grateful that I didn't have ANY of these things happen to me and Sister M.  They got robbed at gun point, and then they were biking, and their bikes got stolen, and they were locked up, and then their car got towed to Felin, and they had to pay a fine to get it out.  Then a sister in the next zone was riding her bike, and wrecked, and broke both her arms.  She now is walking everywhere, because their area in not a car area, so that has been most unfortunate, but they have been having miracles all over the place, so that is a blessing in disguise.
We did have a miracle of our own this week!
We were biking to a potential investigator that seemed really promising, but then we get there, and he is not home.  We both felt like we needed to go see a Less Active who is never home.  So we biked the 2 miles to her house, and then what do ya know, she is not home.  But her brother Ron answered the door, and he told us, he has been looking for a church that he could join.  We instantly went into talking about the Restoration, and we ended up talking with him for a good 45 mins.  He had lots of questions, and we were able to answer all of them, and he said that he would come to church, and read from the Book of Mormon as well.  I was so happy.  The Spirit really testified to him the things that we were saying were true.  The Spirit was able to help us where we lacked in knowledge.  I know that the Spirit was able to not only teach Ron, but also me as well.  There were so many things that I was opened and enlightened to.  Also, Kathy was planning on moving, but then some family issues occurred, and now she is going to be staying in our ward for at least another month.  What a blessing it is.

On Saturday, we had exchanges.  I normally am not a big fan of them, but they really did help me this time.  I was able to go with Sister H, who is from Mobile, Alabama.  She was companions with Sister C, and she was in my district last 2 transfers.  She is such a great missionary, and I was lucky to go with her, and learn from her experience.  We ate dinner at a Brazilian families house for dinner.  They speak hardly any English, and it was one of the longest dinners I felt like.  There was TONS of food, and I think that I gained 10 lbs just from that meal alone.  While we were there, I had a total Rietz Moment... I spilled Apple Juice ALLLLLL over me...  Luckily I had my bike pants on, so we were able to throw my skirt in the dryer, but poor Sister T thought it was because the chair I was sitting in was slightly broken, but it was just because I am a total clutz.   That was definitely one of the most terrible but delicious dinners that I had been at.
Our recent convert Bob went to the temple on Saturday, and he loved it.  He really understands how important the temple is, and he is working on getting to go through the temple.  He keeps hinting that he needs a wife so they can be sealed, so that is "our responsibility" according to him.  But we haven't done anything for that yet... and we probably never will...
Well next week I will email on Wednesday, because that will be our P-day, cause we get to go to the temple that day.  I am so excited.  I love the temple.
You all are wonderful.  Keep being awesome.  I love all of you!

Week in Review:

1.Funniest things done: Sister H and I were biking home, and then we see a coyote in the road so we biked super fast to it, and then it ran away, and Sister H almost started crying cause she wanted to pet it...
2.Biggest Blessing: We got a car for a day, and that was such a blessing.  The Mojave Sisters didn't need their car, and they had extra miles, so the Zone Leaders said we could have it for 3 hours.  Those 3 hours were some of the best 3 hours on the mission field.
3.Latest project: Finding Bob a Wife.  Stacking wood for an investigator.  She had so much!  It was 3 pieces depth, so that was crazy, and there were lizards all over it, so we had to deal with those.  It was gross, and dirty, but it helped us to get a good relationship with her.
4.Most exciting events: My leg is almost completely healed!!! 6 weeks later!!! Woot-Woot.  Temple Trip on the 10th!!!
5.Favorite game: What did you say? Then proceed to still not understand what was being said.
6.Favorite Foods: Brazilian Rice and Beans
7.Most challenging thing: David is not sure if he wants to be baptized anymore...
8. Simple Pleasures: When little kids are excited to see the "Sisters from Church"
9.Goals: Talk with Everyone.  Work with the Ward more.
10.Biggest smile: When Sister C and I looked at pictures from the MTC.
11.Biggest accomplishment: David quit Smoking.  Kathy is not moving anymore.
12. Worst Food: Warm smashed Pear in my Bag.
13. Amount of Miles Biked: 51.6 miles.
14: Favorite Quote: "ELSAAAAAAA!!!" When Elsa and Anna walked into the Birthday Party.  

We got the car for the day

The wood we stacked