Monday, September 15, 2014

This week in review

1.Funniest things done: Sister M and I have been trying to remember the lyrics to "apostate" songs, and movies that we love, but are not watching for 18 months... ex: High School Musical, Big Time Rush, Taylor Swift, etc.
2.Biggest Blessing: Still being able to sleep outside because the weather has been really nice at night, and so we haven't moved our beds in from the deck.
3.Latest project: Finding People to Teach the Gospel to.  If you have referrals, give them to the missionaries... THEY WILL LOVE YOU!
4.Most exciting events: Our ward mission leader called us for the first time since I have been here.  He called to see how the work was going, and actually really trying to do his calling.  We told him to call the Elders, and he did.  They were just as shocked as we were at his phone call.
5.Favorite game: Getting songs stuck in each others heads, and not remembering the rest of the lyrics.
6.Favorite Foods: Tacos.  With homemade salsa, and cilantro. yummm...
7.Most challenging thing: Biking in 110 degree weather, and drinking all our water, cause we thought that we would be able to get water from the next lesson that we had, but then they were not home...  But no worries, the Lord looks after his missionaries, we got water.
8. Simple Pleasures: Looking at my scripture case, and seeing my family on there, and knowing that I can be with them for time and all eternity!!
9.Goals: Find 2 new Investigators this week.  Not get bit by bugs this week.  (Yes, Sister O, I mean Lisa....  we didn't wear bug spray once, and I got 15 bug bites...)
10.Biggest smile: The Elders were helping us do weekly planning, and they pulled out caramels from a man in our ward, and they were sooo gross looking.  He just was like, oh yeah, these are for you.  Hope you like them.  They were so gross.
11.Biggest accomplishment: Not laughing very much at the children in the primary program.  It was yesterday, and only one kid fell, one kid just stood there and said nothing, and another girl thought that the microphone was food...
12. Worst Food: Another Chicken casserole, filled with cans of cream of soups.  If I die from a heart-attack, you know why: Cream of Soup Casseroles.
13. Amount of Miles Biked: Wednesday-Sunday: 38.2 miles.  On friday, we biked 17.3 miles, and it was 110 outside.  So glad that we were able to get water from people.
14: Favorite Quote: Todd, the husband of one of our less-actives: " I like your church, it is the only one that doesn't tell me I am going to burn in Hell.  Will I ever join it, no.  But you sweet girls will let me into the back door in heaven. Right?!" Haha, we just laughed really hard and said "we don't know Todd, maybe that will happen."

Well, I decided to change things, and put the week in review first.  That way, there is no reason to scroll to the bottom, to see the things that happened this week.
Well... I just emailed on Wednesday, and it is weird to think that it is P-day again.  There is so much going on, BYU-I started school, and it is so weird to think how fast that year went by.  I was surprised when I had some emails from people that were talking about being back at school. That would be weird to be back, but nevertheless, GOOD LUCK to YOU ALL!  We had 18 lessons this week, which was better then the 11 that we had the week before.  I know that we are not supposed to really compare numbers, and be focused on numbers, but that is how I judge how successful our week was.  We were able to meet with a couple investigators, and we are teaching Sue about the Church, and how there is a God that loves her.  She is the granddaughter of one of our less-actives, and she is showing interest in the gospel.  We are excited to teach her, but it is hard because her grandpa HATES organized religion, so he will call her out of the room, which makes it hard to bring her back out, but that will just be a battle that we will have to deal with.  We showed her the video about Hope of God's Light.  Holy Cow! It is so good! Every time I watch it, I see proof for so many things that show the love  our Heavenly Father has for us.  He really knows each of us personally, and knows that we are going to be able to get through the trials that we have.  I know that Heavenly Father gives us trials that will challenge us, and make us want to give up, but when we perservere and get through it, the blessings are amazing!!!
One of the Less-Actives that we visit is battling cancer, and she is on a waiting list to be able to get into the Doctors, and start her treatments.  We are all praying that a slot opens up, and that she will be able to get in there sooner.  She is really sick, and doesn't weigh very much.  She is one of the younger older less-actives that we visit, and she always tells us what is going on in the world, and how there are so many terrible things happening around us, but that we are missionaries so that we are saved.  Her husband is the author of the quote of the week.  They are so funny, and he always says things, and then Sister P gets all embarrassed at his crude humor jokes.  
We officially dropped David, but we know that it is what needed to happen.  It was hard, but like I said in my last email,"This week I really learned that the Lord really knows the things that can help our investigators, and if it takes not meeting with us anymore at this time, that we will have to use that trust that we have in the Lord, and know that we really are not to be meeting with them at this time."  I know that this is so true.  The ward is really fellowshipping him now that we are no longer meeting him.  He is so cool, and loves to see people at church, so we really hope that it continues after Sister M and I are both gone.
I have been reading in the Doctrine and Covenants, and there are constantly people being chastised, and called out in the books.  I am SO grateful that I was not a member back then, because I would hate to be having my name in the D&C for all the world to see.  That would be such a bummer.
The rains are coming soon, at least that is what people say...  I don't know if I believe them though, cause we are still waiting for the Earthquake, and the Hurricane that our less-active told us were going to come... Well... I must go.  I also have forgot my camera, and so I have no pictures to send home.  I actually don't think that I took any besides the ones at the temple. That I already sent home.  I love you all so much! You all are wonderful.  I hope you have a great day, and that you are all doing good.  I love your emails, and sorry that I have been really bad about writing you all back.  There will be letters sent today, because for Zone Activity we are playing board games, and we all know how much I "LOVE" those games.  Have a wonderful, fantabulous week!   I know that this is Christ's Church on the earth today, and we are his people, and that it is not only the missionaries responsibilities to help bring those to the Gospel, but also the members.  We must all work together.  In the wise words of High School Musical's Troy Bolton: we gotta all work together.  "WE GOTTA WORK, WORK, WORK THIS OUT WE CAN ALL BE TOGETHER, WE CAN WORK THIS OUTTTTT"
Love you all.
Have a great week!
Love, Sister Rietz

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