Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Contests: Rifle, Watermelon Eating, and Jump Rope

1.Funniest things done: We had a watermelon eating contest with some other sisters.  They were super good, and they destroyed us.  They ate it so fast, and I just laughed, cause I actually enjoyed my watermelon.
2.Biggest Blessing: Tracting, and someone actually called us back, and he wants to learn more, and he said he is really interested.
4.Most exciting events: Women's Broadcast this week! This past week, we got a really good CD from some other sisters, so we have been jamming out to that.  We also made our bed frames into bunk beds.  Don't worry, we don't sleep on them, they are NOT safe at all.  We are still sleeping on the porch, where it is SAFE!!! WOOT-Woot!!!
5.Favorite game: People Watching.  We don't get to do it a lot, but sometimes when we see people talk , we act like we are part of their conversation.  It would be awkward if they knew what we were doing.  Good thing they don't.
6.Favorite Foods: We had hamburgers.  They were really good, and the lady had apple cider that they had pressed themselves! Just like what we do in the Fall!
7.Most challenging thing: Leaving 33 cards on doors, and knowing that none of them will ever call us back.  Or so we think!
8. Simple Pleasures: Pomegranate Trees.  They are here in the Desert.  They don't smell either.
10.Biggest smile: When a Jehovah Witness took our card!!! She actually took Mormon Literature! Heavenly Father probably smiled more than Sis. M and I.
11.Biggest accomplishment: Wearing Deodorant, and NOT having to reapply it. Yes, that is an accomplishment.
12. Worst Food: Chicken Mo-lay. (I think that is how you spell it...) It wasn't chicken.  It was turkey.  I hate turkey.  End of bad meal.
13. Amount of Miles Biked: LOTS! we are almost at 600 miles on Moon's Odometer, that has been deleted once.
14: Favorite Quote: "Did I tell you a young man is running for Prom Princess?"  This is what a less-active was freaking out about. She would not let it rest.  I am sure that when we go back, we will hear all about how he won.  Yeah, that is something that was monumental for Hesperia.  Oh well.  Times are changing it appears.

Alright.  So this week we went tracting.  While we were out, we saw this man outside, and we started talking with him.  He said that he didn't want to talk about what we were selling.  We weren't selling anything, so we told him we just wanted to talk.  So we started talking with him.  He was really nice, took our card, and told us to have a nice day.  We left with no thought about it.  Then the next day, we got a call from Trent, and he said that he was really interested, and wanted to learn more.  We kinda freaked out.  Okay, we really FREAKED OUT!  Yeah, that was exciting.

Then the next thing while tracting.  We knock on one door, and this lady opens the door.  This is how the conversation went along... Her: " WHAT YOU WANT!" (that was said in black lady's voice) Me trying to sound happy, cause missionaries are ALWAYS happy: "Hi how are you!?" Her: "I SAY WHAT YOU WANT?!"  Me: "Well we are missionaries, and we were wondering if you have ever done your genealogy b...." *cuts me off* Her: "I don't want to know about you.  I know about you Mormons. I have a RIFLE!!! GET OUT!"  We left.  I wanted to ask her if she knew how to use it, but I decided that it would be better to live then have her show me that she does know how to use it.  Yeah, that is an example of how I have grown as a person I guess.

But I am still a little kid at heart.   We were biking to dinner, and we saw these two girls jump roping.  I decided that I wanted to challenge them to jump roping.  They accepted our challenge.  Sister M thought I was kidding.  I wasn't.  I really wanted to jump rope, and we were close to 10 mins early for dinner, so we jump roped with them.  I dominated the single rope, and then they killed me in double dutch, yeah, I got shown up by these two 8 year old girls.... Moral of the story, don't challenge people to jump rope, unless you know that you can beat them.  We left, and I told them we were gonna come back, and I was gonna beat them in jump rope.  We have dinner at their house on Tuesday, so I am going to try and redeem myself.  I will let you know how it goes.  I would love a jump rope, and will be searching for one at the dollar store.

We are still biking everywhere, and this past week, it was some days cooler, but it would only last until 11 or so.  Sister M was sick the other day, but she was convinced that she would be alright, so we left the apartment.  Well, she looked super sick, and luckily all of our appointments but one cancelled.  So we went to that one appointment, and came home.  She took a nap, and I updated the Area Book, and the progress record.  She didn't sleep that long, but it did seem to do her good.  I think that we should not sleep outside much longer, so I am sure that once transfers come, we will start sleep inside.  That will be sad, but that will be also good at that same time.

We also had a watermelon eating contest with the Santa-Fe Sisters.  They gave us a formal invitation, and we just laughed cause Sister M (one of the Santa-Fe Sisters) just shoved the watermelon into her face, which caused the water to fall from the melon, and thus resulting in less substance that she would have to eat.  Sister M actually won, and Sister J and I just sat and laughed, and watched them attack their pieces, and then she and I enjoyed them without shoving them down our throats.

Some exciting news that we received today: The Missionary Department, is going to let us watch the movie that is coming out.  Meet the Mormons.  We are excited, and we will watch it instead of having a Zone Conference.  I am super excited, because we will actually see it before it comes out, which is really soon I believe too!
Sad news: A lady in our ward was killed in a car accident, and her family is not doing well because of the news.  Her children actually are all adopted, and so they feel like the one person who loved them is gone.  It is hard because she actually attended one of the other wards cause she interpreted sign language for the deaf, so she was never in our ward.  So it is hard to know what ward needs to do what.  Her funeral is on Monday, and the missionaries from both wards have been asked to help.  Please keep Sister L's family in your prayers.  

I love you all so much! Thank you for the letters! They bring tears of joy to my eyes.  But for reals.  I love them all so much! It lets me know that you all are going about your lives just wonderfully.
Have a great week!!! The Church is true people!!!!!!!!

Well, I must go.  Sorry this email is boring!!!

Sis. J and I actually enjoying our watermelon

Pomegranate Trees.  They are real.  No smell though.  I might just go smell them all up close though, to make sure that they really don't have a smell (Note from Amber's mama - we burn pomegranate candles at our house, hence we "know" what they should smell like)

Me. rocking at Jump Rope.

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