Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Family. Friends. Loved ones....LET IT GO!

Well this week was soooo LONG!!! I thought that it was never gonna end, but there was a happy ending to this week.  I was able to meet Anna and Elsa from FROZEN! Yes, they were in the same room as me, and I was freaking out a little bit.  It wasn't the real ones from the movie, but it was actors, and they had the most perfect voices, and they sang the best songs as well.  They were at a birthday party for our Recent Converts daughters 3rd Birthday.  We were only there to "help out" but they did sing while they were there, so obviously I HAD to get a picture of them.  We also have been having a lot of meetings with the Elders, and that has been to say the least a drag...  But we are finally getting somewhere with our ward, and our work is helping Hasten the Work out here in the Good Ole' Desert.
This past week in our Zone, it was rough.  There was one set of Elders that had it worse than anyone yet so far, and I am so grateful that I didn't have ANY of these things happen to me and Sister M.  They got robbed at gun point, and then they were biking, and their bikes got stolen, and they were locked up, and then their car got towed to Felin, and they had to pay a fine to get it out.  Then a sister in the next zone was riding her bike, and wrecked, and broke both her arms.  She now is walking everywhere, because their area in not a car area, so that has been most unfortunate, but they have been having miracles all over the place, so that is a blessing in disguise.
We did have a miracle of our own this week!
We were biking to a potential investigator that seemed really promising, but then we get there, and he is not home.  We both felt like we needed to go see a Less Active who is never home.  So we biked the 2 miles to her house, and then what do ya know, she is not home.  But her brother Ron answered the door, and he told us, he has been looking for a church that he could join.  We instantly went into talking about the Restoration, and we ended up talking with him for a good 45 mins.  He had lots of questions, and we were able to answer all of them, and he said that he would come to church, and read from the Book of Mormon as well.  I was so happy.  The Spirit really testified to him the things that we were saying were true.  The Spirit was able to help us where we lacked in knowledge.  I know that the Spirit was able to not only teach Ron, but also me as well.  There were so many things that I was opened and enlightened to.  Also, Kathy was planning on moving, but then some family issues occurred, and now she is going to be staying in our ward for at least another month.  What a blessing it is.

On Saturday, we had exchanges.  I normally am not a big fan of them, but they really did help me this time.  I was able to go with Sister H, who is from Mobile, Alabama.  She was companions with Sister C, and she was in my district last 2 transfers.  She is such a great missionary, and I was lucky to go with her, and learn from her experience.  We ate dinner at a Brazilian families house for dinner.  They speak hardly any English, and it was one of the longest dinners I felt like.  There was TONS of food, and I think that I gained 10 lbs just from that meal alone.  While we were there, I had a total Rietz Moment... I spilled Apple Juice ALLLLLL over me...  Luckily I had my bike pants on, so we were able to throw my skirt in the dryer, but poor Sister T thought it was because the chair I was sitting in was slightly broken, but it was just because I am a total clutz.   That was definitely one of the most terrible but delicious dinners that I had been at.
Our recent convert Bob went to the temple on Saturday, and he loved it.  He really understands how important the temple is, and he is working on getting to go through the temple.  He keeps hinting that he needs a wife so they can be sealed, so that is "our responsibility" according to him.  But we haven't done anything for that yet... and we probably never will...
Well next week I will email on Wednesday, because that will be our P-day, cause we get to go to the temple that day.  I am so excited.  I love the temple.
You all are wonderful.  Keep being awesome.  I love all of you!

Week in Review:

1.Funniest things done: Sister H and I were biking home, and then we see a coyote in the road so we biked super fast to it, and then it ran away, and Sister H almost started crying cause she wanted to pet it...
2.Biggest Blessing: We got a car for a day, and that was such a blessing.  The Mojave Sisters didn't need their car, and they had extra miles, so the Zone Leaders said we could have it for 3 hours.  Those 3 hours were some of the best 3 hours on the mission field.
3.Latest project: Finding Bob a Wife.  Stacking wood for an investigator.  She had so much!  It was 3 pieces depth, so that was crazy, and there were lizards all over it, so we had to deal with those.  It was gross, and dirty, but it helped us to get a good relationship with her.
4.Most exciting events: My leg is almost completely healed!!! 6 weeks later!!! Woot-Woot.  Temple Trip on the 10th!!!
5.Favorite game: What did you say? Then proceed to still not understand what was being said.
6.Favorite Foods: Brazilian Rice and Beans
7.Most challenging thing: David is not sure if he wants to be baptized anymore...
8. Simple Pleasures: When little kids are excited to see the "Sisters from Church"
9.Goals: Talk with Everyone.  Work with the Ward more.
10.Biggest smile: When Sister C and I looked at pictures from the MTC.
11.Biggest accomplishment: David quit Smoking.  Kathy is not moving anymore.
12. Worst Food: Warm smashed Pear in my Bag.
13. Amount of Miles Biked: 51.6 miles.
14: Favorite Quote: "ELSAAAAAAA!!!" When Elsa and Anna walked into the Birthday Party.  

We got the car for the day

The wood we stacked

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