Monday, August 25, 2014

Blessings Galore!!

David and Me

Me, Sister M, Sister S

After the water bottle incident

Let the Rain Fall Down.

Walking to the Sisters Apartment. Cause our Shower is Broken.
Dear Family and Friends.
I have such a strong testimony of the power of Prayer.  I know that the Lord is there. I know that He is listening to us.  This past week, I really felt and knew that her was there listening to me.  For those of you who have served missions, or are on a mission now, know that there are days, and weeks where you just feel like the worst missionary in the world.  Well when that happens, PRAY! I really know it works, and know that he will bless you.  All you have to do, is open your mouth and pray to him.

This past week was full of tender mercies.

First Miracle:
On Thursday we got to dinner early.  Like a half hour early.  We figured we could just do planning, because we really needed to do that.  So we are putting our bikes on the fence, and Sister M says that I have to go knock on the door next to our dinner appointment.  I hate knocking doors.  But she said we had to.  So we knocked on this door.  The house looked run down, and there was the Beware of Dog sign in the window.  I knocked on the door, and no response.  We waited a couple awkward moments, and then knocked again.  We hear an older lady yell, "who is it?!" We replied the missionaries, and she opens the door.  Now I was set on getting into her house, cause the worst part was over.  We started talking with her, and then she blurts out, "I was baptized in your church".  Utter shock came over me.  She tells us that she remembers songs from church and starts to hum, There is Sunshine in My Soul Today.  Sister M and I were so excited, and we started to sing it to her.  She was excited that we knew it, and invited us in.  We got talking with her, and she told us that she and her husband had been kidnapped from their home awhile ago, and that they had just returned home.  Apparently a lady told them to get in their car, so they got in the car.  FIRST RULE: DON'T GET IN THE CAR!!! She drove them for a long time, and then dropped them off in front of a hospital.  That is where the story doesn't add up.  They kept them at this "hospital" for 3 months.  Anyways, this is where it gets CRAZY!  She yells to her husband, "John! Come meet these two ladies from church".  Out walks this old man, and he is so cool!!! He has 5 teeth in the top of his mouth, and he walks with a cane, and you can tell that his health is not the best.  Anyways, we started talking about the Book of Mormon, because he is not a member, and he tells us that he will read the Chapter that we assigned him, and then he will pray about it.  I asked him if he knew it was true if he would be baptized, and he said that he would not see why not.  So we said, So you will be baptized, and he said of course.  We were so excited! We know that Emma is not all there mentally, but we know that John is all there.  He was not really agreeing with Emma about being kidnapped, he said that the people in the Hospital helped him recover from a fall that he had where he hurt his hip.  But we have a return appointment, and he knows so much about the Church it is crazy.

Second Miracle:
Elder Russell M. Nelson came and spoke to all 207 missionaries in our mission.  It was so amazing to meet him, and shake his hand.  You could feel the Spirit so strong when he was there.  He spoke about things that I had been praying about, and really worried about.  He talked about how we need to represent Christ even when we take the name tags off at the end of our mission.  He talked about Being Exactly Obedient, and doing all that we can to help those around us.  He talked about how in the next life, Heart Surgeons, Morticians, and Beauticians will be out of business.  This made me laugh super hard, cause he said "good thing I'm not a heart surgeon".  (Note from Amber's mom - Before Elder Nelson was called to the Quorum of the Twelve, which is a lifelong calling, he was a heart surgeon.)   He also talked about marriage.  It was super awkward.  All of us were like uhhh... awkward.... He told us that he wasn't planning on talking about it, but someone asked a question about it, so he talked for like 30 mins on marriage.  He pretty much told the Sisters, that if anyone was planning on getting married right when they got back, or they had a worthy person waiting at home, to just go home now, and start their family.  Sister M and I both laughed cause there are a few sisters that we know that might be gone in 6 weeks to go home.  When we were writing our emails to President, she and I were joking that we should tell him to send us home so we can get married.  We were also thinking of all the emails that President H is going to get telling him that they need to go home...  Poor President.

Third Miracle:
He (Elder Russell M. Nelson) gave all of the Missionaries an Apostolic Blessing.  It was one of the most amazing things that I have ever experienced.  It was crazy.  He blessed all of us to Feast on the Words of Christ.  He blessed us and said, for those of you who are injured with quick healing, and strength, and good health.  He blessed us to love President and Sister H.  He blessed us to love the people we serve.  He blessed us to be missionaries to all those around us when we return home.  It was amazing.  I felt the Spirit so much, and he said other things that were bothering other missionaries in our zone.  It was amazing.  That really is all I can say about it.

Fourth Miracle:
Sister M and I have at least one more transfer together.  We will be together till October 6th, and then she will probably be transferred.  The Lord really did answer our prayers.  We are also super excited, because this means that we have 6 more weeks sleeping outside on our balcony! WOOT-WOOT!!!

Fifth Miracle:
David was not going to be baptized because he didn't want to pay tithing.  But we have been praying super hard for him to know that the Lord will give him blessings for paying tithing.  Well, we met with him on Saturday.  We talked about tithing again, and he told us he was willing to pay it! I probably died a little inside, and then freaked out.  We are so excited for him! He is almost done smoking.  He is only smoking one cigarette a day.  He told us that he is ready to be done smoking this "cancer stick" and proceeded to pretend to throw a cigarette on the ground.  We are planning his baptism for the 13th of September.  That way he can make sure that he has enough money to pay tithing fully.  It was an amazing spiritual experience.  One that I wish all could experience.

Sixth Miracle:
We received Rain.  Not just a little sprinkle, but enough that they were worried about flooding.  It was so awesome.  The Rain clouds came really fast too! "Luckily" we were in an appointment, and didn't really get all that wet.  When we were going into the appointment it was kinda raining, so obviously we took pictures cause rain is so rare here in August.  They said the August heat isn't here yet, but they aren't out biking out in it.

Anyways, other things that happened this week:

Our Shower Broke, so we had to walk 20 mins to the nearest sisters, and use their shower.  Walking in sand is No Bueno, unless you have awesome rain boots like mine that a member insisted that I have, because she learned I love rain boots.
I met Sister S who trained Sister M.  She is from the Philippines, and is hilarious.
Sister M decided that she was going to dump a water bottle on me, right before we had a meeting that we needed to be going to.
Sister M pulled a kids tooth out.  It was literally hanging there, and she had to barely pull it out.  It was crazy.  He now tells everyone the missionaries pulled his tooth out.  I didn't do anything, but that is okay, I don't mind taking credit for these things. ;)
Sister O left us to go home to St. George.  She is going to be helping out at the run you are doing Alli, keep an eye out for her! She said she will be looking for you!

Week in Review:

1.Funniest things done: Sister M and I have these moments where we go crazy, well transfer calls came late on Saturday, and we were walking to a members house, when we got the call.  When we found out that we were staying together, we both started jumping up and down, freaking out.  Typical Girls.  All of that happened in the middle of the street.  Hopefully since it was SUPER dark, no one saw us.

Second Funniest thing done, we found this gross HUGE bug, and we put it in a cup and froze it.  Well we found it when we were on the phone with our District Leader, so we decided that since he was leaving, that it should go in his journal, so after we signed his journal, we taped it in there all nice and tight.  It isn't going anywhere.  Elder B will probably hate us, but it was the best!

2.Biggest Blessing: Answers to Prayers. The Blessing from Elder Nelson.

3.Latest project: Not being trained anymore, and knowing that M and I are both Senior Companions together.

4.Most exciting events: Elder Nelson coming.  M and I staying together.

5.Favorite game: What Bugs are dead on our balcony today?

6.Favorite Foods: Brownie Truffle.  Green Tomato Salsa.

7.Most challenging thing: Knowing that Kathy is moving, and we won't be working with her anymore.

8. Simple Pleasures: Bug Spray.  The person that invented Bug Spray might just be on the top of my list of Heroes...

9.Goals: Eat Healthier.  Get 1 New Investigator. Bike 54 miles.

10.Biggest smile: Meeting Elder Nelson.  Charlie telling us he wants to get rid of his Cancer Stick.

11.Biggest accomplishment: Biking up the Giant Mean Hill on Jenkins street.  Google Maps it.  Jenkins and Danbury are the cross streets at the top of the hill.  Yeah, we biked that.

12. Worst Food: The Green Smoothie I made.  I wanted to pass out.  Too much Spinach.
13. Amount of Miles Biked: 46.51 miles.
14: Favorite Quote:  Us: "David, can we get a picture with you?" David: "Yeah." *stands by himself, I go stand by him, takes picture* David: "So do you want a picture of just me?"

Well, I love you all so much! I hope all of you are doing well! 
I miss all of you, but know that it will be a wonderful day when I get to hug you so much that your intestines squirt out of ya! Haha, sorry that was not missionary like.  
I can't wait till I get to hug all of ya, and feel your spirits.  
Yeah still weird.  I just can't wait to see ya!
Till next week my lovely family, and friends.

Love, Sister Rietz

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