Monday, August 11, 2014

I hate the phone, I love the phone

Hello to everyone around the World! (because my email I realized is going to 3 different continents)
Anyways, let me go off on my Sister Rietz Rant and then I will proceed.  We have a phone that we share so that members, less-actives, investigators, and apparently now 911 can call us.  So yesterday, I had the phone in my bag.  The Phone made a weird beep, and then I realize that the numbers 911 are on the screen.  I quickly hit back, and thought that I had cancelled it in time.  Apparently NOT! As we are riding with the member who's house we ate dinner at, the phone rings.  I answer it, and the lady on the other side proceeds to tell me they had a hangup 911 call from this number.  She asked if we were all okay, and where we were.  We told her that we were fine, and that there was no reason to send police after us.  She didn't seem convinced that we were okay, and she asked a million and a half questions before she knew that we were okay.  We were fine!!! GAH! I have had the phone in my bag like 10 times, and at least 3 times it calls 911.  Oh well, I guess we know that the phone works, but I think that the phone company should not have a button on it that says 911, and if it gets bumped and after 30 seconds there is nothing happening, it will call it.  Annoying but then again it is a blessing to someone I am sure, just not Sister M and I.

This past week was full of meetings!  We had Zone Meeting, and then we also had Zone Conference.  I loved both of them.  They were full of things that we were trying to work on.  I am so grateful that the trainings were given to show how much improvement there can be in my life as a missionary, and as a member-missionary in a long time.
There were so many good quotes, and these are a few of my favorite ones:
  • "Things that take longer to grow, live longer."- Boyd K. Packer
    • This was in regards to some less-actives and investigators taking longer to accept the Gospel, and want and have the desire to Follow Christ.
  • "The Gospel doesn't change the reality of life.  It changes our perspective."-Pres. H
    • People can live in the same exact circumstance, but one might have more hope, love, and positive outlook than others because of the knowledge they have from the Gospel.
  • "Unoccupied minds, are workshops of the devil."-Elder L
    • We need to be focused WHY we are on a mission, and not let our minds ever be unoccupied, because that is when the devil works on us.
  • "Unless you know someone's name and face, you cannot know their hearts."-Unknown
  • "People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care."-Unknown
    • Both of these quotes are about how important it is to remember those that we meet on the street, at church, and all the others that we interact with.
  • "Faith is not us working harder, but us believing more."-Pres. H
    • We all can have more Faith, and believe in the Faith that we have.
These were all things that I really needed to hear, and they are all so true.  I loved Zone Conference, and wish that there was another one soon.  They come every other or every couple of transfers.  While we were at Zone Conference, Sister H, was asking me how my leg was, and she seemed worried about the way it was looking, so she said that she would talk with Pres. H, and see what she can do.  I really hope that he doesn't transfer Sister M and I.  That would make me Sad! I really love the area that I am in, and I would be so scared that my new companion wouldn't be able to ride a bike.  I am in some of the best shape of my life, although the scale seems to differ.  Haha, but for reals I am used to the elevation, and the heat now.  We don't even use our A/C anymore.  We are hot, but the air feels just as good outside as it does inside, so we just open the windows and the balcony door, and let the good ole' hot High Desert wind blow in.  The air and sweat makes for a homemade A/C.  Gross, but so true.  
Everyone at Zone Conference were judging our zone because 2 Elders are on crutches, I had the bandage on my leg, and then another Elder pulled something in his leg, so there were limping Elders and then me who has zero limp, all around.  Everyone and their dog seemed to know.  Apparently the news about Sister M stitching my leg got around to the other Zones in the High Desert.  They were talking about Car Safety, and how we need to make sure to report tickets, and accidents to the car coordinator.  He just had to add in that Sister D was going to make him also add in "Bike Safety" because Hesperia A Zone was falling off their bikes left and right.  I didn't even have an accident, I just cut it on my bike, and it required stitches. 

Speaking of bikes, we didn't bike that much this week.  I think that we biked 45ish miles.  It all just seems to blend together now, how often we bike.  There were no days that were cloudy, or overcast, but we had a lot of service projects inside so that was nice to be out of the Sun.  We painted a ladies house, and I am now a "professional painter" according to her.  I would not hire me to paint, but whatever, we can't deny service.  We painted our names on the wall, and had to quickly paint over them before Julie saw them.  Julie paid us by giving us a facial.  She is a make up consultant, but that make up and my face hate each other.  I looked like a painted doll.  It also took too much work to make myself look like it was a natural look.  I think that I will stick with my natural look, and not go through the hour of torture.  I have so much respect for those women that do their make-up perfectly everyday. Kudos to you.  
Moon and I also wanted to have a secret weapon for when we play the J's in tennis in the mornings.  We found these awesome shirts, and we had faith that these shirts would help us win.  We needed more faith, because they destroyed us, 1-6, 0-6.  I still love tennis, and we will win one of these times.  We won a week ago, and then that must have been our peak, because we are on a fast downhill to Loserville.

We are still working with David, and we are so excited for him.  He has almost conquered his Word of Wisdom issues, and he loves to go to Addiction Recovery, and is so excited for the time that he will be all done, and able to be a member.  At times I think that we should just drop him, because he talks about tons of nonsense, and then he will be spot on with the questions that we ask him.  These past few lessons, he has been pretty much teaching us the lessons because he has had them so many times, and tomorrow we are going to start going over the baptismal questions.  I am so excited, and am praying that I don't get transferred before the 6th of September.  I would be so sad, and hope that President H would let me come back for his Baptism.  Kathy is having a really hard time.  In my interview on Tuesday with President, I asked him what to do, and he said that we will know what we need to do, but the answer will come to us at the correct time, and right now might not be the correct time.  That is not exactly what I wanted to hear, but I know that it is true.  She is back to smoking a ton, and it has been hard to help her stop.  Sister M and I were both praying about what to do, and we both got the impression to drop her, if she can't keep her commitments that we made with her.  She has been keeping them so far, and so that means we can still meet with her.  We had two investigators drop us, but they have dropped us before, so we didn't feel too upset about it.  But we did get a new investigator on Tuesday Night.  His name is Wayne, and I think that he was drunk or high when we talked with him, but he had to many questions, and we were able to clear up some things that he thought we believed.  We also learned that he is Best Friends with our other investigator, so they want to have lessons together.  We have one with them tonight and they have been reading from the Book of Mormon, so I am hoping they have questions so that we can help them come to understand the truth of it.  

I love all of you so much! Sorry this email is kinda super boring.  But it was a kinda super boring week.  Transfers are in two weeks, and there is a rock in my gut telling me that Sister M will be leaving me.  She has that feeling too, so pray that we will be together at least one more transfer.  I love the Gospel.  I love Jesus Christ, and know that I can never fully repay him, but that we must do all we can to show how grateful we are.  I love Hesperia, and all the crazy people that are in this City.  I hope all of you are having a great week!  Good Luck to Trev and Kristin in their Soccer Tryouts.  You will rock it!!! Lewiston and Walla Walla clan, get oxygen masks, so that you can breath not smokey air.  I love all of you, and love getting your emails, and letters, and packages.  Thanks for all of them! They make my day! Literally!!
Stay Sweet!

Love, Sister Rietz
Sister M and I in our Awesome Shirts!

Painting our Names like Rebels on Julie's wall

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