Monday, August 18, 2014

Around Hesperia in 80 days

Well, I have been in Hesperia, Ca for around 80 Days.  Makes me think of the movie around the World in 80 Days.  Anyways, I have been out for 2 and a half months, and it has been great.  There have been some days where I just get super frustrated, and then other days where I am so grateful to be a missionary.

This week was busy, but not with teaching lessons.  We only taught 13 lessons, and normally it is around 20ish.  Since school was starting this past week, many people didn't want to meet with us.  They said that they could meet this week, but already we have had people cancelling for later in the week.  The Lord knows what he is doing so that is the only reason that I am not SUPER frustrated.

There were many meetings and things that we had to plan out for this coming week.  We are starting a ward mission plan, and so that has been taking up much of our time.  We have finally got it to the point that we can present it to the Ward, and I am so scared.  The ward has tried mission plans before, and they have all failed miserably.  Missionaries come and they set up a plan, and then they get transferred, and the plan dies.  We are especially scared, cause transfers are this next week, and Sister M has been here for almost 7 months...  I think that she is a goner, but we are praying and we have faith that all will be okay, and that she and I stay together.  Not to brag, (it is not just us, lots of missionaries have told both of us this) but our area is the hardest biking area, and there are not very many sisters that would be able to do it, so we think that there is a slight chance that we could stay together.  Also, any area after this will not be as hard to bike in, so that is definitely a blessing.

This week was kind of rough.
We had 3 investigators drop us, they were progressing towards baptism too, so that is so sad, but it is what is supposed to be happening I guess. 
David told us after preparing for 3 months to be baptized along with quitting smoking, that he doesn't want to be baptized.  Actually, he wants to be baptized, but not as a member of the church.  Riddle me that.  A miracle did happen with David though.  He received a calling in church today!  I didn't know that they did that, but he is so excited!  When they called his name in Sacrament Meeting, he looked so sharp in his white shirt, with the black shirt under it, with his black pants, and blue tie.  This is the first time that he has worn his whole church outfit at once. He is now in charge of cleaning the building and assigning people to help him.  So we are still going to visit him, and help him realize that being baptized is great, and what he needs to do.  He has already called us, telling us the details of his calling, and making sure that we can be there to help clean this Saturday.  I am so grateful his is taking his new calling seriously.  

Kathy is going to try again to quit smoking.  Her son is also going to, and we are so excited.  We decided that we are not going to stop working with her.  We are going to keep going, and hopefully start teaching the lessons to her son, and daughter-in-law.  Her son got laid-off work, and so we are now going to start seeing him more and more.

Sister M and I are still sleeping outside.  We got eaten alive from the bugs a couple times, and last Monday, I got bit on my eyelid, and it looked like I was punched in the face.  Pretty crazy, but I realized that I am not super worried about what I look like anymore.  Bad I know, but when you bike 10ish miles a day, you don't really care anymore.

This week was really uneventful! Sorry!
Week in Review:
1.Funniest things done: Sister M and I chucked water balloons at two sisters that were walking up to our apartment, and the yard man, Roody saw us...  We missed the sisters, and we had to clean up the popped balloons.  We were dying laughing.
2.Biggest Blessing: Members have been coming with us to our lessons, and people giving us Popsicles while we are out biking in the heat.  Also, not getting sick from every house we eat dinner at.
3.Latest project: Kathy not smoking.  Ward Mission Plan Creation.  Getting my leg to heal.
4.Most exciting events: David getting his calling, Elder Nelson is going to speak to us Saturday, A lady gave us 59 coupons for one free scoop of ice cream per coupon from Baskin Robbins.
5.Favorite game: Who can talk the least when contacting.  It always ends bad.
6.Favorite Foods: Mangos.  Banana Milk.
7.Most challenging thing: Not getting frustrated when people don't keep commitments.
8. Simple Pleasures: The stars at night, when we are sleeping out on our balcony.
9.Goals: Bike 55 miles this week. 
10.Biggest smile: David when he was called as Assistant Building Cleaner. 
11.Biggest accomplishment: Sawing two branches off of a pine tree for a Less-Active.
12. Worst Food: Fried Fish Head with the scales and eyes still in them. I wanted to throw up.
13. Amount of Miles Biked: 48 miles.


0881: C
Love, Sister Rietz

Sister M and I using some of our Baskin-Robbin coupons

These are the branches we killed

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