Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 9 in the field!

Hello to All!  Today is my 2 months out on my mission mark.  Aka my Mission Birthday!  These last 2 months have been going by FAST!

This week was 100X more uneventful than last week.  Nothing really happened.  Oh Mom, the charges on my card for the doctors was because my good ole' leg decided it was gonna be a pain (literally) and get all infected.  I have to check with Sister D, the mission nurse and see if I will get reimbursed because it should have just been 10 dollars with the missionary insurance and our insurance, but I need to check.  You wanna call her for me? Please? That would really help me out, because I don't know what to do.  If not, I can do it... But I don't want to.  Anyways, Sunday one of the stitches popped out, and then Thursday it was really infected, and the day before the second stitch popped out, so the only stitch in place was the one Sister M put in.  So Thursday, we spent 5 hours in the doctor's office waiting for her to only talk with us for 5ish mins.

This week has been rough on the missionaries serving in the High Desert.  One of the Elders swerved to miss a car that didn't see him, and he slid across the road.  They are waiting to see if the hip is broken or not, and they have to wait for the swelling to go down.  If it is broken, then he has to go home, have surgery, and then recover before he would be able to have the possibility to come back out.  Then another Elder can't walk because of something that is wrong with his leg.  He has not been able to walk, and so we don't know what is going to happen to him.  Then another Sister got attacked by a dog while out tracting.  She is doing good, but it makes us scared of dogs of all size.  

Monday was Sister M's 6 month mark, so she burned a scarf.  It was an adventure, and we also had been working with a Recent Convert in making a 3-D puzzle of the Capital Building.  Let's just say that the Capital building also was burned with the scarf.  That night we smelled like smoke, so we decided to sleep out on the balcony with our beds.  We have been now sleeping outside for the past week except on Thursday night we were on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders, and we had to sleep inside cause we didn't think they would like sleeping outside.  We also came to find out that there are mosquitoes, but they are only out at night.  They really like our faces, and arms, and the bottoms of our feet.  It is no bueno.  But it is totally worth it.  Last night, (8/3/14) we decided we were gonna beat the bugs, and we bundled up in our sweats, long socks, and sweatshirts.  It was cold last night, okay not super cold, like 63 degrees, and we were grateful we were bundled up, and no bugs got me, three got Sister M's face.

Tuesday we helped a lady clean out one of her rooms.  It was gross.  I was really grateful Mom would make us do Saturday Chores back home, cause I wanted to ask her how she lived in that mess! But I didn't.  I guess I will ask Heavenly Father that in the next life.  Anyways.  That room had some treasures.  I am not even kidding either.  There were things from the 60's in there.  Alli, you would have been dying because of some of the clothing that was in there.  It was right up your alley.  (pun intended) (okay, I know that I am the only one laughing.)  Anyways, she had this super weird doll.  I was joking around and there is a youtube video that says, "...and I threw it on the ground..."  Well let's just say that she did not think that was funny.  She proceeded to tell me, that this doll I was jokingly "throwing on the ground" was worth more than $3,000.  I'm sure my face was utter disbelief.  I was holding a $3,000 porcelain doll in my lap...  It was also supposed to represent an 18 month old baby.  It was not a good representation.  But there are lots of people that want this doll, and she said many people would pay good money for it.  I would never pay money for that doll.  But whatever floats your boat right?  She did have this super cool doll that was really falling apart.  It was cracked everywhere, and she wouldn't let me touch it.  I will touch that doll before I leave, it is on my list of things to do.  She did give me a cool sweatshirt that was hard for her to part with.  Her husband was happy that I took it, because she was to get rid of it, or give it to me.  She gave it to me.  I love it, and have worn it many times.  It will be perfect for the Rexburg Weather.

Speaking of weather!  It rained all day Saturday.  Not like little spits of rain, or anything like that.  It rained that we got worried about flooding.  When it rains here, there is not a lot of time for the rain to soak into the ground, so it just runs.  It goes everywhere!  There are many places up in our area that if it rained really hard again, that we would not be able to get to certain parts of our area because of flooding.  Crazy!!!  There also have been wonderful skies that we are able to fall asleep looking at.  I am now a pro at locating the Big Dipper, and am searching for the Milky Way.  That Girls Camp Star Activity is now coming in handy, finally!

We played tennis this morning, and we woke up at 5:30.  I might want, when I get off the mission, to stick with this sleep schedule, and occasionally wake up at 5:30, because then 6:30 seems like sleeping in.  We were worried that my leg would split open, but it puts the same amount of pressure on it as does biking, so it was fine.  I really love to go play tennis, and miss playing everyday after school.  We also finally beat Bro. and Sis. J.  It was a wonderful day.  They always beat us up really bad, but today we creamed them, and it was hilarious because Bro. J had to go to work, but he wanted to keep playing so they would win the 2nd set, but Sis J said that they had to go, so that her husband didn't lose his job.  He works with his brothers in a dentist office.  They all own it, and are their own bosses.  Moral of the Story: Only he could fire himself.

This week there are meeting galore! President is coming to the High Desert, and we have a meeting with him tomorrow, and Wednesday.  Then Wednesday we have interviews with him.  Hopefully he sees that Sister M and I need to stay together for at least one more transfer. 

I know that there is a Heavenly Father who loves us.  I know that He is there, and answers our prayers.  I know that He wants us to talk with Him.  I know that we receive blessings when we are obedient.  I am so grateful for the Gospel.  I love it! I would not want to be a member of any other Church! I love Hesperia, and am surprised every time I catch myself saying that!
Have a Great Week!
Sister M's ceremonial 6-month scarf burning.  (Note from the mama - do you think they even noticed that big dry bush behind them???)

Sister Rietz in her "outdoor bedroom"

The unbelievably valuable doll.

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