Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

1.Funniest things done: Well we got chewed out this morning by a nice mentally challenged man.  He thought that we were trying to steal his washing machine, and so it was interesting trying to explain to him that we were just using a different one and he did not want to hear that.  So then he told us to leave, or he was going to call the Cops.  That is when it got interesting. He yelled at us, "I am trying to do my laundry! Leave me alone!" hahaha, and of course we left him alone. Then he yelled at everyone that came in, except the Elders.  I have no idea why they were spared the yelling. But then we all left while it was in the dryer.  When we came back he was still there.  He not only yelled at us, but he also yelled at this nice woman that asked him to move for a minute.  You meet the most lovely people while doing your laundry in the morning at our apartments.
2.Biggest Blessing: A GPS from the Spanish Sisters.  They were more than willing to let us borrow it, and it has been a LIFE SAVER! Although, I have done more U-turns this week, than I have my entire life.  I am gonna get a cool map, and we are gonna map up the Upland 3rd Ward.
3.Latest project: LEARN THE AREA. Enough Said. We also have a goal of finding 2 new investigators, so please pray that it can happen!
4.Most exciting events: We were able to SKYPE on Sunday with the familia! It was so great, and I can testify to everyone that our laughs are still all the same, and have not changed at all.  Although Trev, Kristin, and Carter all look so much older! Crazy how just 5 months can change the way someone looks.
5. Favorite Game: Who is Who? We are trying to learn names really quickly, and so far I have pretty much none down... So that was fun at church, and the Members were telling us who was feeding us, and so when the door opens at their houses, we will be able to put a name with a face into our memory.
6.Favorite Foods: We had Satin, which is imitation meat.  That is not my favorite, but it was still pretty good. I would not recommend eating it, unless you absolutely have to!
7.Most challenging thing: Never knowing if the Elders are giving actual people to go see, or if they are just setting us up for failure.  This is what I get for pranking them, and convincing them I was going home.  So far they have sent us to go see someone with schizophrenia, and that was such an adventure... But Tom is really cool and there are a couple Less-Actives that live there, so we considered it a blessing in disguise.
8. Simple Pleasures: Rain.  Overlooking Upland with all the lights. Technology and Seeing Carter running around their apartment. Getting the knowledge that Sister N has all 4 dots needed to get her VISA!!! WOOT-WOOT!!!

9.Goals: Learn the Area.  Use a Map more and prove to the Brother in Laws that I don't need a $150 GPS, and that a $3 map is my new BFF!
10.Biggest smile: When Sister T told us that she talked with mom, and that "your mum is a lovely lady, you are lucky to have her as a mum." and I just knew that she was 100% correct!!!
11.Biggest accomplishment: We went and got frozen yogurt with the one an only Sister V. she is this crazy psycho sister that was constantly getting chocked in the car, and we got to meet up and eat frozen yogurt with her and her new companion. It was an accomplishment, because we ate super healthy at the frozen yogurt place! One point for us on the healthy scale!!!
12: Favorite Quote: "We don't care if they have a problem with the Word of Wisdom, JUST GET THEM TO CHURCH!"- Bishop
I love you all so much, and am so grateful for all the mothers that have been in my life, but I am most grateful for my mom.  She is a wonder woman.  If you have met her, consider yourself lucky! If you haven't, let me know, and I will get you in contact with her.  She is the best woman in the world, and I am not even biased or anything! Have a great week! Till Next Week! 
In the car with Sis. S

Waiting for the sunrise on a cloudy day

No sister missionaries were injured in the staging of this or the following picture. 

Missionary style Mother's Day greeting

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