Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New Area. New Beginnings. Driving a Car

1.Funniest things done: We played a joke on all the missionaries that we are serving around.  We convinced them that I was getting sent home.  The best was when an Elder found out, and he thought that it was serious, and we convinced him for 10 mins that it was really happening.  He was so confused cause there was a sister that went home awhile ago because she was sick, and he couldn't figure out that it was happening again.  It was pretty funny, but also not that funny cause there is an elder that wrecked on his bike, and got a concussion and is now going home. (not because of the concussion, but because his 2 years are finished).  Everyone in the zone told me to watch my back cause he is going to get me back, but pranks are not always allowed so we shall see.  I will keep all of you updated.
2.Biggest Blessing: Staying in Upland.  It is a weird feeling, because I am getting transferred to the ward right by the 2nd ward, but I am really grateful because I will still be able to see members at Stake things.  I also am so grateful for wardmates.  They are the best! This last week there was a nasty flu going around, and for once in the last 6 months I was not the only sick person.  Everyone got it, and there was a time when an elder and a sister were both getting sick in the bathroom at the same time.  Talk about ward mate bonding time.  Today the Elders called and sang God be with You till We Meet Again.  They are so hilarious, and we decided they are going to start a band when they go home.
3.Latest project: Learning about a new ward! I am actually really excited! It should be really good! We have no investigators, so please join Sister S and myself in praying for people to teach.  This area is what they call a dead area, and we have the goal to build it up this transfer.
4.Most exciting events: I got a new companion, and now we are in the richer part of Upland.  I am not sure how I feel about that, but I do know that this is where I am supossed to be and the Gospel is true no matter where you are at right? Sister N is staying in Upland 2nd, and I know that she will do a good job! That ward was/is so great! I gotta stop being so attached to wards.  It makes it seem like I am saying goodbye to my family all over again, but that is a plus about serving in good ole sunny California: I can come visit a lot!
5. Favorite Game: Guessing transfers.  That is always the favorite game on week 6.  Imagine it like being March Madness Brackets.  We pair people up in wards, and then we see who was closest.  I was WAY off this last time.  Going to the Upland 3rd Ward was an eye opener.
6.Favorite Foods: Campria Salad? haha, okay I don't know how to spell it... but it's tomato and then cheese, and then basil.  SO GOOD!!!! I loved it.  and now I wanna make it all the time! or Homemade Pizza, that was way good!
7.Most challenging thing: Going into an area with a new companion, and neither one of you have ever served there before.  BUT, the Lord wants us there, and we already have a game plan of what is going to happen.  So, I am not too worried, but I am worried.
8. Simple Pleasures: Getting FREE ice cream while at the Chaffey College setting up the "talk with missionaries" booth.  Seeing Sister M and Sister T! They both were at transfer meeting!!! Sister M and I are now serving around each other! She is in the other really really really rich ward and they got whitewashed in as well, so it's going to be a party for all of us!

9.Goals: Be confident Whitewashing.  Not crash the Car. Have more Faith and Trust in the Lord.
10.Biggest smile: When we were sitting in Sacrament Meeting and Sister H started doing an Ode to Me, and then mid story she switched topics and started talking about how much she loved her husband.  It was great! And really funny! Everyone was like what the heck!?
11.Biggest accomplishment: I guess when the members were telling my goodbye and everyone was sad to see me leave.  I guess that means I left a good impression on them? ahaha, okay that was selfish, I know training was really really hard but it was the stretching and the growth that I needed to be the missionary that I am now.
12: Favorite Quote: "Hey Sister Rietz-y deep down you like my mustache."-remain un-named... It was an awkward, but hilarious conversation with them.

Well I got to get going, but I love you all! I love the Gospel, and I do not love driving a car.  I hope everyone has a good mothers day! I know I will, cause 1. my mission daughter is around me, and 2. I GET TO SEE MY FAMILY!!! WOOT-WOOT!!!

My new comp, Sister S

LOVE, Sister Rietz
Last week in the ward


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