Monday, April 27, 2015

Vampires, Zone Conference, Upland Beautification Project

1.Funniest things done: This last week I met a vampire.  Her name was Mary.  She took my blood.  She was really nice.  She is going to be the person that determines my fate as a missionary.  Okay just kidding, but when she brought out the needle to take my blood, there was this little boy sitting in the chair next to me, and  his face just got white and I knew he was going to freak.  I just smiled at him, and then he just got wide-eyed, and looked like he was going to pass out.  He asked if it hurt, and I told him nope.  But I lied.  Yes, I lied to a little boy.  It hurt like the dickens, cause she had to dig.  But Mary knows what is up, and I didn't even get a big bruise.  So three cheers for Mary.
2.Biggest Blessing: Having an awesome Zone.  Everyone has been praying that I would be okay, and then the Spanish Sisters told me they fasted that I would be alright.  This Zone is amazing, and I love every member of it.  That normally doesn't happen for me, I normally have a problem with at least one missionary.  But it is not because of who they are, it is just because i have short comings.
3.Latest project: Prepare for transfers.  They are this next week, and I have no idea if I am staying, or if I am going.  I have been in Upland for 6 months almost, and that is a long time.  I could be here for longer though because of doctors, and I just became companions with Sister N.  But the Lord always has a different plan for us than what we plan.  So I am just trying to make sure that Sister N knows the area, the area book, our investigators, the 15 names list, and that I have 100% confidence in her that she can do it if I leave.
4.Most exciting events: I GOT TO SEE SISTER T!!! We had Zone Conference on Thursday, and since Rancho is her zone, and the building we were at is in Rancho she just so happened to be there.  It was great! I loved seeing her, and there may or may not have been some tears that fell from our eyes.  I also got to see Sister M! I was in heaven seeing as those are the only companions that I have had that are still out on their missions.  Sister and President H were making jokes about the 3 of us, and we told President that we know what our "transfer doctrine" (what happens at transfers) is.  He told us that when he is asked for something he does what Elder Bednar taught him.  Go the complete opposite way.  So I have a feeling Sister M, Sister T and I will never serve around each other again.  haha, but it was worth a shot telling him.
5. Favorite Game: I got in a pretty intense staring contest with this little Indian girl in the doctors office.  I lost.  She was good. Too good. She probably had glass eyes or something.  She never blinked!
6.Favorite Foods: We ate Tongan food at Zone Conference.  It was really good, but unfortunately we are not all up to eating the amounts of food that the Tongans were dishing up.
7.Most challenging thing: Working in Upland for the Upland Beautification Project.  We were spreading Mulch, and painting buildings in this housing district.  It was amazing to see the families that lived there come out and really help us.  They were so humbled that we wanted to help make their duplex look better.  I am now friends with a boy named Joey, and a girl named Denaja.  They are so cool, and we were able to spread mulch like complete champions.  They were a crack up too. They told me a white girl like me really works hard.  They seemed surprised.
8. Simple Pleasures: See above.

9.Goals: Have more faith.  Have more Compassion.
10.Biggest smile: I saw a tennis court that was not locked up! Normally the ones we pass have locks on them, but because someone forgot to lock it, I was able to connect with Trevor cause he is in Boise playing tennis.  I prayed on the court that you would do good Trev!
11.Biggest accomplishment: Not passing out on the table while getting my blood taken.
12: Favorite Quote: "You are like a mule.  A straight up mule.  Except you are white, and mules are black." -Denaja my friend who is totally awesome!

I love you all, and am so stoked to skype on the 10th! I hope everyone had a (not sure what she meant to put.  The sentence stops short at "a". - The Mama)
Tennis court love<3

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