Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Obedience brings blessings...then floods

This last week was CRAZY! Seriously, we have been raising our level of obedience, and blessing came flowing in. And then our Kitchen Flooded. TWICE. We got kicked out of 4 homes. We are now singing at a Missionary Homecoming. We are in a Talent Show. We got Stuck in the Mud. 
1.Funniest Thing Done: We got home the other night, and something was different about our apartment.  There was not anything different besides the fact that there was a HUGE hole where our dishwasher used to be.  Our landlord came and got it, and left us the note telling us to not use any HOT water.  So we thought that we would be smart and heat up some coldish water, and then we could wash the dishes that we needed.  We put it in pans, heated it up on the stove, then were about to wash our dishes, we realized that we were both stepping in water, and it was spreading more and more. So we did some detective work, and realized that the plug/knob was not turned all the way off. So we turned it off, and finished dinner really quickly, and then we realized that water was still coming out and flooded the under sink area and went onto the floor again. We then stopped and cleaned up as much as we could. Since we only had one small hand towel we asked the elders if they had any extra towels that we could borrow. They said yes and gave them to us. They did mention to us as we got the towels from them that they were dirty. Gross. So we cleaned up the rest and went to bed. The next morning we realized we still have all of the water that we were heating up in the pots. (we had turned off the stove when the kitchen started flooding the first time). We put it down the drain thinking nothing of it. And then the floods cameagain. We missed ward council completely and were a few minutes late to church because of it. To wrap up the first adventure: we have no dishwasher, can't use the sink, and all of our dishes are dirty. If the dishwasher doesn't come back tonight we might have to become very inventive to clean our dishes. I am thinking that the shower/bathtub might be the next best place...
Then: We got stuck in mud for a minute. or a couple... Almost had to call the elders to come pull us out. So glad we were able to grab traction and get out because we would of never heard the end of it.  We have come to the conclusion that our little Corolla and mud do not mix well.  So glad that I didn't have to get out and push... That would have been the worst. 
2.Biggest Blessing or Miracle:We met with our investigator Oneida and talked about baptism. We asked her to be baptized on August 22 and she said that she would if her boys were here.  (they were in the system) We promised that if she worked towards this baptism date she would get her boys back sooner than she thinks. The elders then had dinner at her house that night (which we didn't find out about till later) and promised her the same thing! Then we get a text the next day from Oneida saying that she has her boys back! We were so ecstatic!! Seriously, it was such a miracle and we all knew it!!! Blessings come from those promising blessings which we promise to others. So amazing to know that Heavenly Father is just waiting for us to open our mouths so that people can act and receive those blessings! She also texted us on Sunday morning to bring a Book of Mormon for each of her boys!!  
3.Exciting Events:  After we saw Oneida on Thursday we went and tried a potential/former investigator who had met with some sister missionaries a year ago, moved to the Bay area and then moved back two weeks ago. We met with her and she expressed how much she missed church and meeting with the missionaries. We got onto the subject of baptism and asked her to be baptized on August 8. She said yes! So amazing! We set two baptism dates in just a few hours! We were so happy! This was definitely a moment where we saw Heavenly Father opening the windows of Heaven, and pouring down the blessings.
4.Favorite Game: Not really sure.... Sorry.
5.Favorite Food: BBQ Sandwiches.  They were so good! Homemade Bread, and home grown animals...
6.Most Challenging Thing:  This last week we went to go see a less active and to go say hi.  She was in the shower but her daughter invites us in to wait for her mom to get dressed. After ten minutes of waiting the less active tells her daughter to ask us to leave and come back later. When we did come back a few days later she was completely out of it and got mad at us and the member we had brought with us. She said that we embarrassed her by reading scriptures that she didn't understand and bringing someone to see her.  She could not understand what we were talking about she said that we crossed the line.  We felt so bad for the lady that we brought with us.  She was so excited, and we just hope that this experience didn't dampen her missionary desire. This Less Active is usually very nice and had asked us to bring people in the past but, it was the worst. Easily the worst lesson we ever had.
Then: We have been helping a drunk lady get sober and she was walking around without any pants.... or underwear.... Yeah fun memory right. NOT! We were like, “ You need pants on!” She was so out of it, that she didn't know that she was flashing the world. Sorry to put that picture in everyone's head.  We are just really stuck as to what to do to help her.  She says so many times that she wants to change, but then when it comes down to actually changing, she won't do it.  I hate that she is always saying one thing to us, and then telling something different to her Visiting Teacher, and then something even more different to her Husband.  So frustrating.  One day she will get over this.  I just hope that she doesn't get hurt.  Alcohol does terrible things to people.  DON'T DRINK! Please, it is the worst.  It does terrible things to people.  It messes with people, and they do STUPID, STUPID things.
7.Simple Pleasures: I MILKED A GOAT!!! The members we had dinner with had a goat, and when we asked if there was anything we could do, they told us to milk the goat.  It was awesome!  I also got to go be with Sister C for a day, she was my STL, and I went on Exchanges with her.  It was so great!
8.Goals: Meet with all of our Investigators this week!
9.Biggest Smile: When we set a Baptismal date with Oneida, and then one with Brenda a couple hours later.  It was awesome!
10.Biggest Accomplishment: Getting 2 new Investigators, Setting 2 Baptismal Dates, and Flooding our House 2 times.  Apparently all good things come in 2's. 
11.Favorite Scripture Story Studied: Captain Moroni.  He is such an amazing example.  He led an army when he was just a little lad himself.  He must have been really really respected if people were willing to listen to him.  
12.Favorite Quote: "Sorry the only mail we have it a bill for you... Wait, it really is a bill! I am so sorry sister!"-Elder Dreher

Well have a great week! Be safe! Remember who you are! Don't Procrastinate the day of your Repentance! I love all of you so much! I am so grateful for towels, the Atonement, and pickles.  Not sure in that order though! 
XOXOXO, Sister Rietz
With my MTC buddy, Sister C

Hanging with the goats

Mystery solved. (From Amber's mama - I couldn't figure out how to rotate this picture.  My apologies to your neck.)

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