Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I love going to the PARK! and using a machete

1.Funniest Thing Done: I learned how to use a machete. That was not funny but the woman was laughing at me, because "you is a white girl, using a brown woman's tool." I am now a pro, and we cut down SO many weeds.  I am amazed at how just a simple blade changed so many people's lives.  Can you imagine what it would have been like trying to PULL those weeds out! Holy Cow.  It would have equaled MISERY! I realized this wasn't all that funny, but I think watching me learn how to use it was.
2.Biggest Blessing or Miracle: So I really really like Parks now.  I have realized that we are not stalkers at them.  We like to use the swings, slides, and other features just as much as a 5 year old.  But we were at the park talking with our Relief Society President, and this woman walked by saying "Bye Sisters."  I said, "Bye".  Then our RSP said, How did she know you were sisters!?  I told her I thought that she knew her, because when we got there they were talking.  Turns out they don't know each other.  So then we are sitting there, and you know when the Spirit is like, DON'T JUST SIT THERE!!! GO TALK WITH HER! yeah, you don't argue with that.  I jumped up, and saw the woman getting into her car, I yelled, "Excuse me!" and ran up to her.  I got talking with her, and she told me that she was a member... I was like dang, not a potential... But then she said, "I haven't been to church in 26 years." WHAT!!!! I was so excited! I asked her life story, got her name, number, and address.  I knew that she didn't live in our area, but that the 1st ward sisters would love it! So she told me that she wanted to meet with Sisters, and I got all her info and everything.  So at this point, I didn't even if she was in the ward list.  We said goodbye, and I was so grateful I had listened to the Spirit.  We called the Sisters that night, and they said there was no woman by her name on their list.  That means we just found a lost member! I love meeting lost members!!! She moved from Mass when she was 16, and she was the only member in her family, so it is amazing that we found her.  What an amazing thing right!!!!
3.Exciting Events: Miguel is being taught by the Elders, and he bore his testimony on Sunday.  It was so good! He talked about how he has hit rock bottom, and this is his only way out of it.  I am so grateful for the role the Atonement is going to play in his life.
5.Favorite Food: Well all we had was Tacos, or Burritos this week. For real, we really only ate Tacos, or Burritos.  But they were really good, so that is a good thing! But one did get us not feeling too good.  I think the meat was a little bad....
6.Most Challenging Thing: Knowing that Transfers are coming up... I hate transfers.  Especially when I am in Upland: the land of amazing people and crazy adventures. It is Zion here!
7.Simple Pleasures: Sun.  Listening to all the kids play on the Basketball Court across our street at night.  Listening to people get beat up. (JUST KIDDING! It is so awkward, and terrible and sad) The cops came and took care of it. So I guess Cops are simple pleasures of keeping us safe.
8.Goals: Find someone to teach in this area. We have one girl that we are hoping to start teaching this week.  Her name is Brittney.  She is 17, and seems really excited to meet with us. And we are EXCITED TOO!!!!
9.Biggest Smile: Steve M got baptized! His brother got the priesthood, and was able to baptize him.  His family is really less active, but Steve is pushing through, and his older brother is following his lead.  Greg is preparing to go on a mission, and is really really exited. Their family is slowly coming back to church! I am so excited, because when I was in the 2nd Ward, I really felt like their family was going to be forever LA, and now they are coming back! Those Elders were able to connect with the Boys, and miracles are happening!
10.Biggest Accomplishment: I feel like I know the Area now.  After 5 weeks of U-turns and feelings of Stress from our map and GPS, I now know how to get places.  I feel so happy!!!
11.Favorite Scripture Story Studied: Jacob 5.  Yeah, it's all about Missionary Work, and grafting in those converts.  I probably am really off, but it all makes sense to me that way.
12.Favorite Quote: "You have a cold right!?"-Sister H "It's going away."-Me "Don't come to my house till it is gone."-Sister H *click* phone call ended.

Well that was our week.  A lot more happened, but I can't even remember it all.  I feel so crazy, and there are so many options with Transfers because I have been in Upland for so long, and yet I have been in this ward for only 5 weeks, so we shall see next week where I am, and Who I am companions with!
I love all of you! I love this church! I love the Gospel! I am so grateful for everything that it includes. Especially that I am able to be able to tell people they can be with God again, that He loves them, and they can be with their families forever.  WHAT AN AWESOME THING!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Sister Rietz

White girl using a brown woman's tool

Missionary antics

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