Monday, June 22, 2015

Popsicles are lifesavers. Cockroaches are evil. People need Jesus.

1.Funniest Thing Done: Oh man, so many funny things have been happening here.  I have gotten really good at killing Cockroaches, and we may or may not be keeping them in a cup to see how many we can collect in a transfer.  I know that it is really really really gross, but you will be amazed at how many we will get.  Who wants to put a bet on how many we get? I am thinking 26... 
2.Biggest Blessing or Miracle: We also had the best time burning a hat with an Investigator.  Her name is Oneida.  She was in a really really really bad relationship and we decided that she just needed to let it all go.  We told her to go get the hat and to get rid of it.  We were sitting outside, and she wanted to really get rid of it.  She decided that she was going to just burn it, and never remember it again.  She got the hat, and let's just say I thought the whole desert was going to catch on fire because of how much lighter fluid she used.
3.Exciting Events: We are scheduled to have a baptism this Saturday.  It is with a 8 year old boy.  He is really cool, except we haven't been able to meet with him this week.  We are also planning a wedding for one of our Investigators and his Girlfriend.  I am interested in how this is all going to go.  I have never helped plan a wedding before.
4.Favorite Game: What ward are we in right now? I have to always guess what ward I am in, and where we were going next.  I am getting so lost, but luckily we have maps up here.  The areas are not as confusing as Upland 3rd was though.  That area was just down right CRAZY!
5.Favorite Food: Well I love finding cat hair in my food.  I am always so amazed at how much hair I find in my food.  A woman told us that whoever finds the hair wins... I am so competitive that I was kinda hoping to find hair in my food.  Hahaha, that is so gross.... But the daughter beat me too it... and the son, so I was just a loser, but also a winner for not getting any hair in my food.
6.Most Challenging Thing: I think that the fact that I am so close to Hesperia, but so far really makes it hard for me.  I really loved the people in that area, and it is so sad that I can't see them.  Kinda like when I was in Upland 3rd and Upland 2nd was RIGHT THERE!!! Also, I have not taken a hot shower in 6 days.... The water that comes out is always so COLD!!! hahaha, I am so spoiled.  But really for some reason there is always just cold water coming out of the shower head.  We have a member that said he would fix it, but he hasn't come over to the house to do it yet.  
7.Simple Pleasures: Seeing people in Apple Valley that were also in Hesperia.  There is one family that is now in the Ranchos Ward and they were in Hesperia.  They were like, SISTER RIETZ! hahaha, How great is that right!?  I love popsicles.   They are so great.  They are that nice refreshing break that you need anytime of the day.  Another simple pleasure are swamp coolers, and hula hoes.  Why in Idaho does no one have a swamp cooler?! They are magical! and Hula Hoes, why do we not call them that.  I mean come on people, we call the bike path the dike, why can't we call a hoe, a hula hoe!?  Those tools work through the sand up here so nicely.
8.Goals: Get Carter baptized.  Get Larry and Rene married on the 3rd of July.  Find more people to teach.  Help Oneida apply the Atonement into her life.
9.Biggest Smile: We were going to visit this family, and when we got there they all looked SO sad.  I realized while talking with the Mom that they had hardly any food in the house.  We called some people, and was able to get the RSP over to take Mary to the store.  When we were leaving, Alan (5) and Lucy (3) were really sad we were leaving.  We told them we were going to go get them food.  When we came back we had a couple bags of groceries.  I saw when we pulled up to their apartment that the 2 kids were waiting at the door.  I wanted to cry.  They looked so excited to see us! They wanted to look through all the bags, and see all the food we brought home.  I told them how much we loved them, and that they would be okay.  I know that Heavenly Father looks out for all of his children.  It was really humbling to see those kids, and the conditions that they are in and how they were trying to deal with it at just 3 and 5 years old.  Those kids are such examples to me.
10.Biggest Accomplishment: Teaching the first investigator lesson that I have taught in 8 weeks.
11.Favorite Scripture Story Studied: King Benjamin telling his people what was up! Mosiah 3!
12.Favorite Quote: "There is a lot of things you can learn from Hannah. I just suggest that you don't take the time to do it."-Sister H about her Granddaughter. 

I love being a missionary.  It is so great! There are so many experiences that I am able to see Heavenly Father really loves all of us.  There is this mormon message everyone should watch.  It is really good.  I think that it really sums up all that our Dads do for us.  I am so grateful for you Dad. You have taught me so many things, and I know that I am the missionary I am because you and mom never gave up on me. 

Well everyone, stay out of the Sun.  It gives you Cancer.  It is supposed to be above 100 all week!!! WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Love you all!
Love, Sister Rietz

Sister H and Me

Sister G and I finally made a cake to celebrate my 1 year mark.  Then we ate A LOT of it.

Welcome to Apple Valley! Land of Sand and Joshua Trees.

The last time I will see Sister M until after our missions.

Only in Apple Valley does one have a GIGANTIC horse in the Cemetery.

Sister G and I

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