Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ivory Coast, Miles lost, Juice on top of it all.

This week has been crazy! We've been seeing miracles and seeing set backs, but the Lord has a plan.  Better, safer, and smarter than ours.
On Tuesday we went to see a family that we'd met through a member in the 3rd ward. They're from the Ivory Coast, and their accents are super cool, but kinda hard to understand sometimes. We only met with the mom Joann B and the 9 year old son James, when we went, but the entire family came to church yesterday!  All 5 of them! We texted everyone in the Ward Council and told them to welcome this family, and guess what, the ward opened their arms right up to them.  Literally, there were hugs all around. The dad Cliff told the men during Priesthood, that he felt like he was home. It was so wonderful, and we're going to try them this week to see if they'd like to start taking the lessons.  We are seriously so excited, and can't wait to see what happens with all of them! I can totally see them being members of the church. We are working on getting them Book of Mormons in French, and how perfect that there is someone in our ward that just returned from his mission in FRANCE!  
1.Funniest things done: I started crying when my bike odometer got wiped.  I think that my battery died, because all of a sudden it was all cleared.  I was really upset but then Sister T said that I always know what the numbers were, and it's true.  I was at 1,337.2 We are buying a new battery, and I can add miles to it, so that is what I am going to have to do.
2.Biggest Blessing: We were helping at a service project feeding homeless people, and I was holding the tray of Orange Juice.  Well I went to give some juice to these 2 guys, when all of a sudden I was watching the juice dump on them.  I felt so bad, but luckily they were really chill about it, and didn't really care.  They said that accidents happen, and then they fist bumped me.  I felt so bad, but they weren't mad at me.  They even told others that it was excitement added to their day.
3.Latest project: Raising Expectations to Find, Teach, and Baptize.  We are really working hard with Candy making sure that all will be good when she gets baptized.  Prayers for her would be awesome!
4.Most exciting events: We had 17 lessons this week.  That is the most that we have had since I have been in this area.  They were mostly family mission plans, and we are excited to see the members reach their goal.
5. Favorite Game: Playing the mini cooper game.  Those of you that have either a yellow car, a bug, or a mini cooper you are missionaries favorites.  
6.Favorite Foods: We had fish last night, and it was so good! We also had roasted cauliflower, which is kinda my favorite.  It is really good!
7.Most challenging thing: When appointments fall through, and they don't give us a reason as to why.
8. Simple Pleasures: 
We had a meeting Thursday night, and a high councilman was talking about missionary work. He said as we take little footsteps forward in faith, Heavenly Father insures that His work gets done. So everyone, start making little steps in sharing the Gospel!
9.Goals: Bike 42 miles this week. Talk with everyone that we see.
10.Biggest smile: Seeing the B family walk into church, because they were 10 mins late.  They came in, and sat right behind us.  They sang all the songs, and really fit in well with the Ward.  Hearing them say they felt like they were home, was the best thing ever.
11.Biggest accomplishment: Reaching over our goal of Less-Actives that we wanted to see this week.  We also had really good lessons with Candy.  She is so close to baptism.  We are all really excited.  And her mom actually wants to meet us! Score one for us!!!
12: Favorite Quote: "Norm is not Normal."

I love this ward, and all the craziness that happens in it.  I love all the experiences I have on my mission.  All the good, and all the bad.  Thanks for all the letters, and emails.  I love them all so much! Continue making those small steps.  They will lead us to bigger and better things!
Love, Sister Rietz

Sorry there are no pictures! Sister T's and my camera are both broken!

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