Monday, March 23, 2015

Baptism. Hula-Hoops. Trainer Call. Wait WHAT?!

1.Funniest things done: It probably was when we were trying to take pictures with the members, and with Candy.  I realized that my camera must think I am Asian, because after every picture, it would ask if someone blinked, and it would always be on my face. Or the funniest thing might be after I got the call that I was going to be training a new missionary, and I may or may not have started crying.  I was so scared, nervous, and kinda in shock about what just happened.  I think Sister T was like what the heck is wrong with you.  When the caller id came up, I saw it was the mission nurses number, so I didn't think anything of it, until I heard that it was the AP's voice.  Then I was like, "wait what?!" "who is this!?" Then I found out I was staying, and I knew with how awesome this ward is, and everything that I would be okay.  And to make it better my new ward mate is going to be Elder R who was my ward mate in Hesperia! It's gonna be a good transfer.
2.Biggest Blessing: I get to be with Sister M for the next two days! I am so excited, and we have already talked a whole bunch! I am so excited to be back with my Mission Momma. Since we are both going to be training, we will be able to see each other at the 4 week meeting too, so I get to see her more and more before she "dies" and goes home in July.  On a mission, I feel like you never know when you are going to see someone again! It's crazy stuff!  Also, seeing Candy get Baptized.  I am so happy I was able to watch her change, and become the awesome member that she is.  
3.Latest project: I am going to be training a new missionary.  I am really nervous and worried that I am going to mess this missionary up, but everyone I have talked with tells me they have confidence that I will be okay.  I think I will be okay, but I am not so sure about my new Greenie.  If anyone has advice on training, LET ME KNOW!  Haha, I am all for advice right now.
4.Most exciting events: Candy was baptized! The Spirit in the Chapel was so STRONG! I thought we could have cut it with a knife.  We showed two videos "Because of Him" and "Christ-like Attributes" and I know that they really brought the Spirit into the room.  Candy didn't want us using notes during our talks, so I took up my scriptures, and my planner, and prayed the Spirit would be able to help me out.  It must have sounded okay, because people told me good job.  Haha, but they also could have just been being nice.  I am seriously just so happy for her. She has built my testimony up so much, and I know that whatever calling she gets, she will just completely rock at it.  I hope every missionary has someone in their mission who is like a Candy.  She read and prayed, and really applied the principles she was taught.  She even got us to really rely on Heavenly Father, and follow the Spirit when we were teaching her.  I have known her for 3 months, and she has helped me in more ways than she even knows.  Seriously.  She doesn't even realize the impact she has had on me and Sister T.
5. Favorite Game: Trying to guess what everyone's "transfer doctrine" is going to be.  We tried to figure out who was leaving, and who would be staying, and I have to say Sister T is pretty good at it.  We both guessed who the new Ap was going to be though.
6.Favorite Foods: We had homemade Indian food on Monday.  It was so good, and Sister S told us she would teach us how to make the Butter Chicken.  I could have eaten it all day long.  Sister T and I have had more diverse food here in Upland, than I think anywhere else.  Us Idaho girls are experiencing the world out here in California!
7.Most challenging thing: Having Patience.  I am really wanting to work on that this transfer.  I guess Heavenly Father knows I can learn that with being a trainer.  I think also a challenging thing is just change.  Changing companions, and who we are carpooling with, and all that fun stuff. President just said today, that missions keep us out of our comfort zones.  That is seriously so true!
8. Simple Pleasures: Hula Hooping with a 3 year old.  Just laying in bed talking with Sister T at night.  Feeling 100% exhausted after being out all day.  Reading letters from friends, and family.  Wearing Mustaches in District meeting, because it is green and it was St. Patty's Day. Driving a car last night, and realizing why I love biking so much.  Knowing the Lord, and President H trust me teaching a new missionary.  Seeing Candy so happy after her baptism.  Listening to President and Sister H's reactions when Candy connected the lesson with Jacob 5.  

9.Goals: Learn as much as I can from my new companion.  Find lots of people to teach this transfer.
10.Biggest smile: Seeing Candy got baptized.  It was the best moment of my mission I think so far.  
11.Biggest accomplishment: Staying on Bike for one more transfer.  I am over 1400 miles, and every 100 miles I just think about all the places I have gone, and how far I have come.  (literally)
12: Favorite Quote: "HOLD STILL! JUST CHILL!"- Candy when I was getting my nails painted. 
Have a great week! 
Love, Sister Rietz

Hula hoop girls

I was complaining about being thirsty and we came upon this broken pipe.  Tender mercies of the Lord.

Sis. T, Candy and Me right before the baptism.

You won't be surprised that I think this is hilarious!!

A great picture of a great companionship

To one and all!!!

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