Monday, March 16, 2015

Another one bites the dust...(or gets a cold)

1.Funniest things done: For the last little bit, Sister T has been bragging about not getting sick, and then this last week she got hit with a cold! I couldn't help but laugh.  She said that all the colds, and flu that I have had has finally torn her immune system down.  She is really funny when she is sick, and she told me that I was a brat.  I was like what, and then she just went back to sleep.  Sister T on Nyquil is an adventure for all of us.
2.Biggest Blessing: Even though Sister T was sick, I was able to go out with one of the 3rd Sisters, because her companion was sick as well! It was sad that they were both sick, but it needed to happen so that we could go on Exchanges.  We didn't really see a whole lot of people, but there were some that we saw and it was a blessing to still be able to work.
3.Latest project: Finding.  We are really struggling finding more people to teach, but we have faith that we will find because EVERY missionary fasted, and members joined in to find, teach and baptize.  I know we will see the fruits of our labors eventually.  All in Heavenly Fathers timing right?
4.Most exciting events: When I was on exchanges, I was able to go to Mount Baldy.  It is in the 3rd Sisters area, and that is where their dinner was, so up the Mountain we went.  I realized how much I am used to the warm weather, because it was 67,3 degrees outside, and I was freezing! It was so bad! Haha, guess I better love the warm weather while I can.  November is going to be coming faster than we all expect. Also, Candy's Baptism is this Saturday, and everyone is so pumped! She is so ready.
5. Favorite Game: Chasing Lizards on the Sidewalk with our bikes.
6.Favorite Foods: Broiled Veggies, with olive oil and garlic salt on them.  They are so good! Or the guacamole that we ate at Candy's house when we went over there for dinner with Alex, and Candy's momma.
7.Most challenging thing: Getting the Cold that Sister T has.  Companions that are with each other 24/7 are bound to get sick.
8. Simple Pleasures: Getting texts from other missionaries about their miracles, and how they are experiencing the same things we are, but just slightly differently.

9.Goals: Have more patience with those around me.  I seem to get really annoyed with others, especially other missionaries so that is what I am working on right now.
10.Biggest smile: Getting little notes from Mom with the battery that she sent me.  Also big smile when I got my camera working again! The Lord answers all our prayers, even the ones that we think are not super important.
11.Biggest accomplishment: Biking with Colds.  That is one of the biggest accomplishments I have seen in a long time... and I am 8.2 miles away from hitting 1,400 miles on my bike.  Guess we will see what happens with transfers, and if I can stay on bike! I really hope that I can stay on bike! That would be so awesome!!!
12: Favorite Quote: "You are such a BRAT!"- Sister T "umm excuse me..."-Sister Rietz.  The next day: "you little jerk."-Sister T "what? hahaha"-Sister Rietz
This was when she was on Nyquil.  It was hilarious!  She doesn't remember saying this, and she has been feeling really bad.  But I only use it against her a little bit. ;)

Candy is getting baptized this week, and I am so excited.  Words can really not describe how much she has helped me, and how I have seen myself grow from teaching her.  She is definitely a role model for me, and I know that she will be a really strong member of the Church.  She once said that she had a corner suite in the building in Lehi's Dream.  But now I see her holding fast to the Rod, and never letting go.  She is such an example to everyone she meets, and she doesn't even realize it.

Whelp, guess we will see where I am next week! Love, Sister Rietz

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