Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week Seventeen: Rainy day, Temple Blessings and Sparkly Shoes

So this email session was the worst.  I ran outta time, but the temple was so great, and I loved it so much! I love the feeling that I get there, and how I was able to get lots of answers.  We watched a less active's two twin daughters get blessed.  I started crying, cause it was so tender, and the blessing was not only for her, but for their family.  It was awesome.  I wish that I had more time to write, but know that I love you all so much, and am so grateful that I am out on a mission.  Sister C3 goes home Monday, and watching her freak out about that stress just reminds me that I am so grateful to be out here, with lots of time left.  Candy is planning on getting baptized on the 21st of March, which is my 10 month mark.  I told her that she and I would celebrate together, and then she said, okay Master Rietz.  She thinks that since I am always leading the lessons, that I am the ring-leader. and that I keep these other two hooligans in line.  We had lots of rain this last week, and were able to play in it.  I split my pants from the fabric being cheap.  Guess that is what happens when you buy 2 dollar pajamas.  I love being a missionary, and seeing the miracles that occur everyday.  I am sure that there are countless miracles around you, and that they help build your faith in Heavenly Father.  I know that he loves all of his children, and that he has a special plan for each one of us.  I am able to see that all the time as we visit with others.  I love this CHURCH! Have a great week! I will definitely plan it all out better next week.  Also, transfers are next week, so we will see if I will still be in Upland next week! I hope I am! LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Sister Rietz

At the Redlands Temple

This is a giant pencil that actually works.  It made my day.  I love entering peoples' homes.  #treasures galore

Just getting done sanding a dresser, and we are covered in dust, even though you can't see it.

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