Friday, January 30, 2015

The Church is a floodin' with broken pipes, & baptismal dates

This past week and a half have been full of exciting times! From flooding the kitchen, to setting baptismal dates to pouring down rain.  There were lots of other great things that happened too, but we are going to the temple today, so we have a really limitied time to email.  I promise that I will try and add as much as I possible can, but time is limited and precious.  

Week in Review:
1.Funniest things done: I ripped my pants really bad while we were out in the rain.  It was a sad moment, and I have now learned that playing in the rain is not the greatest.  Especially when you meet an angry possum, rip your pants, and realize all of it was caught on the apartment security cameras.  OH WELL! The apartment people love the missionaries.
2.Biggest Blessing: Having the opportunity to sing at EJ's Funeral.  It was so sweet, and there were a lot of us missionaries crying.  EJ had been coming to our ward, and was a recent convert.  He had A LOT of health issues, and is now totally free to move without pain.  Finding enough mops to clean up the kitchen.  No one told us that there were broken pipes.  So we cleaned it all up, and left a nice note for others.
3.Latest project: Helping our NEW INVESTIGATOR, Chelley see the positives in her life. Even though her boyfriend is in jail...

4.Most exciting events: Getting a new investigator.  Setting a baptismal date for Candy! We are so excited!!!
5. Favorite Game: Telling what we would do if a possum attacked us.  We have been seeing them a lot, and we are worried about it attacking us.
6.Favorite Foods: We had really good Chicken Molay.  It was so good!!! unlike the last time I had it.
7.Most challenging thing: knowing that Satan is working really hard on our companionship, and throwing lots of hard things and challenges our way.
8. Simple Pleasures: We got to sand someone's dresser, and we got lots of dust, where dust should not be.  It was so fun though.  We also got to help paint the Good Ole' USA on blacktop for an Elementary School it was so great!!!

9.Goals: Lose Weight (totally doing that).  Obedience with Exactness.  Find new Investigators.
10.Biggest smile: playing in the rain, and then seeing the possum, and all you hear is us scream.  Our neighbor Dana texted and asked us if we were okay. It was pretty funny.  Then she asked to use our toilet paper.  We gave her lots. ALSO: jumping on the bed, and no one can stop us!
11.Biggest accomplishment: Sister C3 burned her leg on an Iron, and it blistered and got really gross, but the biggest accomplishment is that none of us have had to go to urgent care yet.  All of C3's comps have had to go to urgent care while with her, besides us, and one other sister.
12: Favorite Quote: Me: "I love Possum bites.  When they bite me, I just bite them back. It makes for a good meal." T: "WHAT THE HECK!!!" Me: "yeah, so delicious!"
I love the mission so much, and am really excited that I have this opportunity to serve.  Even when times get tough, there is still hope on the horizon.  Sorry that this is so short, but there wasn't lots of time!!! I get to go to the Temple in one hour! I am so excited!!!
LOVE, Sister Rietz

Representing our home state of Idaho

Flying Sister Missionaries

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