Monday, January 5, 2015

Service, Ice Cream, Rejection and more Rejection!!

HAPPY 2015!!!
Contrary to what the subject is of this email, it was a really good week.  We had a couple referrals that we were told would be solid, and when we went there, they pretty much did all they could to ignore us.  That was the first rejection.  The second was when we were trying to see a Recent Convert (you know who Sis. C2...).  She was home, but pretended to be gone.  Well I told Sister T that we were going to knock for 5 mins.  Which we did.  It was unsuccessful but later we saw her going back into her apartment.  I am telling you family, I feel like a stalker sometimes.  It is bad, cause I know people's cars, work schedules, neighbors, their daily and weekly activites... Yeah, ultimate stalker. ANYWAYS, we were talking with a Less-Active that was out walking, and so we went and sat on these blocks and was talking with Sister B, and then we see Marie.  At this point, I know that she is in there for sure, and we go to the door, and knock and knock and knock.  No answer. 
Then we hear super loud music coming from the other side of the Apartment.  I figured she was trying to block us out, and so we would wait till there was a break in the music, and then we would knock.  Finally someone was like, Marie someone will not stop knocking.  She came to the door, and asked who it was.  We told her, and then she told us that she couldn't let us in because the cat was sick.  I said, the cat is sick? She told me, yes and that she was sick as well.  I knew that she was lying to us, and I was so mad! I was like what the heck, you are totally fine.  It was the day of New Years Eve, and I am convinced that she was just starting her celebrating a little early.  Sister Tand I are going to try her every single day.  Pray that we can actually get in with her.
But there are always miracles, especially when there is something that is really hard.  The miracle that proceeded forth after this rejection, was that we were able to see some Less-Actives that never let missionaries in, unless they call first.  Well, we didn't call, but they still let us in! We told them that we were new to the area, and didn't know that we needed to call first.  I may or may not have forgotten that we were to call.  But they let us in, and now Brother and Sister K want us to come over every week! That was such a miracle, and we were able to teach them the first part of the Restoration.  I think that I am going to be like her when I get old, only active.  If she gets bored of what we are talking about, she would interrupt, and then talk about what she wanted to talk about.  That was a hard thing to realize I am going to be like that, cause I do the same thing!!! But I will work on it, so that I am not like that when I get old, guess we will see if I change or not!  The ward was surprised that we got in, with out having a prior appointment.  It felt good in Ward Council to have them all recognize the work that we are doing.

So another cool thing that happened.  We were walking to dinner the other night, and I got us lost.  I got us lost on the South Side of the Railroad tracks, and I was freaking out inside.  I didn't know where the street was that we were looking for, and I couldn't find it on the map.  It was really frustrating, and the people that we tried calling to help us figure out where to go didn't answer.  I was starting to get worried, because the South side is not the safest all the time.  But the Lord was able to help us, and I know that he was able to help me stay calm on the outside until a member called us back.  I was so worried, till the member was able to lead us to where we needed to go.  We got to dinner safely, and we haven't gotten lost since.  It was an accomplishment I think.  I love this ward, and I have had more moments where the Lord has really helped us. 
The last two that we had are probably my favorite.  We were walking home one night, and as we are about to walk up the stairs to get towards our apartment, we see this big group of people that are sitting there, and I knew that we should not walk past them up the stairs, and the Spirit was telling us to keep going.  They were doing drugs, and you could smell it a lot.  Well I told Sister T that we would just walk to the next gate, and we would be fine.  Until I realized that I didn't have the gate opener with me.  We decided that we would walk up the street, and see if there was another entrance to the Apartment Complex.  There wasn't.  We were back to square one.  I was really worried, and knew that we needed to get inside our apartment, but I didn't know how.  We were sitting on this rock ledge, away from the group of kids, thinking of who we could call to come open the gate.  We knew the Hermana's weren't home yet, and Dana our neighbor was out of town.  So we both were praying about what to do.  Well guess what everyone!!! THE GATE OPENED!!! We both looked at each other, and knew that we needed to get in asap! So we did.  We looked to see if there was a car going into the complex, or if one was going out.  There was no car.  I realized that the Lord had answered our prayer.  I was so excited!!! When we got in the apartment, we both prayed for thanks that we were kept safe, and that the gate opened.  We watched the gate for a couple minutes, cause you can see it from our apartment, and no car came in while the gate was open.  We really were so blessed, and I know that Heaven;y Father answers prayers in all different ways.  How great is He?? SO GREAT!
The last miracle that occurred was that our Investigator Candy came to church! and she stayed all 3 hours! She even fasted! She heard us mention that it was fast Sunday, and after church she told us that she was fasting from food, but that she needed her coffee that morning.  It was so awesome, because we have only taught her The Restoration, and The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Both of the lessons were awesome.  I learned so much from her! She really wants to do the right thing, and she has read 3/4th of the Book of Mormon.  She liked church, and we have a lesson with her this week.  She also took us to a really good hole in the wall, Mexican Restaurant.  She did order for us, and I am so glad that she did.  I got 2 Sopes.  They are like thick tortilla's and have spicy pork, lettuce, a powdered cheese, and tomato on them.  It was so good!  I love Candy, and if you all want to pray that she will receive an answer about if she should be baptized or not, that would be great! Thanks!

I love Sister T, and she and I are getting along really well! I have learned so much from her, and I am learning a lot about myself too.  I am learning that I get frustrated a lot about silly things, but that the Lord ALWAYS knows why we can't meet with certain people, or why we get lost and then meet certain people.  I love this work, and would not want to be doing anything but this right now.  I love helping people, and being a representative of Jesus Christ.  All of you keep being awesome, and I will talk with you next week!!!
Sister Rietz
There is a gang here, and their initials are CTR

Sister T and me at the door we knocked at for 5 minutes

There was a truck that had snow on it!

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