Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just 3 sisters from Idaho

Just when I thought that there would be no more surprises, there is one.  Baammm.  Last monday we got a text from some sisters saying that one of them is going home to Puerto Rico sick.  Then later that day we got a call from President H asking if we would like to have a new companion. I thought that he meant one of us was leaving, but when I realized that we would be a Trio, I thought, ehhh why not.  So we now are 3 sisters all from Idaho, all biking, and laughing WAY to much! There seriously are cheesy jokes constantly going around.  They need to stop, but we all try to top each other, so I am calling for help.  I need people to send me their Cheesiest jokes that they know.  It would be much appreciated.  Thanks.  So my new companion is Sister C3.  She is from Coeur d'Alene Idaho.  She didn't ever play sports, so she has never been to Lewiston.  We talk a lot about different places that we know, and she doesn't know the Dance family.  She is from Hayden actually, so it is interesting talking about how pretty it is up there, and how Californians just don't understand.  She is going home in 3 weeks, so I am killing another companion.  It is interesting to think that 3 of my last 4 companions I will only be with them for 6 weeks. Or less in this case.  I love them both so much, and like I said, there are lots of moments of laughter that is always going on. 
So much happened this last week! And of course it is on the day that we have VERY limited time in the family history center.  We went to the baptism of Cheyenne.  I was so happy to see the last member of their family enter the waters of baptism.  It is so awesome to see just in the couple weeks that it has been since the rest of her family was baptized, the progress that they have made in the church.  Candy is still making her way to baptism.  She is really close, and this last week she finished the ENTIRE BOOK OF MORMON!!! She is gonna be the best member ever! She is on ldssingles if anyone wants an awesome wife!!! haha, just kidding.  Kind of.
There seriously was so much that happened, and I am so amazed at all the things the Lord has blessed us in.  Hopefully I will not take those for granted as I know that I have done in my life before.  I know that the church is true, and that there can be many miracles if we have faith that they can occur.  I know that trials will come, but what greater way to use our faith, and get through them all!
Week in Review:
1.Funniest things done: We showed up to mutual for the "Spa Night" in what you muggles would call "normal clothes" and all the young women freaked out, and told us that we looked weird not in missionary clothing.  I think they thought that we exercised, slept, and proselyted all in skirts and cardigans.
2.Biggest Blessing: Sister C3.  She has brought so much more happiness, and the Spirit really works well through her.  She has such an awesome testimony, and knows when to share it.  I love it!
3.Latest project: Rearranging our apartment and bathroom schedule for 3 people in the same apartment.  Big Struggle, but Big Success.
4.Most exciting events: Being the only Sister Trio in the Mission!
5. Favorite Game: Who can tell the cheesiest joke.
6.Favorite Foods: Oatmeal and Hummus with lemon pepper roasted vegetables.  SO GOOD!!! 
7.Most challenging thing: Not bumping into my bruises that I got during Soccer with the Zone.  No other sister has ever played soccer before, and the Elders told me they kept forgetting that I was a Sister.  It was dumb but of so FUN, and I got bruises to show for it.
8. Simple Pleasures: Finding cool socks for less than 3 bucks.  I have a small collection going on, and they are super cool.  The favorites right now, are a toss up between the penguin ones I got for Christmas, or the gnome ones that I just got yesterday.  They bring so much joy to me, and they would to you too if you could just see them!
9.Goals: Lose Weight.  Obedience with Exactness.  Find new Investigators.
10.Biggest smile: Seeing Cheyenne talk about how awesome her baptism was with our investigator Candy.  Candy is having a hard time with some things, and Cheyenne was able to help her understand some things.  It was awesome.
11.Biggest accomplishment: Making hamburgers for the H family.  They were so BIG! and when we were cooking them, the gas went out.  Like 100% ran out, and so we had to finish cooking them in the house.  They were GIANT! I only ate 1/4th of it.  I was struggling to eat even that much!
12: Favorite Quote: "Sister Rietz has Glass Eyes, she pops them out at night!"- Sister T. She told this to 3 little kids in the ward, because I kept beating them in a staring contest.  It was super funny, and they kinda sorta believe them.  It has been a struggle to get them to realize that we were just kidding.
Love all of you so much! Have a great week! Email you on the 29th!!! Woot-Woot!!!
Just three sisters from Idaho

The bruises on my legs are much worse, but ain't nobody wanna see that!

Chips for the Missionaries, courtesy of their newest convert

Only missing Sister E.  Everyone else helped teach this beautiful girl the gospel.

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