Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sweating it up in Ping Pong

Well this last week was fun, and filling.  I ate so much food on Thanksgiving. And I think that I sweated it all out too.  It was 86 degrees and so nice!  I was really grateful that we only had one meal with members.  It was really good, and Sister D even made a triple berry pie that was SO good.  I was really excited to eat it, because it reminded me of home.  We saw a Less-Active that morning, and helped set the table for her.  Then we went home, and instead of eating, took a nap during our lunch hour.  It was so great.  Then we went out and tried to contact people, but no one wanted to talk with us.  It was frustrating, but the members that we ate with let us come over 20 mins earlier, cause they saw us walking down their street, and no one talking with us.  We ate dinner, and then we had a Ping-Pong tournament.  It was so fun.  Dad, I found your next biggest competition.  Brother D and his son D.  They got real into it, but it was so fun! Sister C2 and I won the tournament bracket that we made up.  It was a lot of fun.  Then we came inside, and played card games.  After which we watched the new little movie thing the church came out with called, He is the Gift.  And then watched a talk by President Benson about the end of the world.  It was a really good thanksgiving.  I realized that morning during personal study all the things that I am blessed with in my life, because of the Gospel.
1.Funniest things done: "Talking smack during Ping-Pong." It is really hard to talk smack, when you are representing Jesus Christ, and the Church.  But, it is doable, and Sister C2 and I won, so obviously it worked!
2.Biggest Blessing: I was asked to speak on Sunday about prayer and following the Spirit.  With it being a holiday weekend, a lot of the Libraries were closed, making it hard to get it all done, but I know that the Lord really directed me as to what the Ward needed to hear, because when we had 60 minutes to type them up, it all just came, and the talk turned out pretty alright.
3.Latest project: He is the Gift.  We have those awesome pass-along cards to give to everyone that we meet.  We also have a family that is getting baptized on the 20th!!! WOOT-WOOT! We passed them off to the Ontario Elders, because that is where they live, but there is a mom, 2 daughters, and one son that are getting baptized... 

4.Most exciting events: But wait, it gets better more exciting news!  We received an investigator from some other Ontario Elders.  Her baptismal date is also the 20th!!! We are so excited, and know that the Lord is really hastening his work here in Upland, and in Ontario.
5. Favorite Game: Ping Pong! I love it so much!
6.Favorite Foods: Triple Berry Pie! It was so good! No words can describe it!
7.Most challenging thing: Watching someone cough*cough* "A" cough*cough that we met on the street take our card about he is the gift, and then two minutes later do a drug deal... It was crazy.  We turned around, and saw the money exchange.  I might have wanted to freak out, but I refrained.  So now I know a drug dealer. Booyah!
8. Simple Pleasures: Rain!It rained all day on Sunday, parts of Upland were flooded, so we walked cause it was safer then biking.  My coat covered me, but not at the bottom of my skirt.  It was awesome.  I loved the rain!
10.Biggest smile: Having members grab citrus off their trees and just give it to us.  It smells so good on lots of streets here! They also have a street called Amber Court.  I am determined to get a picture by it.
11.Biggest accomplishment: Not getting nervous before speaking in Sacrament meeting.  I was so worried the day before, and then when I was on the stand, I just knew that all was going to be okay, and that the Spirit would help teach those in the congregation.
13. Amount of Miles Biked: 42.7 MIles Biked. Walked: 12 miles this Week!
14: Favorite Quote: I got to talk with the Hesperia Elders, and this is how the conversation went... Elders: Why are you calling us!? Me: I got permission calm down! Elders: What do you need? Me: Are Ella and Madilyn still getting baptized on the 20th? Elders: No, we had to push it back. Me: What why!? Elders: Because the Ward fell apart when you left! The ward is in SHAMBLES! Me: WHAT!? Elders: Just kidding, the ward already forgot about who you were. Me: I hate you so much! Elders: Hate is not nice.  Me: Well neither is lying!
Okay, so that was a lot more funnier when I was having the conversation.  Sorry that it really is not funny at all....

But I gotta go, so have a great week! We are having a festival with over 1,000 Nativites there! It will be awesome! It is a HUGE deal in Upland.  There are choirs from all different churches, and there is a missionary choir as well.  I will take lots of pictures! LOVE YOU!

Love, Sister Rietz
The sunsets are so pretty here! and there are palm trees too!

Rain anyone?

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