Monday, November 24, 2014

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, we are already best friends

So Sister C2 and I are really good friends.  We have had a lot of hard times these last couple weeks, so it was nice to get a fresh start and see what wonderful plans there are for this transfer.  One thing that is super cool that our Stake does, is they have a Cresh Festival.  They have over 1,000 Nativities, and they are all SO pretty! We are helping set up a big one this next week.  They have this festival for 3 days, and pretty much everyone in the Valley comes.  There is a missionary choir, and all of us in Upland are singing in it.  It will be grand, and exciting.  They also have different music groups from the area that are coming as well.  The missionaries are assigned certain times to come, and when they are to show people around the church.  Pictures will come later once it happens.
The area is really flat here.  It was funny because some people tell us how hard it is bike in our area, because of the "hills". We are searching for those hills... Super easy to bike 10+miles a day.  Especially with all the "hills" everywhere.  Our area is half ghetto, and half nice.  We try to stay in the nicer area at night.  Just for safety measures.  There have been some times where I am scared, but the Lord protects his missionaries.  I have learned that almost everyday on my bike.  So speaking of bikes... I got a bad flat tire.  Luckily we didn't notice it till later, but it was there and I had an extra tube from a member in my last ward. (So weird saying that...) Anyways so that happened... Then my bag broke.  The metal piece that holds it broke, but missionaries are resourceful, and a caribbeaner is fixing it just grandly.  Then my bike light decided to die.  It will have spasms... like its own electrical seizure, and then die, and then if we hit a bump, it will come back on. And so on and so forth.  We are hunting for a new one... Target will be our next stop.  Walmart had none...  
I also saw a HUGE rain storm.  It was so loud, that it woke us both us, and I ran and got my camera to record the noise.  I got a black video with a streak of lightening... I will try to upload it, but it will probably fail. Yeah, it says it is TOO big.  Anyways, it rained a TON, and there was a flood in our area, but not bad at all.  We walked the next day, and it was so nice.  My shoes have holes in them.  They were a good investment.  I would love more shoes from Taiwan. *hint-hint*
Well, I am a really bad time manager, and got distracted emailing other people because TWO people I know got their calls, and I couldn't be more excited for them! San Diego, and Canada are SUPER LUCKY!!!

1.Funniest things done: Sister C2 crashed on her bike, and just sat there.  She was fine.  She was not hurt! But it was so funny, she just sat in the dirt.
2.Biggest Blessing: Having friends that are on missions, and we can compare how crazy our areas are.
3.Latest project: Still Learning Upland! And giving a talk on Sunday... I don't even know the ward yet...

4.Most exciting events: We have a family that is getting baptized on December 13th!
6.Favorite Foods: Greek yogurt with costco berry combination.
7.Most challenging thing: Not kowing the area yet.
8. Simple Pleasures: Hearing rain.  And seeing a Squirrel.  I haven't seen one in 6 months.
10.Biggest smile: Seeing Sister M again!
11.Biggest accomplishment: Getting home safe, after being in a not so safe area. In the dark. With no street lights.  Never doing that again!
12. Worst Food: None yet.
13. Amount of Miles Biked: 48 miles.
14: Favorite Quote: "We would be the coolest james bonnds! then I fell on the ground.
Love, Sister Rietz

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