Friday, December 26, 2014

It was a Holly, Jolly Weekend!

This week was probably one of the best weeks of my entire mission.  Honestly, so many tender mercies occurred, it is almost Christmas, we saw Santa, we are getting so many holiday treats, AND the B FAMILY got Baptized!!!
I was so excited all week for Saturday.  I was singing and dancing for joy, and Sister C2 and I were just so happy that they were getting baptized.  It was really hard to pass them off to the Ontario Elders, but I know that if we hadn't then their son would not have connected with the Missionaries like he did with Elder B, and Elder C.  The meeting was so spiritual, and you could tell that there really was a true conversion that had occurred.  I wish you all could have been there, and seen their faces when they came up out of the water.  The mom: Denise was so happy, she was crying all day, and when she gave us hugs, you could tell there was so much love for her from Heavenly Father.  You could feel his love, not only for her, but also for her children: Violet, Cheyenne, Andrew, and Dan.  Cheyenne is still deciding about if she wants to be baptized, and Dan is only 7, but Dan told us that he really wants to be baptized when he turns 8.  It was so great, and I know that their family will be blessed.  So a tender mercy that occurred, with this family, is Denise told missionaries that she would never convert to being Mormon.  She said that it would tear a wedge between her mom and her, but she said that her daughters could get baptized.  The first lesson that we had with her, she just started crying, and committed to baptism for the 20th.  It was so awesome.  Well we found out that Denise's Mother was always telling her that she was being "dumb" and that she would throw them out of the house if they were all baptized.  This really scared the family, and they were all really worried, but knew that they needed to get baptized.  We all prayed, that her mom's heart would be softened and that she would allow her daughter and grandchildren to get baptized.  Well, she told them they could get baptized, and she even came to the baptism!!! It was so cool to see the change of her heart.  She told us that she felt really good, and that she felt the Holy Spirit there in her heart.  She was so happy for all of them.  It was great.  They are already sharing the Gospel with all of their friends.  They always put #(their ward) on all their pictures that they put on Facebook, and Instagram.  It was the best way for Sister C2 to end her mission.  I am so happy for them!

We also have been seeing so many miracles occur around us.  We are working with a family that is all less-active.  It has been so hard to work with them, and they live in an area where we no longer go at night, so we have to make sure our timing is perfect in order for it to be safe to be there.  But there is always a blessing when there is sacrifice.  The blessing with this family, is that they started coming back to church, and the wife is now a Ward missionary, and her husband was just called into the Sunday School Presidency.  Their son is loving primary, and he was the special spotlight yesterday in Primary.  It was so neat to see that happen.  We were in primary, because all the primary kids have been collecting gifts for the missionaries.  We got lots of mac and cheese, granola bars, oatmeal, EOS chapstick, cookies, more cookies, candy.  Typical things that missionaries need.  I loved it.  They were more excited for us to open them, and show everyone what we got.  It was so cute.  They told us they were our family away from our family.  Perfect way to start the Christmas Week. 

1.Funniest things done: We went Caroling as a zone on Thoroughbred Road this last week.  This street is so decked out in lights, that they shut the street down from cars, and you have to walk on certain sides of the street not to mess up the flow of human traffic.  It was so fun, and we sang for almost 2 hours.  Well, we were singing mostly Christmas hymns, but this guy came up to us, and asked us to sing Journey for him. None of us knew what to do, so we eventually sang the song for him.  It was really funny, and then he wanted a picture of us with him, and then after that, a lot of people wanted pictures with us.  We were pretty popular.  People were talking about us, and the members who's driveway we stood in, said that there were people that asked where the carolers had gone.  It was an awesome way to get publicity for the church, because there were over 500 people there.   
2.Biggest Blessing: Watching Denise, Violet, and Andrew be baptized, and continue on the road to returning to live with Heavenly Father again.
3.Latest project: Getting Sister C2 ready to go home.  It has been really stressful for her, and I am so glad that I have more than a week after I get home to adjust back into life.  I will be in Ontario for Friday, and Sunday-Monday.  I will be driving a car, and will be the senior companion.  We are going to be hitting rush hour going to the mission home after the missionaries whom are leaving are done at the Temple.  I am freaking out about having to drive on the freeway.  That is going to be so much different then driving up Thain or Bryden Canyon during Lewiston "rush-hour".  Wish me luck!
4.Most exciting events: We had the opportunity to sort toys, and food for homeless families at a Catholic Church, and .  It was so fun, and really humbling at the same time.  I am realizing more and more on my mission how lucky we were to have Dad supporting us, and Mom able to be at home.  I am really starting to recognize the luxury that was for all of us.  We also were able to go on a Nativity Walk.  The City of Ontario puts up these HUGE life-size depictions of Christ's life, and birth.  It was so cool!
5. Favorite Game: Guessing what is in the 12 days of Christmas gifts.  I love them so much, and I love the scriptures too.  Especially the one about itching ears.  That was perfect! 
6.Favorite Foods: We had a 4 course Homemade Italian Dinner.  It was SO good.  We had real gelato, and it was all SO good.
7.Most challenging thing: Finding out that I will be driving when I go with Sister B on Friday, and on Sunday.  I am a little freaked out about that one. 
8. Simple Pleasures: Hearing a 4 year old girl sing, "where are you Christmas?" at the Ward Christmas Party.
9.Goals: Get two new investigators this week.
10.Biggest smile: Watching an 88 year old man, ride a scooter, and sing all I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth.  It was HILARIOUS!
11.Biggest accomplishment: I am not really sure.
12: Favorite Quote: "We put off the Salvation of Souls, to Celebrate our Savior's Birth." -Elder R.
I love you all! I hope you have a great CHRIST-mas.  Family- See you Thursday at 10;15!!
Sister C2 and me - decked out in Christmas sweaters

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