Monday, December 8, 2014

The Wise Missionaries Went Walking in the Rain

This past week was full of Rain, Crèche Festivals, Walking, Holes in Shoes, and Baking our shoes in the oven.   It rained so much, and there was not a lot of time where we had the opportunity to be dry.  We would go to someone's house, and they would see us SOAKED, and make up a reason that they were not able to see us.  One lady told us that she was going to shower... It was like 2 in the afternoon. But we told her we would be back, and then she offered to drive us to our next appointment, but she was our appointment so she took us to the Home of the D family, and we sat in front of a fire, and attempted to dry off.  It was funny, because once we were mostly dry, we just had to go back out into the rain.  I ruined one pair of shoes a little bit, but I am still wearing them, because you can't tell they are actually ruined.  I am not gonna get any more shoes till I get home.  That would be great to say I lasted all 18 months with the awesome shoes that I have.

1.Funniest things done: Well this past week was the Crèche festival that the Upland Stake puts on every year.  There were over 1,000 Nativites there.  It was so pretty. But I forgot to take pictures, so I will get them from someone else. That will be coming forth soon. Anyways, that is not the funny part.  Sister M was able to come, and when we saw each other we embraced, and just laughed because we were sure it was pretty hilarious to watch.  I was able to catch up with her, and tell her the things that I knew about the Hesperia ward, and how crazy Upland can be.  Then yesterday at church, this Hispanic woman from the Spanish ward came up, and told me that she was so excited to see me and the other sister embrace.  She said that she could see true love, and friendship between us.  So I guess someone did see...
2.Biggest Blessing: RAIN!  It rained so much that there were a lot of parts of Upland that flooded.  I made a video of me playing in it, but the computer said it is too big to send... Bummer, but the pictures will give you an idea what it is like.
3.Latest project: Finding people to teach.  That is something that is really lacking in this ward.  So that has been frustrating trying, and having little success, but there are seeds being planted.
4.Most exciting events: I got a package from the Family.  I was so excited, and the Zone Leader's wanted to open all the presents, but they said that they would rewrap them for me.  I told them "no way José".  IT was the best seeing all those ornaments full of drawings from cousins, nephews, siblings, parents, aunts and uncles.  So awesome.  Thank you so much!! I love it, and I love 12 days of Christmas, so it was an awesome day.
5. Favorite Game: Dodging the cars that would attempt to splash us with the HUGE puddles that were everywhere.  Upland has got to figure out a new way to do drainage.  It can not be good for the roads, and sidewalk when it floods.
6.Favorite Foods: We had this really really good Italian food.  It was an Alfredo made from scratch, and then it had salty olives in it, but with it all together, it was really good. Pros of going to a chef's house for dinner.
7.Most challenging thing: Helping Sister C2 not feel stressed out.  SHe is really freaking out about going home, and she is getting all of this information about when she will go to the temple, and when she will fly out.  That means on the 26th of December, I will be with some other Sister for a day, while our companions go to the Temple.  I am excited.  But it also is sad.
8. Simple Pleasures: Rain. I loved getting soaking wet.  It was the closest thing I could do going swimming, and it was awesome.  I laughed a lot, and wished that I had my rain boots with me.  Also, when people ask you what you want for Christmas, and you tell them nothing, and they look at you like you are crazy.
9.Goals: Find a new investigator this week.  Pray that we will be able to find one.  Thanks! We have a couple people that said they might be interested, but they could have just said that to be nice.
10.Biggest smile: Seeing pictures from when my family was together.  It was a party, and I wasn't even sad that I missed it all. Sorry, but it is the truth. Next year I will be there.  Kind of.
11.Biggest accomplishment: Helping set up the Bethlehem Room for the Crèche festival that was really stressful, but when it was done, we all felt so accomplished.
12. Worst Food:  Some old food is sitting in our fridge.  I wanna throw it out, but that means that I would have to touch it. Buaahha, so we shall see how long it is gonna sit there.
13. Amount of Miles Biked: 6 miles.  Since it was raining, we walked a lot.  We walked for 4 hours one day.  My shoes had to go in the oven, so that they could dry all the way.  We just sat and watched them, and made sure that they didn't melt.  It was quite the adventure, but they dried fine, and I am wearing them still.
14: Favorite Quote: Talking about the Rain: Zone Leaders: Sisters you can not swim. Us: well, what about if we fall in a puddle and start to drown? Then what do we do? Zone Leaders: Obedience is greater than sacrifice. Us: so you want us to drown instead of swim to safety? Zone Leaders: Obedience over sacrifice Sisters.

Well, this next week is going to be slow compared to the other weeks that are coming up.  I loved watching the devotional message, and listening to the attributes of Mary, Joseph, and Christ.  How wonderful that we have this time to celebrate Christ's birth! I love it, and I love the Gospel.  You all are wonderful, and keep being awesome!!!

Love, Sister Rietz

A few rain pictures

The Creche Festival

The Christmas Tree from my family

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