Friday, June 27, 2014

Questions and Answers

Here are a few questions Sister Rietz sent the answers to in a letter home this week.

1 - Is my bike comfortable?  No and yes!  My bum is still getting used to the seat, but we make a good team.  We bike 2.1 miles to get to our area, and have to go up a hill that would be comparable to the stop sign at the bottom of our yard to the stop sign on the next street up from our house (10th to 11th for you L-towners)  Then it is kinda like Bryden Canyon minus the cars.  But it is a killer to go up and a thrill to go down.  So, length of our street, incline like Bryden Canyon and the hill by our house combined.

2 - How do we track our miles?  Sister M (see below) was in a car before I came, so she knew from keeping track of the miles in the car.  I'm learning how far places are from us, but it is taking some time.

3 - Are Sister M and I the only ones in the apartment? Yes, we live in a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment.  It has laundry on the balcony, and a walk-in closet.

4 - How many wards am I over?  One!  It is the best ward.  We also have Elder W and Elder F (who are the Zone Leaders) in our ward.

5 - How many other missionaries besides Sister M and I and the Spanish Missionaries are in Hesperia?  There are 3 districts in our zone.  Two districts have six missionaries and one has 8 missionaries.  There are 2 zones in Hesperia.  I believe the other zone also has 20 missionaries.  I know there are a ton here.  I see them on P-day.

6 - What other cities are in our zone or district?  None, just Hesperia (see above)

7 - How is California? Hot!!!  California is HOT, and it's only going to be getting hotter.  The people in Hesperia are pretty nice.  I have yet to have mashed potatoes thrown in my hair, so I would say it's going pretty swell.  (For the mashed potaoes explanation click here.)

8 - How is my companion? She is awesome!!  Her name is Sister Lauren M.  She grew up all over because her dad was in the Air Force.  She last lived in Texas.  She is 1 day younger than me. She loves Taylor Swift and contantly talks about what she would do if Taylor was walking the streets of Hesperia.  Her bike's name is Teancum Swift, but we call it T-Swift.  She played Tennis in High School.  She loves candy.  She is an inch taller than me.  We have lots in common.  She loves Ranch (Salad dressing).  We both sweat a lot, and both (mostly me) look nasty after we get done biking.

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