Monday, June 23, 2014

Glass and rubber are not friends...

Dear Family and Friends! (and others that wanna know about my life...)
WOW! Where to begin this week! 
I made a whole list of things that would be put in this email, and I can't remember what all the phrases mean... I will try my best though.

Alright, lets start with the Bike...
We have yet to figure out what the name shall be for my bike.  We are brainstorming, so if any of you wanna let me know what we should name it, that would be grand.  We are thinking it should be a boys name.  We also biked a TON this week! We biked close to 60 miles.  It might be a little over that, and a little under that.  My bike and I are starting to hate each other, so I think that the Lord wanted me to appreciate it a little more.  I was going down a huge hill, and along the way, I might/did run over a piece of glass.  I swear I DID NOT SEE IT!!! I normally am super careful, and within 30 seconds, all the air was out of my tire.  The thing with this hill is that it is super close to our apartment, like less then a mile... and you have to go down the hill, and then up another one, to get to our area.  The air went out and we were at the bottom of the hill... but we had a super important appointment, and we didn't want to be late.  So we started walking.  She lived 2 miles from where we were.  It was early in the morning, and we didn't know what members would be awake, and our ward mission leader was gone camping.  We called a recently returned RM, and he said he would patch it.  (We did not know that he would need to get a new tube...) We walked to our lesson, and then we walked to the member's house, but he wasn't done because the glass destroyed the tube according to him. We left and walked to a less-active, and went and talked with her.  We studied the plan of Salvation, and she want to make it to the Celestial Kingdom, and we told her she would need to go to the Temple, and that is something that she has been striving for, for many weeks.  She says her doctors told her to smoke, but we told her there are other ways to get her blood pressure up besides smoking.  I told her I would give your blood pressure to her Mom.  We went back to the member's house, and it was all fixed.  There is a hole in the outside tire, but the tube is new, and he bought me an extra tube too, and he wouldn't accept any money from me.  He said to just go find a new investigator.  The members here are awesome, but they do not like coming to lessons.  So we had a goal of biking 50 miles this past week, and we broke that goal by getting around 60.  We also biked in 65 MPH gusts.  No joke, we didn't think we were moving when we were headed into it, but then there were times when we were going with the wind, and we would just put our feet up, and we would coast.  Blessing from something that is so terrible.
We ate with a family the other day, and their son is returning from his mission in July, and he has gained 40 lbs! Sister M, and I make signs and put them up to motivate us to not get fat.  We have one that says, STOP! BRUSH YOUR TEETH BEFORE PLANNING! DON'T EAT! (we would just snack when we got home, but now we don't let each other eat.)  We also have started doing this workout thing, that a personal trainer in the ward set up.  It's gonna make us wanna die, but we know that it will also be a blessing.  If the sun could make someone lose weight, then I will come back like the size of a twig...  Don't worry, I won't let that happen.  
Sister M and I have been searching for someone that we both might know.  We have had zero luck, but this past week, she had a sticky note with an address for PULLMAN, WA!!! I recognized the name....  Like Dr. C the dentist, that I think pulled Ashley's teeth, and gave her that weird pterodactyl thing.  He used to live by Sister M in Texas on the Air Force base!!!   We were excited!  I don't really know him, but I know of him.  So whatever we are counting it till we actually both know someone.
There is this older man in our ward, and he has some, let's just say, interesting ideas of what his calling entails.  He also makes it known to everyone not to bug him on certain days, because those are the days he gets his legs drained... Super Gross, but whatever.  It's the truth.  Anyways, he gave us a list of all the people that have moved into Hesperia in the last 3 months.  He wants the missionaries to get 3X5 Notecards, and write down a list of how much money their houses cost per sq. feet, their name, address, and also their parcel number.  Now, I ask WHAT THE HECK IS A PARCEL NUMBER!?!?! People in ward council quickly shut that down, and we are so glad that we are not the ones to tell him that would be weird, and creepy! Who really wants to know that someone can get all of that information...   He made it very clear that it was public record.  One lady in ward council said that she would be offended if someone came up to her, and gave her this information.  Brother B, (look him up if you want...) proceeded to get mad at everyone, and started saying in a loud old person voice, DO YOU KNOW YOUR PARCEL NUMBER? DO YOU? DO YOU? All around the room, Sister M and I almost lost it.  It was very funny, and so whenever Sister M and I wanna laugh, we ask, "Do you know YOUR parcel number?!"  Laughter always follows this statement.  

We are still making progress with our investigators, and its been good to see some of them really progress. David, is still making progress.  A member told us that we should stop teaching him, but we know that there is a reason that we are teaching him, and he is doing all that he is supposed to do except stop smoking.  He is not really getting the concept of why he needs to stop smoking... Its been hard to help him realize that he can't get baptized until he stops smoking.  We also are helping two families prepare for the temple! I hope it happens when I am still in this area, because the missionaries serving in the ward get to go, but if we get transferred, then we cannot go.  Lori is dating the man that has to get his legs drained on certain days, and she is making progress, but is not ready to be baptized yet.  Jean is gonna get baptized, she is just waiting for her husband to return to from out of state at the end of July! She has 3 daughters, and they are all so CUTE! They asked me if I could teach them how to ride a horse, because I am from Idaho, and "that's where cowboys live."

So everyone knows that I am from Idaho, and they all think that they know where Lewiston is... Let me tell you, no one knows where it is!!! They really think that it is in southern Idaho, by like Idaho Falls, and that I live on a FARM! Yes, at times with 90+ pheasants and a field behind our house it might seem like we live on a farm, but you all know that we do not.  They ask how many times I have milked a cow, and that waking up early at 6:30 must not have been bad because I am used to milking cows at 5:30... I think I milked a cow once at the fourth grade rendezvous, and I think that it was actually just a rubber glove with a tiny hole in the finger tip, with milk dripping out of it.  I just laugh and say no, we have a garden, and that's all that we can grow.  They also think that it never gets hot in Idaho. I told them that there are many days in the summer where it is over 100 degrees in the summer.  They also told me they hope I am in the desert when it snows, and then they wouldn't have to worry about some driving that has never driven in snow before.  Little do they know, that I hardly know how to drive in the snow, and Dad would pick us up from school when it would be really bad.  I know how to drive in the snow, but they think that I would be able to avoid going into a snow bank.  They obviously have never seen me drive (right Trevor) ;)

I love you all so much, and am so grateful that I am able to be with all of you for eternity!  The Gospel is true.  The Book of Mormon is true.  Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet.  He really knows the things that the Church needs to continue following the things that Christ would have us do.  I am so grateful for all the family, friends, and missionaries that have helped me to become the missionary that I am today.  If I could ask a favor from all of you wonderful people, if you would take a minute and jot down your testimonies about the Gospel.  I would like to have these, and then be able to share them with those that don't believe just Sister Moon's and my testimonies.  Email them to me, if you want to!!! Thanks! Good Luck to all my friends going into the MTC this week!!! Rock it in Uruguay, Mexico, Nicaragua, Japan, Utah, Italy and Peru!!!  You all will be so wonderful!

Shopping Cart, they are everywhere and we decided to have fun exercising and so we went on an adventure in the sandy, dirt field behind our apartment.
Corona Glass: I am not an ALCOHOLIC! A Recent Convert gave us cold water, and this was the cup that he handed me...
The Ugly Tree! This is a Joshua Tree.  You now will never feel like you are missing something important when people say Joshua Trees...(sorry, I couldn't get the picture rotated the right way! - Amber's mom)

Until Next Week!!!!
Love, Sister Rietz

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