Monday, June 16, 2014

This week was Crazy!!

We biked 49 miles in 40 mph winds, learned where Spain was, and got food poisoning in a small dose.
And I almost died.  No Joke.
Lets start with the bikes.  Sorry there are not any pictures of my on the bike, or any of the bike.  I will work on that this week.  WE bike everywhere, except to the store, the sisters pick us up for that.  We were biking to our area, and we see this car coming straight toward us.  We thought it was other missionaries, because Sister M and I are the only ones on bikes, everyone else has cars.  Anyways, so we see this car, and it swerves out of the way to miss us, we were in the process of moving.  We watched the person who was driving, and they were PASSED OUT!!! Like "I just had a heartattack, and can't see what's in front of me."  We watched the car, and it swerved on both sides of the road. Onto the sand and back on the road, let's cross the center line, and swerve out of the way, and then back to the correct side of the road.  We were in shock.  Did this really just happen?.... A big scary guy in a truck came up to us, and says some not nice words, and then asks if we got hit.  WE told him it was close, but luckily no.  He said okay, im going to go after him, and Bye Bye man in the big truck!  We continued biking, and there was this lady freaking out, cause the man hit a sign, and plowed it over! Bye Bye sign.  WE took this as the missionary opportunity that we have been waiting for.  We gave her our card, and made sure that she would call us.  She said she would.  WE waited till the police came, so we got to see the policeman, and talk with him.  We also gave him our card, and made sure that he would call us if we had to come do a suspect sketch or something. (I watched WAYYY too much Castle before I left!) We talked with the nice bald man for a little bit longer, and then on our way we went.  Well, a member drove by when were were talking with the officer, and they just waved, and thought we were teaching him! I wish we were!!!

Meet Beth.  Beth is a 10 year old girl that wanted to learn how to ride a bike.  She has some mental disabilites.  She was so scared to ride her bike, but we were able to help her, and it was such a great thing to see! Her Grandma started crying, and thanked us over and over, because this lady is like 80 years old, and she can't do anything.  Makes me realize how healthy our members of our family are.  We are going to start visiting her evey week, and that will be a blessing and a challenge at the same time.  I love her. 

We are still teaching David, and everytime we visit and teach him, he says something that is quote worthy.  This week: "Do you know where Spain is? Not Mexico but Spain. I'm Spanish, Not Mexican." "I like to be friends with all races.  My light skin brothers, like you, (pointing to the one member that will visit him with us,) have all the money.  They are who you have to be friends with."  I don't think Brother G will be coming to anymore lessons willingly.

Food Poisoning:
We ate at a members house last night. We had Taco Salad.  Lets just say that something was not good to eat.  We got home, and the Lord heard our prayers, and helped that food move really fast! We are feeling better, but heck, if we wanna lose weight we now we can always just get food poisoning, and all will be better.

I also learned what Hula Hoeing is.  Its like the hoe thing that we use, but people call it hula hoeing, so that is what we have been doing for our service hours.

Dad: you would be proud.  We dug a tree out of the ground. Roots and all!  It was hard work, but we got it out.  She poured motor oil on it, to "kill" it, but it just made the dirt really gross around the tree.  Pictures to come! Good thing you had us work hard at home, cause we sure are working hard here.
 I love all of you! The Church is more than True.  It is amazing!!! I love it here, but also hate it at the same time! It is such a blessing to be on a mission! Love YOU!!!!!!!

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