Tuesday, July 1, 2014

We are so hot, our skirts are on FIRE!!

So this past week was let's say..... INTERESTING!

First: Congrats to G Elton for getting his call to Arizona Tuscon, Spanish Speaking! We will be neighbors, well kind of, but anyways, WOOOH!!! See you in 2 years!

When I got his letter where he was going, I was like "SWEET!!! My friend is going to Tuscan Arizona!  I totally embarrassed myself and Sister M was just dying of laughter, and she was like you mean Tuscon, and I said, yeah that's what I said, but it totally is not what I said!  We still laugh about it all the time.  I will never live that one moment down.

We really only biked half of Wednesday, all of ThursdayFriday, and Saturday, and then Sunday just half of it.  But we still biked 52 miles, and that, my friends and family is an honest number of how long we biked.  We went and bought Odometers and Speedometers and they are, let's say, cooler than all of y'all's iPhones.  Mine tells me: how many calories I burned, (so I know how many star-bursts I can eat and not feel guilty); the temperature outside, (this weeks high- 107); how fast we bike, the fastest speed we reached (32 mph down Chase Hill); the distance for the day; the average speed we bike; and the distance for the week.  I think my favorite feature is the calories one.  Not even kidding, I just bike and watch the little screen, and know that we can eat dessert that night at a members house and I will not feel guilty.  Blessing for sure!!

For all of you that did not believe that I would get a tan, YOU WERE WRONG!!! I am getting a very nice tan! Kristin and Trevor you will all be jealous! I know that we are not to be jealous of others, but KDizzile, and T-Rev, this is something that I am sure will be acceptable!  I am kinda scared that I have only been here for a couple weeks, and am more tan then all the summer "tans" that I received in my 19 years of life.  It only has a slight red tint, and really it makes me look 10000 times more cooler.

We went down the Hill, which means that we went to Rancho.  We went for the 4 week missionary meeting, and I realized even more how awesome Sister M is.  There are many companionships that are having problems, and so now Sister M and I realize even more how lucky we are that we get along as well as we do.  We are alike in so many ways.  At times I wonder if she could be a long lost sister, or cousin or something.  Yesterday we were told that we looked like sisters, and then she asked us if we were sisters.  Granted, this was the same lady that told me I was looking like a little girl... But oh well, I told her I would take it as a compliment, and she said when you get to her age, (she's like 40ish) that looking like a little girl is a compliment.  I AM 19 YEARS OLD, GOING ON 20, I AM NOT A LITTLE GIRL!!!!!

During the 4 week meeting we asked Sister H if it was allowed for us to get massages.  She said YESS!!! But then called back later that night, and informed us that President H didn't want us to get them, until he can call Salt Lake and see what they say.  So in other words, there is a possibility that Salt Lake will see yes! I kinda don't think they will say yes, but its worth the shot.  According to Sister M: we will miss 100% of the shots that we never take.  SO it is worth a shot.  (Note from the editor, AKA her mama - I'm not sure why she thinks she needs one, but whatever...)

Dinner this week has been chicken of some kind everyday this week.  But Yesterday we had CROCK-POT CHICKEN!! It was the best!! Honestly, I could have ate the entire thing, but knew that Gideon-Moroni (Gideon-Moron when I get frustrated) (thanks Dallin for the idea) would not like me very much!

We met these guys who are missionaries for another church here in Hesperia! They are with a group called Teen Challenge, and the only difference is that they go around asking for money to support their group.  We talked with them, and Sister M and I were both prompted to give them a Book of Mormon, so we did! They were like "Sweet.  We'll read it." We also gave them a card with our number so they could call us, and we could answer their questions, but they don't have a phone.  They don't have a phone, TV, computer, car, bikes, or anything! They seriously were like us!! It was cool, but sorry boys, we are just a tad better, cause people let us in, and not them.  We were teaching one of our investigators and the two boys started to walk in the driveway, and then they saw us, so they left and then we kept crossing paths, so Sister M and I talked with them.

I am so grateful for the gospel, and I am so grateful that I am able to have it be part of my entire life.  I am so grateful for the Plan of Salvation, and am sorry to hear about the airplane accident with Bryce, but am grateful knowing that Heavenly Father knew he was needed up in Heaven.  What a blessing to know and see how the Plan of Salvation can bring comfort, happiness, and hope in times of despair and trials.  I love the Book of Mormon, and am also reading the Doctrine and Covenants and learning to love it, and learning more about what it was like when the Church was being restored.  I love reading about the revelations that were recorded, and the things that we can learn from them.  Sometimes I want to go ahead of my reading schedule, but know that it will mess up the rest of the schedule if I read ahead.  I am also reading about Abinadi, and wicked King Noah.  I am so grateful for an example of him not ever backing down when King Noah threatened to kill him.  I hope that I would have had as much strength and patience, and trust in the Lord that he had.  Everyday my trust in the Lord is growing, and I am so blessed to be in Hesperia serving the people here.  Yes it might be hot, but it is a safeish area, the members are willing to help most of the time, and I have the best companion that I could have possibly asked for.  I feel bad because I think that I will compare all of my future companions to her.

Until Next Week! 

Love, Sister Rietz
Me and my bike

My companion, Sister M and me at the mission office.

Sister M, Me, Sister H (mission office lady), Sister H, and Sister C. This was at the 4 week mission training.

Me, because I know you all miss me ;) haha, just kidding. (but really...)

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