Monday, July 14, 2014

We survived transfers!!!

Hello Family, and Friends and other people that creep on my blog (like I did to so many other people's blogs before I left.)

Transfer calls came Saturday, and Sister M and I are together for another 6 weeks! We were freaking out because we were in a lesson with an investigator when our District Leader Elder B called with what was going to happen to us.  Since we were in a lesson, we couldn't answer.  Right after we got out of the lesson we called, and he was busy.  He called back, and told us that he had the news.  Sister M and I were gripping each others arms, and then he said Sister Rietz you are going to Upland.  *longest pause ever* Sister M and I: "what! NO! What, this is not possible." then we heard him laughing.  Elder B: "Sisters I am just kidding, I don't know what the transfer doctrine is yet.  They are running behind, and so I might not know for awhile." We were relieved that he was kidding, but inside we both had a feeling that we were getting transferred.  We were freaking out still.  Then a couple hours later, we are in another lesson, and the phone went off.  We had forgot to turn it off.  We saw who it was, but since we were in a lesson, we couldn't answer it.  I threw the phone in my bag, and we continued with the lesson.  As soon as we got out of that lesson, we called him, and he was beating around the bush from telling us what the transfer doctrine was.  It was freaking us out.  Well after what seemed like hours, he final said, "Sisters you are staying together!"  There was a lot of happiness in that driveway.  The rest of the day was great, because we knew that we had 6 more weeks together.

Yesterday in Church was really good.  The talks were about service, and sacrifice, and not letting the world make us change our views of ourselves.  They were really good.  Then we got to Relief Society after Gospel Principles...  Let's say Relief Society is really, ummm, interesting some days.  The best quote from yesterday by far goes to Sister B:  "I was called as the ward librarian.  I thought what the heck, that is a stupid calling.  Then after a little bit, I realized that it really is the coolest calling.  It is like being the ward bartender.  'Hello, what would you like today? A prophet? An Apostle?' It seriously was the best, I was on top of the ward with that calling."  Pretty much everyone laughed, and I thought one lady was going to have a heart attack from laughing so hard.  That was probably the "best" part of Relief Society.

We have been biking more and more.  This week we did 59 miles on the bikes.  It really is getting easier, and easier.  Except when the wind decides to blow SUPER DUPER HARD! That really is the worst, but the way that I look at it, I will be super fit, and have the best looking calves in our family.  Okay, maybe not the fit part, but for sure the best calves.  (Kristin and Trev I am going to give you a run for your money.)  While we were pedaling like champs, Sister M's pedals broke.  They look super weird, so we are going to get some new ones today.

This week was crazy busy, but not a ton of exciting things happened.  
I loved the 100's of letters that I got... Oh wait....... Just kidding.
I went on my first exchanges, and that was crazy.  It was weird to be with someone besides Sister M.  On the way to Victorville, we saw someone almost run someone else off the road, and then we also saw a building completely engulfed in flames.  It made me super sad, and then the next day we saw it again, but it was pretty much gone.  I would count it as a loss for those people.  I ate dinner on a golf course in Silver Lakes (while on exchanges).  This golf course is part of the PGA tour or something like that.  I am not really sure.  But the great golf players have played there before.  I also rode in a car ALL DAY!! I understand why missionaries gain weight...  In the car, we rode on Route 66! It reminded me of Cars.  I miss that movie, but it is okay, because I have a Cars calendar on the wall.  After exchanges I realized even more how blessed I am to have Sister M as my companion.  The Lord really knew what kind of trainer I needed.

This morning Sister M and I started really early.  5:25 AM to be exact.  There are members in our ward that plays tennis, the J's, and so we woke up, and walked to the tennis courts to play them at 6 this morning.  We had to cross the train tracks, but luckily there is like a 5 foot tunnel that we walked through, while a train was going over us, so that we didn't have wait for the train to cross, and then have us risk getting killed by another train.  The trains come every 10-15 minutes so we knew that we would be safe if we wanted to cross the tracks.  We chose the safer route.  See family, I am learning to use the brain inside my head after all these years. ;)  Anyway, back to tennis.  They killed Sister M and I.  They kept saying that they were not good, but they beat us 2-6, and then 3-6.  We are going to rematch them again.  They are in their 50's and they whooped our behinds.  It was embarrassing, but our "excuse" was that we haven't played before together.  And that we haven't played for a long time.

The pictures this week are few in numbers.  There were not a lot of times that I wanted to take a picture.  Sorry. (and I don't want you to see the fat that my stomach is starting to accumulate.)

I love being on a mission.  I can't believe that I have been through one of my thirteen transfers already.  It is amazing how when we really focus on doing the things the Lord would have us do, how quickly the time flies by.  I am so grateful for the gospel, and the comfort and the peace that it can bring into my life.  There are challenging times, but those are the times that I have learned to really rely on the Lord, and the testimony that continues to grow everyday.  I am so grateful for the tender mercies, and for all the things that the Lord blesses my family and me with.  I am really grateful for the days that we would receive snow, and rain while growing up.  I never thought that I would say that till the day that I die, but having no moisture in the desert is the worst.  The local people say that it is even dry for being the summer.  It is overcast today, so we are praying for rain.  I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon, and the things that I can learn from it.  It is amazing that a book that is written many many years ago can help answer the questions that are pressing our minds today.  I know that the Lord answers our prayers, and that he is there we just really need to listen to the answers that he gives us.  He loves us too much to leave us alone.  I love the Gospel, and know that I am here sweating my body half to death for a reason.  
I love you all, and miss you so much, but no worries we have got eternity together!  What a glorious day when we will be reunited.  Please be safe.  
 Our zone has really big problems when it comes to taking pictures.  One elder finally got a good one, but he has yet to email it to us all.

Our District! Elder B, Elder N, ME, Sister M, Sister H, and Sister C.  I came out with N, and C.  We all are staying in Hesperia.  Our district was the only district that did not change in someway.  One of our zone leaders are leaving, and that makes us sad, cause he would make Zone Activites fun, so hopefully the new one can replace Elder F's funness.

A house that burned down from fireworks.  We thought it was one of our less actives, but it was not.  Our less-active said that they were drug heads so that it was worth it for them to have their house burn down.  We did not voice our opinions.

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