Tuesday, August 18, 2015

TIWI. Enough said

Okay. This week was pretty great! We had Zone Conference which is always way great, and there were a lot of really good training that actually apply to the kind of missionary that I want to become.... and then TIWI got introduced. TIWI Look it up.  One of the best, but the WORST things that have ever been introduced in the mission.  This little box not only tracks what we do---> stopping, starting, accelerating, turning, speed, and lots of other things, but it also has a GPS system in it... BUT the GPS isn't something that we can access... It is there so it can know where we are, and what time we get into the car, and everything.  Also, it "yells" at you in a monotone voice if you, turn too sharp, speed, accelerate too fast, don't have your seatbelt, and also if you forget to log in... then it says, "No Driver. No Driver. No Driver." haha, yeah it may have said that to me a couple times.  I think that sometimes it is pointless, and not many of the missionaries like it, but I think that it will be great! *no sarcasm included* But I did get this card with my name on it, so that is cool, and when I scan the card in, it says Driver Logged In. SO that has been the most interesting stuff that has happened. 
Other interesting things have been that we are running out of people to teach! Our last investigator is getting baptized this Saturday! I am so excited for Oneida!  She was just telling us how amazing it was all the things that we knew, and how she never knew them even though her parents are members!!!  Her son Greg is also getting Baptized, and we had the lovely pleasure of teaching him and his 2 younger brothers the Law of Chastity!  It was a struggle, and those boys are patient, and totally like sponges soaking up everything that we taught! One of my favorite things about that lesson was when they asked me to teach them the Wise Man, and the Foolish Man song.  They were cracking me up! So the M Family now has a video of me attempting to teach the song to the boys.  I need to get a copy of it, but they really got into the rain and the floods part.  They are all so great, and I am so happy for them!  Speaking of great, we have some AMAZING Sister Training Leaders.  I love them to death! I was talking with them, and you know that no matter what you say to someone, they are going to listen and actually care! Well that is exactly how I felt when I was talking with them.  They are amazing, and I am so grateful for Sister C and Sister A.  They just listened to me, and it was the BEST thing that could have happened today.  They are really on the Lord's Errand. 
Brenda is doing so GOOD! hahah, she is going to be either an excellent full time missionary, or an excellent member missionary. Or maybe both! She was talking with us yesterday during our lesson, and she was telling us about this bracelet that she got.  She said that at first she didn't know how to put it together, and that she just was staring at the bracelet, and then BAM it hit her! She said that as she looked at the bracelet, she realized that different parts of it reminded her of the plan of salvation that Sister G and Sister E2 had taught her. She explained it to us, and it really did make so much sense! It was not a stretch at ALL! She gave us the bracelet, and it is now on my desk back home.  I love it!
I love being a missionary, sorry this email is so jumbled and crazy, but that is my life right now.  This week we have to go down the hill for the trainer and trainee meeting, and I can only imagine how many times TIWI is going to get mad at us.   Let's hope only once! 

I love this mormon message.  It really always hits me.  Not sure why, but probably because we all need those reminders every once in awhile.

Also, really really love this talk from the last General Conference that the Church had: 

Love you all, have a great week!
Love, Sister Rietz

My Preach My Gospel book is getting a little hammered!  :)

Sister C and I telling Sister A how to take our picture at Zone Conference

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