Monday, August 10, 2015

Baptism and More Baptism

This last week was CRAZY! and we only have a little time to email! I am so happy how this last week was.  We were so busy, and we saw so many little miracles and signs that Heavenly Father loves us.  We were able to contact all the referrals that we had, and then able to really buckle down and see those that we had planned to see this week.  We were able to have a less active come to church.  She always has some reason why she can't come but we told her the Lord doesn't like excuses.  I have learned that the Lord really will make sure that his will is done the way that he wants it done. That being said, this weekend was one of the best weekends of my mission!
We had two baptisms this weekend! The first one was in Apple Valley at 1! It went really well! It was for Brenda who we met one month ago yesterday.  So she got baptized, and it was glorious, and wonderful and we were all so happy! I thought that she was not going to show up, because at 1:00 she was not there. The members were asking where she was, and we told them her grandma was bringing her. But then when we checked the phone she had texted us that her grandma wasn't taking her anymore, so we quickly called a member and they were able to pick her up and bring her to her baptism.  When we walked in, there was just a Spirit of Peace, and Happiness. I knew that all was going to be well, and that Satan had lost another battle.  The baptism was great, and like I said there was just a Spirit of Peace in the room. Then we had 2 hours after that baptism till we needed to head down the hill to UPLAND! Sister T and I were able to go to the baptism of Cris.  She is someone that we taught in Upland and I was able to teach her for 6 months.  She has been taking the lessons for about 18 months, and the only thing stopping her from getting baptized earlier was that her parents said no. So we were able to go down the hill to go see her! She had the best birthday ever! She was 18 for only a couple hours and then she was baptized! WOOT! We also were able to see a lot of people in the Upland 2nd Ward, and people from the Upland 3rd Ward were even there as well.  A lot of people know Cris and are amazed at her dedication to the Gospel. She is always staying strong even in times of utter disaster around her.  I would take Cris back with me to Idaho in a heartbeat!

Well our time is almost up, but neither one of us are done, so we're probably going to email at a different building.  We had to switch cars this morning because our little Corolla was being temperamental so we now have a Subaru Legacy... it is the same color as your Traverse Mom.
anyways, that set us back pretty far.  We had specific instructions on how it needed to be cleaned, and let me tell you that car is C-L-E-A-N!
Love you all! Hope to send another email going into more details!
Love, Sister Rietz

One of Saturday's baptisms

With Sister T2

Our new ride

P-day fun

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