Monday, October 6, 2014

The call to repentance

Family. Friends. Random Citizens. I am still in Hesperia, and running super low on time, cause we had to go down the hill (this means go to Rancho Cucamonga area.  So out of the Desert)  this morning, and come back up and traffic was really bad.  Don't think we went faster than 30 mph..., and we still have a HUGE list of things that we must get done.  My new Companion is Sister E.  She is from Northern California, and she has been out for 14 months.  She seems like she will be a great companion, and I really hope that she is.  I am worried that this will be a hard 6 weeks, but it shall be wonderful.  The Lord wants us together, so that is what happened.
Mom: before you ask, I had the Mission Nurse look at my leg.  She said that I need to watch it, and keep a hot compress on it whenever my leg is not in motion, so like in the morning, and at night.  She said to just keep her updated on the status of it.  But she tells everyone to put a hot compress on their injuries, (including the sister that tore her ACL recently...) but I'll be obedient for a little bit, and do as she says.  Then I will let you know how it all goes.

1.Funniest things done: Celebrating Sister M, Elder O, and my birthdays yesterday, and the lady in our ward giving us our party put 61 candles in the cake, cause that is the combined age of all 3 of us.
2.Biggest Blessing: CONFERENCE!!! We all got called to repentance, and I have a HUGE list of things to get better at.  How awesome was the talk by Jorg Klebingat??? SO GOOD! All those things are things that I need to take responsibility for. Also, Elder Nelson, AND Elder Kacher both came to my mission and spoke to us, and it was SO cool to see them on the TV!  I shook both of their hands!  Also, Having Sister M as a companion.  Yes, there have been hard times, but there were also a lot of really sweet times too! I really know that she and I were meant to be together for my first 4 months, and I miss her already. 
3.Latest project: Getting my new companion ready for our area.  She has a beach cruiser for a bike, so this will be interesting...  We are working on getting a real bike for her.  Dallin and Dad, thanks for not letting me get one of them.  That would have been no bueno.
4.Most exciting events: Transfers, and the fact that I am staying in Hesperia!! WOOT-WOOT!!!!
5.Favorite game: Bingo.  Every time that we see a yellow car, we say Bingo.  The members of the ward think that we are WACK-O!  Those who own yellow cars, I will thank you on behalf of the other 88,000 missionaries.  We thank you for making our lives a little bit more fun!
6.Favorite Foods: The 3 Birthday Cakes that people have made for us these past 2 days.  They were wonderful, and I am positive I am going to be in a sugar comma for days.
7.Most challenging thing: Realizing that I will be the person that know the area, and that I really am in charge of planning the schedule for the day.  Talk about inside freak out!
8. Simple Pleasures: Riding our bikes with no handlebars, and then learning how to turn them, without using our handlebars.  Trev-  I will own you in Biking now.
9.Goals: Bike 40 miles this week, (I will let you know how the beach cruiser handles the "Outer Darkness" hills.)
10.Biggest smile: Seeing Meet the Mormons.  I cried.  I laughed.  I am now motivated to run everywhere in the World.  When you see the movie, you will realize how lucky and blessed you are to be a member of the church.  There are so many cool people in the church, and you all will love the film as much as I did I am sure. Mom and Dad- I have decided to drop out of school after the mission and just travel the world.  Just kidding, but really... Kristin- let's take up traveling the world.  We can document the different wards around the world, and show the church is the same all around the world.  You can see that I have thought a lot about this.
11.Biggest accomplishment: Sister M and I have biked 806.3 miles in 4 months.  Our goal was 800, and we reached our goal.  Woot-Woot. This companion and I wanna hit 600 miles.  My tires are getting really worn, but they are great.  I might need to get new brake pads, but I will cross that bridge when I wreck.  Haha, okay maybe I will get them fixed before then.
12. Worst Food: I actually don't know if we had any BAD food this week.  It all seemed really safe to me.  We shall see about this coming week though.
13. Amount of Miles Biked: 38.  We didn't bike a TON, but it was enough to help us reach our goal!
14: Favorite Quote: "Don't let the wordly riptides carry us away from the current that we are in right now."- Elder Kacher Another not church one... Same 79 yr.old Argentina Lady, " And then I passed away..... hahahah, I mean pass out!!!" she was talking about something that happened with her heart, and she told us that she died. And then realized that she had messed up. It was wonderful.  We all laughed really hard!

Well, I am out of time.  I will hopefully have more time next week.  Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes.  I was freaking out I am no longer a teenager.  I now have to act like an adult!!! GAH!

XOXOLove, Sister Rietz

Me playing pin the Name tag on the Elder.  They didn't have a Sister one. I won a HUGE candy bar!
our cake with 61 candles in it.  Fire Hazard Galore!

The lovely L, S, and J Families that put together the Birthday Party.  I am awkwardly on the side.  Two Points for AWKWARD!

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