Monday, October 20, 2014

Don't pray for trials

1.Funniest things done:  Sister M (not my old companion) prayed that we would have trials in our lives.  After she said that, I was thinking I do not need any more trials.  But Heavenly Father thought otherwise.  This past week one of my favorite Less-Actives was in the ICU, and she was going downhill FAST!!! Her family all flew in, and I was freaking out.  We went and visited her, and she was not all there.  It was sad, and she didn't even know that we were there to see her.  I wanted to cry, but couldn't cause everyone thinks Sister Missionaries cry over every little thing.  So I didn't cry.  I cried later, but only Sister E saw.  Then the next day, we get a text from another less-active.  " I can't meet today, I am going to Urgent Care. Talk to you later." She didn't respond to us for a LONG time.  She has a fungal infection in her face, and has to get it removed.  That night, I got really sick, had a fever, chills, stuffy nose, and a killer headache... It was rough.  Then the rest of the week was just not very good.  SO the MORAL OF THE STORY: Don't pray for challenges.... 
2.Biggest Blessing: Knowing that I have a family back home, who loves me, and is supporting me through everything.  I don't know how many miles there are between us, but heck emails and letters make it seem like you all are right next door.  This has been a hard transfer, but guess what! It is already week 3, and we are chugging right along.
3.Latest project: Finding New People to Teach.  I hate tracting, but I know it works, so there will be many a hours spent tracting this week.

4.Most exciting events: Samantha is GETTING BAPTIZED TONIGHT!!! She isn't our investigator.  She was taught by the elders, but the last couple lessons the Elders had us come teach.  I am so excited for her, because she has had a hard year.  She had some challenges, and no one believed that she could overcome them, but she did.  She is so excited.  There will be pictures next week.
5.Favorite game: Jump-rope.  I am starting to get really good.  It is finally starting to get easier, and I am planning on learning how to double-dutch.  I will let you know how that goes.  The girls that we jump rope with, are like 9 and 6.  They are really good.  So there will always be a jump-rope competition on Thursdays on C St. at 4:30.  You can bet on it, that we will be there.
6.Favorite Foods: Macaroni and Cheese.  It was SOO Good.  And then we had these really yummy sandwiches.  They were reallllly GOOD!
7.Most challenging thing:  Really, this is gonna be stupid, but being okay with being sick.  I hate being sick as a missionary.  People freak out, and then I am telling them I am fine, but then everyone and their baby mama hear about it, and get all worried.  It really isn't that big of a deal people! I get colds ALL the time!
8. Simple Pleasures:  Getting late birthday cards, and then reading all the silly things that are inside them.  It caused many laughs, and it was much needed.
9.Goals: See all the people that we haven't been able to get in with, and to help our ward with missionary work.
10.Biggest smile:  Seeing Chuck and Irene come to church.  They both have dementia, and it was a miracle that they could come to church.  Irene had on one slipper, one normal shoe, crazy make-up.  Chuck came with his shirt not all the way buttoned, his pants unzipped, and his cane for the day was a broom.  It was awesome.  They came and partook of the sacrament, and they loved church.  They could only last until after sacrament meeting, but no worries.
11.Biggest accomplishment: Not getting Ebola.  I have had a cold/cough all week, and at church someone wanted to start the rumor that I had Ebola... Yeah, that was an interesting one to have to explain.
12. Worst Food:We had some pretty interesting Mexican soup.  Let's just say.  They pretty much put everything in their fridge along with Sausage Meatballs.  She said it didn't turn out right... Everyone liked it... But me. Awkward.
13. Amount of Miles Biked: 33 miles
14: Favorite Quote: Sister Rietz: " Bye Bye Fatheads." Elder O: "Goodnight Sweet Spirited Woman."  There is a joke in our Zone about saying Bye Bye Fatheads whenever we hang up the phone.  And the Zone Leaders want to change it, but the Bye Bye Fatheads Will NEVER DIE! Sister C and I will not allow that to happen.

We went jogging and met up with these sisters who live close to us.  People were judging us as they drove by.  ;)

We made all of these!

We found this sweet ride while out biking the other night... It didn't start, and it was in the middle of the desert... It was gone the next morning...

All the things people gave me to help me feel better.  I am missing another gatorade, and a thing of ice cream... They love to make us "feel at home."

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