Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MTC Life

Root Beer Floats. Orange Juice. Ice Cream. That is the favorites here in the MTC. Oh, and the white chocolate cranberry cookies. mmmmmmmmm. :)
Man oh man, where to start? First off, I love it here! I haven't even broken down crying yet. haha. I'm not really feeling that overwhelmed at all, in all honesty. People keep saying it's okay to cry and have break downs but there are no tears escaping my eye balls. Yes, it's alot of work but nothing I can't handle. The only thing I need more of is sleep. I always feel tired, but when wasn't I tired at home right? I dread when the alarm clock goes off, and  feel like a zombie in the morning and don't look far from it with the bun on top of my head, and my make up looking classy as ever. Classes are amazing and I love our teachers. They help us so much and I can tell that they really care for each and everyone of us.  The one teacher, Brother R, reminds me of Ryan, but then he gets all serious, and bam, resemblance is GONE! (sorry Ryan.) There are 14 of us headed to Rancho Cucamonga on the 3rd and a lot of them are in my district. Actually, every single person in my district is going to Rancho Cucamonga.  People ask all the time where we are going, and we tell them, but leave out the California part, and they all get so jealous, and then they hear its just Southern Cali. I also really like our zone. Everyone got a bad first impression, cause they were all SUPER LATE, like an hour late, but once we got to know them they were really cool. A couple of them are going to Winnipeg and instead of having cars they have snowmobiles in the winter.  The others are going to Philly. We are going to the complete opposite. Apparently this is going to be a really hot summer in RC so I'm trying to enjoy the AC blasting on me while I can. 

Classes are going really good.  If you would say that sitting in the same room, with the same people for 10.5 hours is good. We do lots of role plays but I've learned to love and appreciate them. Teaching is definitely something that you learn by making mistakes and lots of practice. I never knew how hard it was to explain the gospel simply so that everyone can understand. It's so easy to just fire hose info at them and expect them to get it all. Our teachers are our pretend continuing investigators, so everyday they get into the role and we have to go teach them. We get our first semi-real investigator tonight so I'm crossing my fingers that it goes well. Her name is Kelly, and she is from China. I'd say the hardest thing about the MTC is keeping the fire going. It's so easy when you're tired to just wonder off into your own little world, especially when you're in the classroom for so many hours a day. I've definitely had to challenge myself to do the best I can everyday. It feels like I'll be here forever but I know one day I'll have to go out and do it fa reals. Sometimes I just get stuck on what to study or say.

I gotta go, but I love you all! Remember the CHURCH IS TRUE!!! I know it with all my heart! I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't believe it! Wish I had more time to write, but sadly I must go.

2 Nephi 31:14
Love, Sister Rietz

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