Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Nyquil is MYquil. Women's conference, Exchanges with Sister Cauble

Well it sounds like Dad and I had the same sort of week.  On Thursday I started feeling a little down (ill), and then by 2 I was really feeling bad.  I knew that there was not going to be a lot of missionary that was going to get done because I didn't feel the best so I decided that I was going to take a nap.  Well that nap turned into a lot longer than I thought it would.  I woke up, and we went to dinner and then back home we came.  I had the WORST migraine.  I never really get migraine, but I had one and nothing was helping.  It was not good.  I tried to just sleep but even the pillow wasn't helping.  I now have first hand experience with Nyquil, and I really approve it.  One of the Sister Training Leaders, Sister A gave me Nyquil and Dayquil.  That stuff really works great.  I felt sick on Friday as well, but Sister M taught me that you don't quit working till you really don't think it is a good idea anymore, and so we went out and worked again.  Haha, I am not sure if that was the best thing, but I think that we were still able to make a difference to some people.  

We were able to visit with our Investigator Larry, and we talked with him about how important the Comforter is.  We read the talk, "The Comforter" and then HE bore HIS testimony of how he has seen the Holy Ghost help him.  Then he talked about how he knows that the Holy Ghost helps us.  He talked about how it protects us, and that he KNOWS that we are on the Lord's Errand.  It was really cool to see how the Holy Ghost really is working through him.  I know that the Legal System is a great thing, but I really wish that Larry's Probation is shorter.  He doesn't get off till 2018, and the chance of him getting off of it earlier is pretty slim.  But we know that the Lord works miracles, and we know that it is in the Lord's timing that Larry will get baptized.  That is one thing that I have really learned from Larry.  He trusts the Lord so much, and knows that it will all work out how the Lord wants it to.  I am really grateful that I am able to learn from him.  
A missionary that I served around in the past said, "You think you come out on a mission to teach Investigators, then you realize in reality you are out here learning from your Investigators."  I really know that is true!  I am seeing that more and more.  I love to think about the things that I have learned from all those that I have met on the mission.  I have not only learned from Investigators, but everyone that I talk to.  Even those that we just talk to on the street.  For example, last week when we were getting some things from Target there was a woman on front of us in line, and we just started talking with her.  And then we ran into her AGAIN at Winco.  Same woman, different store.  Coincidence, I THINK NOT! I really know that the Lord works in mysterious ways.  Nothing has happened with contacting her, but I do know that I felt good talking with her.  

I really love being a missionary.  I am sorry that I have been saying that a lot lately, but I really really love being a missionary.  It has been the decision that I know really has only brought blessings, and happiness.  Even on those hard days, Heavenly Father blesses you with his Love and that is a blessing in itself.  On the mission, I have really learned who I am and I have been able to see a glimpse of who Heavenly Father wants me to be. okay, that is enough of that.

Sister C is my Sister Training Leader, and on Wednesday we went on Exchanges.  It was the BEST! I really am so grateful that she is my leader, and that I can go to her and Sister A for things that I need.  They are really funny, and they actually LAUGH at what I say.  I am still trying to figure out if they are laughing with me, or at me. Regardless, I love these Sisters a whole lot.  They are super awesome.  We were talking about how after the mission we are going to all be friends.  Since Sister C and I are both going to be at BYU-I we decided that we are going to make it a priority to go to the temple at least once a week.  I know that will really keep us seeing each other and that we can be missionaries for those on the other side.  On exchanges we had such a BUSY day!  We had a lesson with their Investigator, and we taught the first part of the Plan of Salvation with her.  She got baptized this last Saturday actually.  I guess it was really good.  We also had a lesson with their Less-Active.  We read the Book of Mormon with her, and commited her to read the rest of the chapter.  3 Nephi 17 is one of my favorite chapters, because it talks about Christ blessing the Children.  I love to think about that happening.  We also had a lot of things fall through.  So we walked, and were able to contact people that we saw.  Then we went and helped some kids with their homework.  I really hated math before the mission, and the fact that we were helping them with math was a nightmare.  I know that it was just 7th and 3rd  Grade Math but Sister C and I were asking each other how to do the homework cause we both were stuck.  As Sister C said, "I need to go back to Kindergarten..."  I know that it could benefit us greatly.  But then we went to dinner with a Less Active Family.  It was a good lesson.  We talked about 3 Nephi 11.  Then we were supposed to go visit people in the YSA Ward, but no one came to meet at the church, so we just went and tried people like normal missionary work.  Sister C and I were catching up on old times, and talked about how great Hesperia was and how it was so great that we were able to serve the first 6 months, and the last 6 months together.  One thing that always amazes me when I go on exchanges is that I really am able to feel the Love that Heavenly Father has for those that we are visiting.  Because most of the time we have never met, and I just want them to know how much Heavenly Father loves them.  I feel so blessed to be able to feel of that love.

Well everyone, I hope that you have a great week.  I know that this church is true.  I know Heavenly Father loves each one of you.  Women's Conference was the best.  I love going to it now.  We were talking with the member that we went with, and I was telling her how I really wish that I loved General Conference and Women's Conference before the mission as I love it now.  Those talks were really inspired by God.  I know that it was exactly what we needed at this time.  I really love the leaders of our church, and I cannot wait for the chance to raise my hand and sustain them as Prophets, Seers, and Revelators.  Enjoy General Conference Everyone!
Love You All!
Sister Amber Rietz
6541 Woodruff Place
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca

Sister Allen, Sister Cauble, Myself, and Sister Thomason at the Temple

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