Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Moments of Miracles - Take Two

I am so sorry for how long last week's email was.  I was looking at how long it was today and I just thought, "oh my goodness, I am that Sister Missionary that puts every little detail in..."  But I might be doing it again this week, I am so sorry.  Last week was amazing! I can't even really describe how great it was.  Okay we know I can describe it, but I hope that you all are able to realize how great of a miracle each day was.  Let's all take a lap around memory lane.
Monday September 14, 2015
I already told you about that day in last week's email.
Tuesday September 15, 2015
We had Zone Meeting.  It was really good. We were all still so pumped from when Elder Falabella came and everyone has seen so many miracles from when he was here, and also from the mission fast that we did at the beginning of this month.  Oh yeah, I don't know if I said that we had done that.  Oops. Sorry.  But anyways Zone Meeting was about Christlike Attributes.  And Vision, Goal, Planning. Oh good ole' Vision, Goal, Planning.  I have a new perspective on it, and I am trying to figure out how to get it incorporated into our everyday planning.  We also had a lesson with Larry and Rene.  They are so AWESOME! I use that word so much, but they really are so great.  We talked about the Talk from Elder Bednar about "therefore they hushed their fears."  It was really good to get them to talk about things that bother them, and how their faith can help them get over them.  After that lesson, we headed to President Interviews.  I love President and Sister H.  When I was talking with President, I really felt like I could tell him anything and there would be no judgement.  We talked about how important it is to really apply the scriptures to ourselves and to ask questions.  It was awesome.  We were able to study in Mosiah together and just talk about how important it is to look for the small details.  I really was able to learn a lot from President.  After my interview I was talking with Sister H.  We were talking about Brenda and her family and then we decided to go and see them.  We got Sister T2 and the three of us headed to her home.  Where we picked up our second new investigator of the week! Rebecca is meeting with us, and she committed to come to church. This is when the story about the little boy and his pants falling down happened. We then went and had dinner with a Part Member Family.  The mom is pregnant, and morning sickness has taken a tole on her.  We were able to help her out for a little bit, and then we were off to go visit our Ward Missionary.  She is currently Less-Active, but she talked with us a couple weeks ago and told us that she wanted to get active again! We were in shock!!! So we have been meeting with Marcella and her daughter and they are making leaps and bounds.
Wednesday September 16, 2015
We went and did more service for the Part Member family that we went and ate dinner the night before.  We also went and saw a Less Active family WAY out in the middle of nowhere.  Sister T2 always asks me if I am nervous driving out there. I tell her NO WAY! I love going out there.  It is the best!  After we saw the D family, well we didn't really see them.  They were just coming home, and rescheduled for the next week.  but after them, we went and had one of the most spirit driven lessons.  Sister T2 and I had role-played this lesson many times and we had the Relief Society President with us.  I was so excited for this lesson, because we knew that the Plan of Salvation could answer A LOT of the questions that Millie had.  We were talking and then she tells us that the scripture that we just read really spoke to her.  As I said, we were PLANNING on teaching the Plan of Salvation, and then we weren't teaching it.  I was kind of nervous, but I knew that the Lord obviously had a different lesson planned for Millie.  She told us that she knew the Book of Mormon was true, and that the Lord really did send us to come and teach her.  She bore HER testimony about the Gospel, and she told us that she knew she needed to get baptized.  I was floored.  I couldn't believe that she had just told us all of that. After talking with her, we committed her to be baptized on October 24, 2015.  She told us that she would be baptized!!! I was so excited for her, and it just gets better. She told us that she wanted her boys to get the lessons as well, and that she wants them to be baptized as well! I was in shock.  The mission fast and the challenge from Elder Falabella to get the WHOLE family involved was happening right in front of us.  She talked a lot about how she was really confused as to why Christ would only visit those in one part of the World.  It was the perfect door opener for us to tell her about Christ coming to the America's and how he was the Savior for everyone on the earth.  She is so amazing, and so humble.  We are so excited for Millie!  We also started teaching our Less-Active's son.  he is not a member, and is really trying to figure out the church that will be best for him.  It is like the story of Joseph Smith but in the twenty-first century.  He is 9, and ready for understanding.
Thursday September 17, 2015
We had the Temple Trip with all the Sisters in Apple Valley.  All 8 of us... The numbers for Sister Missionaries is slowly decreasing.  But it was a really good session, and I saw the J's from the Arrowhead Ward.  They are looking pretty old, but they are still able to go to the Temple, so I know that all is well with them.  I sat by her in the session! :)  After the temple, we went to this restaurant up here called Itchy Feet.  It was a Hawaiian Themed Sandwich Shop.  It passed the Sister Rietz inspection.  I approve of it.  Then we did normal P-day things.  We then had another AMAZING lesson at Brenda's house.  We got there and Brenda was really flustered.  Her Sister and friend were asking her all these questions and she had NO clue how to answer them.  We were there for over an hour answering their questions.  One answer would bring one more question.  We told them we had to go, because we had another appointment, but they just kept asking questions.  I know the Spirit was able to work through us to help us answer their questions.  There is no doubt in my mind that He was giving us the answers.  We now are working with them, and they are two new investigators.
Friday September 18, 2015
We had a packed day.  We weekly planned, and then had a lesson with just Brenda.  She is so great.  We talked about how important it is to come to church, and she talked about how great she feels when she is at church and how she knows that she is home there.  We also saw Sister L.  She was NOT well at all.  We got there and found out that she had just gotten back from the hospital the day before.  She was on oxygen and not really breathing correctly.  We were calling everyone in the ward asking for them to come, but no one was answering.  We eventually got a hold of the Elders, and they came right over and gave her a blessing, and she said that she was already feeling better.  We sang hymns to her, and talked about when negative thoughts come into her head that she just has to push them out.  The Spirit was really strong, and Sister L was really happy when we left.  We also saw Rebecca.  We had a lesson with her about the Plan of Salvation.  She thought resurrection and reincarnation were the same thing, so I am glad we could clear that up for her.
Saturday September 19, 2015
We literally drove everywhere inviting EVERYONE to Stake Conference.  We made little handout reminders and everything.  Only like 2 people were actually home.  They both said that they would come.  That night we had dinner with the D's. They are the most sarcastic family.  When we asked if there was anything we could do to help their family they said, yeah leave.  I was like ummm okay.  They were just kidding, but I didn't know that right away!  Stake Conference was really good.  There were 2 men from the Quorum of the Seventy there.  I just can't remember their names.  But they were instructing everyone on Ward Council.  It was good.
Sunday September 20, 2015
We went to Stake Conference, and the new Stake President is Bishop E.  He is really nice, and I totally called that it was going to be him.  I called it the night before, and then when they said his name, I looked at Sister T2 and she just had a lot of no way, how did you know!!
We also saw Sister F!  She is back from Rehab, and has been sober for 39 days! I was so excited to see her sober! I really couldn't stop smiling, and she talked about how it was a combination of things that made her go, including all the times that we would go and see her.  I am so grateful for the Gospel, and how it really is the thing that can help people get active again.

This was our week in a nutshell.  Well, a big nutshell.  I love being a missionary.  I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon and how it really can be the answer to so many questions.  I am grateful for the Priesthood, and how it can bless everyone's lives.

Love, Sister Rietz

Sister Amber Rietz
6541 Woodruff Place
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca

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